Chapter 1

Veiled fascination sparkled in the sandy haired Gayle Haviland's azure-blue eyes each time she glanced downward at the massive Alsatian dog lying at the feet of his teenage master in her kitchen. She hardly thought it ridiculous though others might question her mentality if they knew, but the young wife imagined the breath-taking animal to be a living replica of the fabled German shepherd in an erotic novel she had been reading, that excitable illusion having registered the very first moment she had caught sight of the handsome beast at the airport. Now, an imperceptible tremor electrified the soft naked contours of her voluptuous, twenty-two year old body beneath the short nightie and knee-length summer wrapper, a tiny feverish thrill of atomic intensity that she realized was being accentuated by the unsated desire for her husband Ted had left smoldering inside her. She hoped that the flush she felt in her warm cheeks didn't give away the prurient fantasies dancing like devils through her sensually oriented brain, and a quick look at the awkward boy stretched out in the breakfast nook watching her was reassuring.

In fact, his angular, somewhat acne-blemished young face reflected nothing as he stared through opaque brown eyes while annoyingly cuffing at a heavy forelock of dull, chestnut colored hair. His long legs extended outward from the booth to the floor, making her think of hinged stilts ... or an Ichabod Crane. She wasn't pleased with herself at her lampooning comparisons, but so far, Luther Robbins, her young husband's lanky, sixteen year old nephew had had only a distasteful effect on her, which she blamed on her spouse's inexcusable conduct at the homely youth's arrival the night before.

Ted hadn't painted a likable picture of his older sister's son, carrying on the way he had in their bedroom, and when he'd finally left for Chicago earlier this morning she had been more than a little relieved, as well as secretly pleased that he would be away for two whole weeks. It was amazing how quickly she seemed to find herself the moment she was out from under his immediate influence; though for the life of her, she couldn't put her finger on any single reason why. Even the ungainly boy decorating her breakfast nook had taken on new and more pleasing aspects for her now in her twenty-eight year old husband's absence from the house.

Subconsciously, she went through a hair ritual of her own, brushing long, sandy-shaded locks behind her shoulders as she set about preparing the teenager some breakfast, her smile and sparkling glances constantly returning to the handsome reclining animal watching her with ears regally erect. She said: "Luther, where did you ever find such a beautiful creature? He's positively breathtaking!"

"Trooper?" The youth smiled, letting his eyes drop to the dog at his feet. "Well, that's a bit of a story, Aunt Gayle, I've had him since he was a pup. He's two now, and he goes everywhere I do ... though I don't believe Uncle Ted figures that to be a very good idea, does he?"

The attractive young woman knew exactly what he was referring to, sensing embarrassment as the scene from the night before flashed minutely through her mind. Ted had been fit to be tied when he'd learned the boy was coming for a brief stay. The telegram had preceeded his arrival by only a few hours, hardly explaining anything except that Luther would inform them. At the airport, the teenager had, standing there in his indifferent gawkiness, seemed at least an inch taller than her nearly six-feet of muscular husband.

"I'm attending a tournament here," Luther had said flatly and without looking directly at either of them. "Mother decided you could handle things for me. We have to pick up Trooper now. Here are the baggage claims, Uncle."

"Trooper?" Ted had questioned. "Who the hell is Trooper?"

"My dog. I never attend a match without Troop. He goes wherever I do. Please ... ? These are the baggage tickets, Uncle Ted."

"Jesus Christ!" her chisel-faced, grey-eyed mate had embarrassingly swore, grabbing the pieces of pasteboard and angrily stalking off. And later, in the privacy of their bedroom, he'd been even worse. "Sonovabitch! Can you tie that? Ruth dumping that queer kid of hers onto us to look after? Onto you, really, because I won't be here! Goddamn ... who the hell cares whether he's got a chess match or not? The bony-assed pansy! For two cents I'd pack him and his mangy hound on a plane C O.D. right back to Salt Lake ... !"

