Chapter 1

"I don't suggest it Carrie. I think you are making a big mistake in going to your cousins. You know nothing about them."

"What choice do I have, Mr. Stevens," she asked her parent's lawyer. Her dead parent's lawyer.

"You could stay here and I and the bank could act as trustee for your parent's estate."

"But it was my mother's wish, that if they died, I go live with her brother's family. It is the only family I have."

"I am well aware of that fact, Carrie. But you know absolutely nothing about them. Do you have any idea how much money you are placing in their control?"

"About two or three million, why?"

"It is three point five million dollars, Carrie. Not five thousand."

"I am well aware of the amount, Mr. Stevens. And they will not have control over all of it. They will only receive five thousand a month for my care and so on."

"And fifty thousand as soon as they pick you up."

"So? Why are you so concerned about it, it's my money. Luke is my uncle. My mother's only brother. He had three sons. What is the big damn deal?"

"Listen to me, Carrie. We had to send a courier to their farm. They don't even have a telephone. They live way back in the hills. I'm not even sure there is telephone service, or electrical, or any kind of service you are used to. Your father earned his money, what do you think they will do with it if it is just handed to them?"

"Oh, really, Mr. Stevens, I think you are getting carried away. They are family. Don't you understand that? Family. Family takes care of each other. And they are the only family I have left. My parents died five days ago. They are buried six feet in the ground. Luke McRae and his sons are the only family I have left in this world. A I, damn it, am going to live with them. With or without your damned approval. Do I make myself dear, Mr. Stevens?"

"Perfectly, Ms. Mitchell. But at least do me one favor, OK?"


"Agree for me to come to their ahh farm in three months to make sure you are all right. Will you let me protect you that much?"

"Fine. Come visit me and I'll give you cookies and milk. Now, Mr. Stevens, I do have to finish packing. My cousin Doug is coming this afternoon to take me to my family. And make sure the bank sends all the payments. On time."

His response was a quick snap of his head that Carrie had to conclude was one of agreement as he slammed his briefcase shut and almost stomped out of the room. She leaned back in her father's chair, and turning to his picture over the mantle ask, "Why can't everyone just leave me alone, daddy? I never asked for your millions. All I ever really wanted was to be loved and needed. Is that too much to ask out of life? I loved you and mom, but you're both gone now. Can't they see I need to be surrounded by family, even if I've never seen them?"

"Enough, Carrie Ann Mitchell," she told herself, "it's almost time to meet your cousin Doug and the rest of your new family. I just hope they welcome me with open arms and affection. God, do I ever need that."

Finishing her personal dialogue, she turned and walked out of her father's office and went to supervise the maid in packing her clothing. Her other personal items would follow later, after she decided what her new family would need.

"Why the hell do I have to get the bitch?"

"Because, Douggie..."

"Damn it, Ash, you know I hate that name."

"Feisty bastard today, aren't you, Douggie? OK, OK. You, baby brother, have to get our darling little cousin because Pa said so. Now get your damned ass in the truck and get driving before I drive my fist up it."

"It ain't fair, Ash. I always get the shitty jobs."

"Well, next time ask to be born first, shithead. Now move your ass out of here and bring her back. And don't you dare show your face back here if you ain't got her. We need her damned money, Douggie. Your job is to get her here, then I'll take over."

"Take over, ha. All you ever want a gal for is to screw her."

"So? What the hell is wrong with that? Get your ass out'a here and get moving."

Doug McRae was anything but pleased with baby setting his damned rich cousin a hundred miles over roads he'd never been on. Hell, knowing his luck, the damned truck would pick today to break down again. Great, he thought, just what the hell I need. A bitching, snot nosed, rich bitch to make the damned day a fucking disaster.

By the time he found her address, Doug was anything but happy. He'd gotten lost four times. The damned truck had overheated in the middle of no where and he had had to walk ten damned miles for a god damned gallon of fucking water. Then walk the damned ten miles back. Oh, no, he was not in the best of moods when he finally drove up her fucking driveway to fine her fucking mansion of a house.