"You'll do no such thing, Ted! My God, what's eating at you, anyway? He's your nephew ... and stop saying those awful things about him ... ! "

"Shit! I don't know how awful they are, but goddamnit they're true! That kid's been weird ever since I can remember... long before his old man died, anyway?"

"Ted, you've got to stop this!" she'd insisted, his incredible exhibition shocking her. "He's your own sister's son ... and he's going to be treated the way a close relative should as long as he's in this house!"

"Bullshit! You treat him, then. He turns my stomach. The flimsy little bastard doesn't know what a baseball or football is for, for chris' sakes!" her ranting, athletic-minded husband had bitterly carried on. "Chess, astronomy, stamp collecting, jack-straws too, probably ... I doubt if he's got a developed muscle in his string-bean body. Yeah, on second thought, I'll bet my ass he's got one all right... his goddamned cock!" he'd sneered.

"Oh Ted ... please stop will you? The poor boy's bound to hear you! These walls aren't that thick you know. Lord, I've never heard you go on like this! Now for God's sake, come get in bed and ... calm yourself down ... remember, this is our last night together for two weeks..."

"Huh ... ? So Christ,.. he's even ruined that for me," he'd said, tugging at his remaining clothes and trying to avoid looking at her. "I'm sorry, Gayle, but... but I'm too uptight tonight for sex ..."

"T-that's all right, hon. It'll keep until morning. We'll have plenty of time before you leave," she'd welcomed, not wanting to add to the sensual frustration his home stay had sorely cultivated this time.

This morning, he'd finally decided to have a go at sex, as usual firing her right up to the peak of release ... then firing and falling back in full retreat. "Oh God... oh darling! Don't stop now, pleaseeee.. ?"

"Slut! I can't help it, baby!" he'd choked, jerking limply out of her and fumbling off the bed, his reddened face turned away. "It's just no use ... that goddamned limp-wristed egghead ... ! I'm still too uptight..."

"It's okay, Aunt Gayle," Luther suddenly said, checking the stream of uncomfortable retrospect racing through her denied, impassioned young mind, but hardly interrupting the sensual coals simmering hungrily throughout her whole erotically tormented body. "I've gotten sort of used to being a sore thumb. It doesn't bother us anymore, does it, Troop?"

The powerful animal whimpered up at his youthful master as if in response, while a feeling of heart-tugging sympathy for the awkward teenager washed through his girlish aunt. The poor darling, he'd undoubtedly heard it all... God, how could Ted be so damned heartless? For a long moment, she simply looked at him ... at both of them, not knowing what to say, and then without realizing it she had crossed the room and was cupping his prominent, sparsely bristled chin in the soft warm palm of her hand, lifting his face until his unreadable eyes were gazing levelly up into her own.

"We'll have no more of that as long as you're in this house, young man," she said, a tiny quiver in her tone from the emotion she felt. "I-I'm sorry if you heard things ... but... but your Uncle Ted hasn't been himself, dear. I'm afraid that... that he's working too hard. You know he had a heavy responsibility as western regional manager for Kent-Dolan, and lately ... well, even I've had all I could do to keep from flying into rages with him."

Luther's face broke into a homely, uneven toothed smile. "I understand, Aunt Gayle ... and no kidding, we don't mind ... I mean, I didn't take any offense. You get used to people saying ... well, those things about you just because you play chess, or enjoy activities other than sports and chasing after girls. I guess that's part of life ... I don't know."

Gayle withdrew her hand, smiled somewhat sadly, and went back to placing strips of bacon into the electric frypan, his words raising questions in her mind. She began with little inquiries that gently broached the subject of girls and his feelings toward them. If what Ted had implied was right the boy would certainly have no female interests... but somehow he led to cleverly avoid any direct answers, actually reminding her of the handsome pharmaceutical salesman she was married to, and she couldn't help but wonder if ambiquity wasn't an imbred family trait.

Certainly, Ted's home stay this time had come damned close to completely unnerving her, his perplexing behavior leaving her tormented and baffled. Things were growing steadily worse between them, but all of it hidden beneath the surface and seemingly without a singular basis, as if they'd been manied twenty rather than just two years. There was little question but what their relationship was strained nearly to the breaking point, or Eat probably a less determined wife would have long since tossed in the towel, but she had no intentions of giving up the comfortable security she'd endured in the building. Besides, she hadn't really stopped loving him, if such factors still mattered between modern men and women, and a marriage of mellowed toleration appealed to her much more than the rat-race of unearthing another male who might well in time be less palatable or less financially productive.

Maybe it was a rank and mercenary viewpoint for a desirous young woman at the peak of her youthful beauty to take, but certain eye-opening facts in their lives together during the six months she had lived with him at college and since their marriage had shaped them. As for the customary state of frustration he'd left her panting in that very morning, Gayle could smile inwardly with the narcissism that flowed so hotly in her veins; she'd learned early from their physical unions the necessity of self-love in the wake of Ted Haviland, and being a romantic as well as a sensually passionate girl the rest had developed easily for her ...

"It's not that I don't enjoy the company of girls, Aunt Gayle," the teenager answered in reply to one of her casually phrased questions. "It's just that I don't have the time with chess and the other things I like to do, plus I'm trying to get ready for college in another year and a half."

"Wait until the right girl comes along. I'll bet you'll change your views quick enough then, darling," Gayle teased, drenching him with her alluring smile that ended up playing over the watchful Alsatian at his feet. "That's the way it happens to unsuspecting men with their guards down."

She was trying to draw him out and Luther knew it, endeavoring to establish the truth or falseness of the things his uncle had been putting him down with the night before. He brushed at Ids forelock and said: "Is that the way you caught Uncle Ted ... with his guard down?"

She laughed. "In a way, I suppose. Actually, he was having a bad time of it mentally, Luther. He was trying to decide whether to give up medicine as a career and needed someone to make up his mind for him. I guess you could say that I did that, and neither of us are sorry ... he would've made a lousy doctor ..."

She went on and the boy listened vaguely, mentally catagorizing his mother's younger brother whom he hadn't seen in a couple of years as a failure for throwing away a medical future at his grandfather's expense to become a dumb-assed salesman. Simultaneously, his analytical teenage brain functioned, thinking that the muscle-bound bastard he called "Uncle" really knew how to choose the birds! Hsn ... what big tits you have Auntie! Eagerly, watched the soft rippling of her lush curves hidden beneath the sheer wrapper ad nightie. No brassiere or panties either ... Christ! Toni, his Mom's maid, could stir his crazy cock just by provocatively switching her big ass in front of him, but she knew it and did it on purpose, so that made the difference. His Aunt Gayle didn't, and just watching her sensuous movements had made his goddamned prick grow as hard as a hand-carved, ivory rook! Man, what a luscious doll she'd be to play games with, and he didn't mean chess; but nevertheless, he asked her if she knew chess.

"Oh, I play at it, dear, but I'm afraid not up to your standards... though I usually beat your Uncle Ted," she replied, arranging his plate of eggs and bacon with strips of buttered toast then approaching the nook to set it in front of him.

Man, he could eat her smile! She was something else! "I can teach you a few pointers if you'd like to learn," he said, looking up at her as he managed to enfold himself into the booth while she went back for the coffee pot, then joined him.