Hell, the guy, maybe a gardener, had even snubbed his nose at him before he reach the fucking door to press a god damned bell. The prick that had opened it looked like he thought his shit didn't stink. And if the bastard could lower his head, Doug sure as hell couldn't tell. He kept his fucking nose up so damned high, it was a wonder he didn't trip on the damn stairs to go get his fucking damned cousin.

"Ms. Mitchell, there is aa man," he just couldn't make himself say gentleman, "downstairs claiming to be your cousin, Doug McRae."

"Thank you, Harris. Please tell him I will be down shortly."

"Ms. Mitchell, I am sorry, but I really must tell you that ah man is not... he's not even clean, Ms. Mitchell. It looks like he has been rolling around in the mud."

"Harris, don't you start on me, too. I've had it from Mr. Stevens, my maids, and two footmen already. When will you all get it in your thick heads, I am leaving with my cousin. Today! Now get my bags downstairs and offer my cousin a drink."

"Yes, Ms. Mitchell. If you insist."

"I do. Harris, ah I'm sorry. I'm not really mad at you. Take good care of the place for me?"

"I will, miss. It will be ready and waiting for your return in a year."

"Thank you, Harris."

A year, she thought. Why couldn't that drunk have killed her parents when she was already eighteen? At least then she wouldn't have to put up trustees, banks and unknown family. Well, she was seventeen, not eighteen and her cousin was waiting for her.

Her first reaction was that someone had broken into her house. But when he raised his head, she knew it was her cousin. If one ignored his tattered, dirty clothing and almost hostile expression, she could see that he looked very much like her mother.

Doug's first reaction was very different than his cousin's. A fucking babe! His damned cousin was a fucking damned knockout. God, just look at those tits! That ass! His damned pisser sure as hell couldn't piss now. It was rock hard, reaching for the bitch walking toward him with her damned hand extended. Did she think he'd kiss the damn thing?

"You must be Doug McRae, my cousin. I'm Carrie Ann Mitchell."

Good voice. Great lips. Wonder how those babes would feel wrapped around his pisser? "You ready? Pa wants you home today."

Carrie didn't know what made him so mad, but he obviously was, as she walked up to him. My God, he stinks! Poor clothing is one thing, but there is no excuse for his smell, she thought, and withdrew her hand. No telling what he might be carrying.

"I am ready. If you will just show the footmen where you want my things, we can leave as you seem to be in a hurry."

"Damned right, I am. I spent two damned hours walking in the damned sun and got fried. Bring them on guys," he said to the shocked men standing by a pile of luggage that would clothe fifty people with plenty left over.

"Let's go," he grabbed her arm and pulled. Carrie had no choice but to follow, either that or have her arm pulled off her body. "Pa wanted you there before lunch and we'll be lucky to get there by two. Come on." Again he pulled her, that time out the door as the footmen silently followed in their wake.

"What is that?"

"Our truck. Get your ass in and I'll pile your goodies in the back."

She had no desire to enter that... thing. Let alone ride a hundred miles in it. It didn't look like it would make it to the end of the driveway. But her attention was pulled away from the truck as she heard thunking noises and turned. Just in time to see Doug literally throwing her luggage in the rusty bed of the truck.

"What are you doing?"

"Trying to get your damned things in the truck. I told you to get the fuck in. Now get."

"How dare you talk to me in that tone of voice or words."

"Look, cousin, get your ass in the fucking truck, or I'll put it in for you."

He tossed the last bag in the truck and turned to see her still standing there. That was it. He'd had enough. Babe or no babe, Pa wanted her home.

One moment Carrie was standing, the next she was tossed over his shoulder, he opened the door and slammed her ass on the seat. "Now stay put."

She didn't think she could move. She was in shock. No one. No one had ever treated her like this. "How dare you... you... "

Doug got in and started the truck. "Shut the fuck up." Put it in gear and drove away. Away from all she had ever know.

"Stop. Stop this thing and let me out."

Doug didn't bother with words. He hit her on the side of her head and Carrie saw stars. "I told you to shut the fuck up, and that's what I meant."