"Would you? I'd love that, Luther," she said, pouring steaming coffee and slipping into the seat across from the boy whose initial angular homiliness had seemed to have lost its distaste for her. Then, once more she was glancing downward at 'the huge, beautiful dog sprawled beside them on the floor, her aroused subconscious fitting him into the role of Zeus, the fabled animal whose exotic, sensuous adventures she was reading in that pornographic novel she kept hidden away in the drawer under her lingerie. Of course it was all fantasy and physically impossible, but what if it weren't? God! She couldn't restrain the feverish shiver of lewd excitement her forbidden thoughts sent rippling over her flimsily covered nakedness. And then, she heard Luther say:

"Great! Maybe tonight we can go through a couple of reliable offenses and defenses, Aunt Gayle. I really should keep active for the match tomorrow afternoon anyway. I'm playing a man named Zentor from West Germany. He's very good. I don't expect to beat him, but I'd like to give a fair account of myself."

"Wonderful, darling! We'll plan on that, then ... my first chess lesson ..."

Luther listened to her melodic voice, smiling occasionally and pretending to concentrate on his breakfast, while inwardly devouring her every word as well as the delectable contours of her chiffon concealed curves. He'd only seen her once before, right after she'd married his uncle, but he'd barely turned fourteen then and was little more than a numb-assed kid. He hadn't even remembered her, except that she had long, sandy colored hair and looked like a teenager herself. Man! Two years had made a wild change in one of them, and he knew it wasn't the gorgeous girl across from him. He's simply grown up! Now, he had to struggle to keep from gaping openly at the smooth fleshy mounds of her breasts that the slightly parted wrapper revealed so teasingly, a portion of the deep white velvety cleft between them making his rampaging cock thump almost painfully inside his pants front.

He tried gearing his mind in another direction, back to his Uncle Ted... that muscle-assed bastard! He'd heard him clearly, ranting and raving last night in their bedroom, calling him pansy and queer, the usual tags he'd learned to live with because he preferred a chessboard to a gridiron, or an astronomical telescope to a ballbat. Even his own Mom had her doubts concerning his masculinity, he knew, but he'd stubbornly determined not to reassure anyone. To hell with it... all of 'em! Besides, there was a certain intriguing satisfaction for him in being an individual of questionable tastes, like his dad before him, especially when those tastes had to do with sex. Fuck 'em all! That's what his father had written in his own hand in the journal he'd kept... !

"How about this handsome guy, Luther? What do we feed him?" his lust-inciting, young aunt interrupted his thinking. She was smiling radiantly and leaning down to stroke Trooper's big head, the almost see-through wrapper falling further open, the gossamery white of her sheer nightie and three-feet of distance all that was between his straining eyeballs and the lust fullness of her swaying white breasts! Fuck! He could even see the embossed relief and pinkish halo of their hardened little nipples!

"What ... ? Oh ... oh anything. Yeah ... Troop eats everything, Aunt Gayle," he managed, stuffing his mouth full of toast. Christ, he'd lost his appetite... and his hopelessly hardened cock was hopping inside his pants like a hopped-up toad! Goddamn... he hoped she didn't catch sight of it... !

"Wonderful. Then, he and I are going to get on famously, Luther," Gayle said, admiring the open jawed, truly smiling animal-face staring intently up at her. God, the handsome creature's deep brown eyes seemed to be searching into the depths of hers, she was convinced, a certain devilish glint to match her own seething carnality dancing in them. "But... but you still haven't told me where you got him."

The lanky teenager smiled, never taking his hungering youthful eyes off the white fleshy curves his uncle's intoxicating girl-wife seemed to be unwittingly displaying before him. Then he said: "An army officer who had the hots for Mom," purposely slipping in the suggestive word "hots". "He wanted to get on the good side of her, I guess, and figured that being extra nice to me might be the best way to do it. So ... one day he came to the house with Trooper, a gawky, big-footed puppy ... like me. I suppose we were two of a kind."

Gayle didn't lose her warm expression of excitement as she straightened, drawing her ..rapper more concealingly across her breasts. His unexpected term, hots had surprised her and suddenly she realized that her face was flushed once more. "And ... and what happened between your Mom and the officer?"