What in the hell had she gotten herself into? Shaking her head to clear the fog, she said, "I must insist you let me out of here this instant."

"Look, cousin, get it in your head, you are going with me whether you like it or not. We got your fucking lawyer's letter saying we'd get the money and by God we're gonna get it. And if you know what's good for you, you'll just shut the fuck up and let me drive."

She concluded that her cousin Doug was a fool. The stupid idiot was driving at least sixty down the streets as car and people swerved and jumped to avoid being hit by him. Suddenly she didn't even think she'd be alive to see the rest of her demented family. And she didn't know whether to be glad or sad at the thought. Maybe if she could calm him down...

"What do you do on your farm?"

"What the hell do you think? We farm it."

"Do you have animals, or just fields?" as she imagined acres of waving grain rippling in the distance.

"Why the fuck do you care? We got pigs, chicken and some steers, for Christ sake. Now will you shut the fuck up?"

Maybe she should try another line. "What is my room like? What size bed? What color is it?"

"Room? Who the hell said you had a room?"

"Well, naturally, I'll have to have a room. There will be four men in the house."

"What are you some damned virgin or something? You'll sleep in the living room. Unless you want to sleep with one of us. I'm sure Ash would take you in his room. Him and Pa have rooms by themselves."

"I... ahh no, no thank you. I prefer sleeping alone."

"You do, do you. Well tough shit. You'll sleep when, where and how we tell you to. Pa said you'd sleep in the living room, so that's where you'll fucking damn sleep."

"But there will be no privacy."

"What the fuck you need privacy for? Look, cousin, there are two reasons we're taking you in. For the money and for the help. Things have kinda run down hill since Ma died and Pa says you can take over her jobs."

"Job? I... I know nothing about working."

"Well, I suggest you learn damned fast or Pa'll whip your ass."

"Whh... whipp... "

"Would you shut the fuck up, you made me miss the turnoff."

Carrie's stomach jumped up into her throat as he slammed on the brakes and turned while still doing sixty. The truck, if it could be called one, slid sideways, chattered, leaned way over so she thought it would roll, gave a cough and headed back the way they had just come.

Grabbing the back of the seat and the window frame to remain upright, she saw several of her bags of luggage go flying out to bounce on the road. One actually rolled end for end before coming to rest in the ditch. "Stop!"


"But my bags just fell out."

"Tough shit. We're late already. You got too many fucking clothes anyway. Hell, once Ash gets a look at you you won't be wearing them anyway. Now shut the fuck up."

He kept driving as her luggage got smaller and smaller behind them. Mr. Stevens, I sorry. I'm so damned sorry.

For the entire drive Carrie only learned one thing from her cousin Doug. The boys respected Pa, who he said was nuts, but Ash was the boss. And the way he said it did not instill anything close to confidence in her mind.

They had missed lunch but made it before two, arriving with a dust storm as Doug jerked to a stop before a building that Carrie thought might be some out building of the farm. But if it was, all three men came out of it. Each holding a sandwich in his hand.

"Can't you do anything right, Douggie. I told you to be here by lunch, damn it. We had to go and make our own."

"The fucking truck broke down again, Pa. And I had to walk twenty fucking miles to get it going again."

"How come it only breaks when you drive, Douggie? Tell me that."

"How about the fact that he's the only one with a license, Pa," Ash said as he ignored his father and brother as usual and tried to see the other person in the truck. "You get her, Douggie?"

"I sure as hell did. Uppity servants tried to pull a fast one, but I got her away."

"Well, then let's see her."

Doug got out, and said, "Get your ass out. Ash wants to see you."

Carrie knew instantly which one was Ash. He was not only the oldest, he was the... she didn't know. But whatever it was, she sure didn't like the way he made her react.

"Get her the hell out of the truck. I got work for her to do," came from Luke. The uncle she had recently looked forward to meeting. But now having seen him, she didn't know why. Just with one glance she knew that Doug had not been kidding when he said Pa was nuts.