"Oh nothing," he answered, and she watched him use his napkin with natural politeness, then lean back in the booth. "Evidently, my Dad set a difficult pattern to follow, Aunt Gayle. And ... and I like to think that I take after him." He seemed to straighten proudly before her, his unhandsome face that lingered between adolescence and approaching manhood aburptly setting in a virile hardness as he spoke of his father. "Dad ... he loved chess, archeology, things like that. I have his stamp collection, you know. And the journal he always kept went on for pages on astronomy. That was going to be his next venture ... but he died before he could get into it. I-I guess that's why I took it up ... because he wanted to." He moved his gaunt elbows onto the tabletop. "As a matter of fact, I brought my telescope with me, Aunt Gayle-, and, if you don't mind, I'd like to find a good vantage point. With all these hills around your house I should be able to locate a fine one. Would it be okay with you if I took a tramp around now?"

"Why, of course, darling! I... we, your Uncle Ted and I want you to make yourself right at home here, Luther," she answered quickly, the depths of his sincerity deeply moving her. Lord, there was something unique about him. Ted had been so wrong ... ! "Later, you and I'll discuss your chess match tomorrow. It is in Portland, isn't it?"

"Yeah. The Port land-Kennedy Hotel tomorrow afternoon at three," he said, brushing at his unruly, childish forelock. "The truth is, I didn't want to compete, but I'm state champion and I have to. Either that or I don't get the loot the title offers ... and I want it for college. You see, Aunt Gayle, I intend to study medicine myself."

"Why, Luther! That's wonderful!" she exclaimed, his revelation really moving her and the excitement of her response causing Trooper to rise from the floor, easing closer to lick her hand. "Honestly, I'm so thrilled to hear that! I know that Ted is going to feel the same ... and I can just imagine how his father... your grandfather feels about it! It's absolutely wonderful!"

"W-Well... I... thanks, Aunt Gayle ... but I'm a long way from being a doctor yet," he humbly remarked, his grin sheepish. Then he slid toward the outward end of the botth to eventually stand erect.

God, he was so gangly and tall, she thought, trying to adjust to his youthful sixteen years. Abruptly, she was conscious of staring at his gaunt wrists to watch their supposedly telltale movements. Oh Ted! How could you even think such things about this poor boy? She moved to stand and realized she was warmly wet up between her legs! Damn, she was actually sizzling like a lit firecracker inside her moistly throbbing pussy.

"Would you mind keeping Trooper here with you, Aunt Gayle, while I cover the area for a place to set up my telescope?" the boy asked. "He goes bananas when he get out in open country, and, if I have to watch him, I'll never find ..."

"I don't mind at all," she answered, almost too quickly. "I-In fact, I'd love his company, dear. You go ahead and do whatever you want. Take your time. Trooper and I'll get better acquainted while you're gone, won't we, baby?" she went on, smiling sparkly-eyed down at the handsome grinning animal. "But, be careful, Luther. It's easy to get lost in this part of Canyon Hills. They tell me it's very deceiving, once you go back in a ways."

"Oh, I will, don't worry," he said, and she watched him stride off cumbersomely toward his bedroom, wondering in her mind why her mystifying husband had put him down so with homosexual tags. God, he didn't appear to be that way at all... in fact, the longer she looked at him, the more manly and less homely he became ... like___like the bulge in the front of his trousers! It had! It'd been hard! Her fault, of course, but she hadn't really meant to ... not at first, anyway. And then, she'd seen him gaping hungry-eyed at her nearly exposed naked breasts! But boys or men with homosexual traits ... their penises didn't get hard at the sight of a girl's body ... did they? Hell no! He was all man and had a very nice bulge to prove it!

Tingling excitement fluttered uncontrollably over her feverish flesh, and she suddenly realized that Trooper was licking at her knee - the warmth of his long moist tongue against her smooth, sensitive skin only increasing her arousal. His deep brown eyes were fixed entrhallingly on her face, as if once again searching into the very depths of her!