She wasn't given a chance to get out of the truck, the other boy, who had to be Gary, jerked the door open and the next thing she knew she was being pulled and jerked into what she now assumed must be the house. None to gently he shoved her to the middle of the room.

"Get her stuff in here while I have a talk with her," came from Pa as he came in after them. "You don't look much like Amy Ann."

"I... I look more like my father, Uncle Luke." She sure didn't like the look in his eyes. Nor Ash's as he leaned against the door frame as his brothers emptied out the back of the truck. Emptied what was left, that is.

"You Ma got above herself and I am to see that you don't. You're gonna live here from now and on and me and the boys will take care of you. No more servants. We ain't giving out any charity here. You live here, you work. Got that, Carrie? You work. If you don't I'll take a strap to your lazy ass."

"Now there's a good idea," Ash said to Gary as the three boys watched their new cousin met their Pa.

"Ya, Pa just might have something there, Ash," Gary agreed as they watched a flow of expressions cross her face. Anger. Fear. Doubt. Shock and a whole lot more as Luke continued.

"You cook and you can eat. You clean up around here and we'll give you a place to sleep. You help with the animals. You got that, girl?"

"Girl! My name is Carrie and you can take your cooking, which I don't know how to do, your cleaning, which I have no intention of doing, and your animals, including your sons, and go straight to hell. I'm leaving. Right now. Right this damned minute. Do I make myself clear, Uncle Luke?"

"Feisty bit of baggage, isn't she," Ash asked his brothers.

"That damned bitch has a mouth on her that doesn't stop. Even when hit, it doesn't. Damned slut about talked my ears off the whole way here."

"Is that so, Douggie. Interesting. But tell me something. Think she's still cherry?"

"Hell, Ash, she's never shut up enough for a cock to get even close. I'd bet my balls she's a triple cherry."

"What balls? You ain't got any balls, Douggie."

"Just cut the fuck out, Ash. I get enough shit like that from Pa, I don't need it from you, too. She's cherry, OK?"

"Sure, Doug. Think Pa'll take her lip?"

"Shit no," came from Gary as he watched her too and when she finally got a word in, he smiled. No, Pa sure as hell wouldn't take that from no woman.

Luke was too stunned by her words to react when she shoved past him and headed for the door.

Not so his sons.

"Get her boys and give her a lesson in country manners. She stays. Got it, boys?"

"We got it Pa," Ash said as he captured one arm as Gary grabbed the other one and they carried her back into the living room. "You go on back to work, Pa. We'll take care of cousin Carrie and make sure she learns all the rules around here."

"You're a good son, Ash. You boys do as he says."

"Yes, Pa," they answered in unison as he stepped out the door leaving Carrie to her cousins.

"Let me go you bastards. I want to leave."

"Touch shit, bitch," came from Doug who had had to put up with her lip all day.

With Ash and Gary holding her arms and Doug in front of her, Carrie began to see her situation in a totally different light. A very scary light. Especially when she just happened to look at Doug's crotch.

Doug walked up to her and ripped her blouse open. "You think more about your damned clothes than your kin, bitch, and we're gonna change that real quick."

"Hey, Doug, I didn't know you had it in you." Gary volunteered as his eyes instantly went to her bra covered chest at his actions. "That looks like fun to me, too. How about you, Ash?"

"Hell, why not. They're just in the way."

Carrie didn't get a chance to understand their words because instantly there were six hands on her clothing. Each pulling in a different direction as they surrounded her.

"What the fuck do you... stopp that... doing... nnnnoo... dammn itt stoopppppp... oohhaa... gettt yourr ahh handss offfffffffffff mmme."

They pulled her clothes. They pinched her skin where ever their hands landed, which was all over her body. The seams ripped and if they proved too strong, they just jerked them off her until she had a puddle of tattered cloth at her feet as hands pinched, jabbed, poked and prodded her flesh.

She slapped hands off her tits, her hair covered pussy and tired to reach them on her ass. But no matter which one she hit there were five more to defend against. They pushed her back and forth between them as if she were a ball and they were playing catch. She slammed into chests. Hands struck her ass, pinched her tits and dove between her legs. She twisted and turned. Her hair whipped into her eyes.

And none of it made the slightest difference as they seemed to be having a conversation while doing it. A conversation that she hoped she had misunderstood, but somehow doubted.

"What one you want, Gary?"

"I'll take her tight ass."


"I've listened to her damned mouth all day. I'll take that. Maybe she'll finally shut the fuck up for a while."

"Well, I guess that leaves me with her pussy. We'll take her by age. Any objections?"

Neither had any. At least none they were going to say. Ash was not a man to cross under the best of situations and this wasn't even close to one of those. If Ash had a hard cock, which naturally he did at the moment, they always agreed with what he said. Besides, they were both getting what they wanted anyway.

"Let's get her on the floor where we can get at her."

It was an easy matter for them to get Carrie on the floor, hell one of them could have. But with three working on her Carrie was treated like so much offal. Ash grabbed an ankle and pulled. The next instant her hip made bruising contact with the wooden floor as Gary and Doug each grabbed an arm.

Before she could take the next breath, each of them were sitting on her arms that were stretched out to her sides so much she thought they were planning on pulling them off her as Ash stood between her legs and unzipped his pants.

And even virgins know what that leads to.

Unfortunately, Carrie acted before she thought. She twisted her legs out from under her and extended them as fast and as hard as she could and made contact with Ash's crotch. She got to relish his scream for exactly one second before hers was added to it as his brothers, with two free hands each, brought them to her body.

Fists hit her tits, her ribs and knocked the air out of her stomach. Hands slapped and pinched her vulnerable tits that laid open to their assault, and knuckles clipped her chin until she saw stars. But just as she was about to sink into a gray haze they stopped.

"Leave her aah alone, boys."

"But she kicked your balls, Ash. We can't let her get away with that."

"She's getting away with jack shit. I want her conscious for this," he said as he slowly took his belt out of his pants and dropped them on the floor.

"Look at me, bitch. Look at me!"

His words came through a fog of pain but they were very insistent. She opened her eyes. The sight that greeted her was not a pleasant one.

"I was gonna take you a bit easy, but not now. You are going to fuck me."

"Nnnoo ahhh neeverrr... ahhh let meee gooooo."

"Ever had a strap laid into you before, Carrie? "I've been told it can hurt a might."

"Leeettt meee gooooo... ahhh I'll aahh neverr aaa fucckk youuuu. Gottt that. Never."

"Well, that's your choice. Let me know when your ready and I'll fuck you."

"NNnneverrr aah never."

"Never is a long time. Let's see how long it is for you. When your ready, just open your legs and ask me to fuck you."

"Nnnnneverr youu bastardddd never."

Try as she did, there was no way to dislodge the weight of Gary and Doug from her arms as she watched Ash wrap the end of his belt around his hand. She thought he was acting kind of queer but was too busy trying to get away from his brother to think it through.

The next instance took no thought at all.

"Aaaaaaahhhhaah sttooppp tthhhattaahhh."

His belt burned its way into her pointed tits so deep she could feel her ribs bruising.

"Just let me know when you're ready to fuck me, Carrie. Just open you damned legs and ask me to fuck you. Because I won't stop whipping you until you do."

The sound and pain came to her other tit as she screamed and twisted, trying to get away from the end of the belt that kept descending and hitting her. Over and over. She tried to kick out, but Ash had learned her range and stayed just out of it as occasionally Gary or Doug would time their moves in between the belt and pinch or pull or twist her aching tits until she again thought she would faint.

She welcomed it. But it stayed just out of reach as the belt and hands came at her again and again. She knew how to stop it. All she had to do was open her legs and beg the bastard to fuck her. She didn't want to do that. How much could he hurt her anyway?

That answer proved to be a hell of a lot.

Through tear streaked eyes she saw her battered tits. It looked like a kid had gone ape shit with coloring crayons. Red, black, blue, purple and she could swear green. She knew her legs were just as colorful as she twisted to try to avoid the belt.

But every one landed on her somewhere. And after ages she could fight them no more. What the hell choice did she have anyway? None. Absolutely none.

She opened her legs on the floor.

The belt landed again.

She opened them wider.

It just kept on landing on her pained tits.

She had lasted longer than he had thought she would, Ash conceded. But she still refused to say it. So he did the only thing he could.

He brought the belt to her spread legs, landing it directly between them as her agonizing screams filled the room as Gary and Doug looked amazed at what he had done.

"I can't hear you, Carrie." Another one to her pussy. "Tell me what you want."

She could fight it no longer. The pain was too intense. It flowed through her like the living thing it was. Her pride no longer reigned as she screamed out, "Fuucckkk meeeea hhhh fuccckkkk mmmmmeeee."

But Ash was still not satisfied. He slammed the heavy leather into her pussy, increasing the force. "Where do you want me to fuck you, Carrie? Show me where. Raise your pussy for the strap and beg me hit it."

If she did, would that be the final one? Could she do it? Did she even have the strength to do it?

Digging her feet into the floor, her hips came up. Her legs were opened as far as she could get them as she pointed her whipped pussy at Ash and his strap.

"Whhippp ah and fuckk my pusssyyyy aahh please."

"Sure, Carrie. Just hold it real still and I'll do just that. You move and I'll do it twenty more times. Understand the rules yet?"

"Yyyyessssssssa hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa whhhiipppp mmyyy ahhh pussssyyyy aaaaaahh tthhhenn fucckkkk ittt pleassssssse ahh Ash."

She prayed, oh how she prayed, that she could hold still for yet one more as her eyes watched the blur of leather come at her waiting pussy. It was there. The highest part of her body. It was spread open. Her clit twitching away at the top of her red slit.

The red was covered by the blur of black and something snapped inside her. Something more than the pain that filled her pussy and whipped clit. Something more than... she didn't know, but it was there.

"That's a good girl. Now keep your pussy up and I'll fill it for you. You pull it away and I'll start all over again."

Not trusting her enough to let go of his belt, he wrapped it around his hand as he knelt between her open, spread legs. The tip of his cock touched her slit and he was surprised by two things. She was hot. And she was soaking wet as he pressed in until his cock touched something it had never touched before.

A cherry. Douggie's balls were safe. She was a fucking virgin. But not for long. She would be fucking but no longer a virgin.

She could feel him pressing into her cherry. Felt him stretch it, but not break it, and wondered why he'd stopped. But that, too, was soon answered.

"Lay back on the floor. That's it. Now, open your eyes and look at me, Carrie. Good. Rule number one, you obey me. No matter what I ask, you do. Got it?"

"IIIiaaa... yessss."

"Good. Now, I'm going to hold still and you are going to fuck me. Give me your cherry. Push your hips up and give it ahh to me. Now!"

Carrie didn't stop to think, she slammed her hips up and drove him in her all the way as she felt her cherry give a pop as his cock stretched her like she had never been stretched before. And she screamed. Her back almost broke in two as she pressed into his unmoving cock.

And she came.

With the first touch of a cock inside her, she came. It wasn't a flutter or a twitch of passionate lust. It was so damned hard she couldn't even breath or move or think.

"Nowwa fuckk meee." Ash found himself suddenly at the brink of his own. Never had he reached that point so damned fast in his life. Hell, one reason the gals put up with his harsh ways was his acknowledged staying power.

But that was not the case then. With her cunt pulling and jerking his cock deep within her, he was coming as she withdrew the first time to slam back into him. And he was slamming into her too. It was like their crotches were having a battle. And both were winning.

Ash let himself fall onto her. Grabbing a whipped tit in his mouth and driving his spurting cock into her as she slammed into him, he bit and sucked as they came.

"Ass up, cousin. It's my turn." Gary had waited and watched. He wasn't about to rush Ash in his own release. But when he finally pulled out of her, he was ready.

Ready to fuck some virgin ass. And he knew it was virgin. No gal gave up her ass before her pussy and the faint red streaks on her thighs and Ash's withering cock was proof enough of that. And that made him even hotter.