"You are Zeus, right out of that naughty book I'm reading, you devil," Gayle whispered. "And I've read all about your forbidden, pleasure-bringing skills." She laughed excitedly to herself at her fantasy, lovingly stroking his huge head, its soft furry feel like rich velvet against the palm of her small hand. Oh how she wished dogs really were like the ones in her erotic novels, but, of course, such things were impossible. Anyway, she thought, I've proved one thing to myself, satisfied that her brief exhibitionism in front of Luther had been for a good cause. "Your master, darling, is a very normal young man, and Uncle Ted is going to be told that in no uncertain terms."

But, even as she spoke to the fascinated Alsatian in her soft cooing sounds, Gayle realized that she could hardly explain to her bewildered husband how she had arrived at that conclusion. It wasn't quite feasible that he'd understood her little seductive display of a few minutes before, and why should she tell him anything anyway? Though. . . it had been hard... and so big for just a boy! God, the entire front of his pants had bulged out... !

Trooper listened to her pleasing, gentle sounds and felt the soothing strokes of her hand brushing over the crown of his head. The taste of her warm sweetness registered on his laving tongue, exciting him, for it was of a new and delicate relish to him. Both his master's mother and the woman who answered to Toni were female humans he liked to be with and have pet him, but this one with the long, fawn-colored hair was different, and he experienced a strange throbbing in the depths of his heavy loins at the honeyed flavor and heated yielding feel of her. In her lyrical tones he sensed kindness and love, but, more than that, his closeness to her allowed his keen nostrils to fill with a racy aroma, a heady scent which inspired rather positive responses within his big muscular body.

He pressed his dampened nose forward toward the source of the warmly perfumed femaleness, along the smooth satiny flesh between her legs, sniffing eagerly. He almost was there when he felt her body stiffen and the softness of her hands clasping at his head to raise it upward from beneath her covering.

"Look here, Zeus ... Trooper ... young man! Wh-what do you think you're doing... as if I didn't know?" Gayle whispered once more, but this time felt an increased tremor of excitement at his unexpected exploration. He'd sensed her erotic heat, of course, just as the

German shepherd in the book... the sensuous arousal that Ted had left smoldering inside her! And then, Luther re-entered the kitchen carrying his telescopic equipment, causing her to blushingly straighten upright.

"I think I'll take a look up on that hill behind the house first, Aunt Gayle," he said, his attention focused on the instruments he was carefully arranging beneath his long arms to better handle. "Is there a trail or path leading up?"

"Y-yes, there is, dear. You'll see it, I'm sure," she answered, trying to hide her confusion, finally letting out a little sigh of relief when the teenager was gone and she could turn once more to stare at the waiting dog still watching her with unwavering interest gleaming in his big round eyes.

The aroused young wife swallowed loudly, unable to ignore the one burning question the handsome animal's curious, if lurid, investigation had raised in her erotically whetted mind ... just how far would he have gone had she not stopped him? She couldn't help but think of several lustful scenes in the book, and, as the vision of each one flickered through her mind, lewd tension feverishly gripped the intricate depths of her rippling belly. Again, sensuous impulses spiraled through her at the very lasciviousness of her thoughts ... thoughts that were little less salacious than the phantom lovers she mentally conjured, obscenely enjoyed, and totally destroyed at will rather than to enter into an actual affair with a live male. Human lovers could talk and invariably did sooner or later ... but a handsome and devoted dog, with all the thrilling, lustful qualifications of the massive Zeus in her erotic book ... GodH

Trooper whimpered then, moving closer to her, and Gayle bent over once again to take his great head between her slender hands, finally easing downward to squat on her haunches as she said, "Would you like to try again, you big darling?" She leaned forward, kissing him between the eyes. Instantly, his long pink tongue licked out, brushing warmly over her still pursed lips in answer, sending torrid sensations of wanton excitement over her. He'd kissed her back ... and the way he was looking at her through those avid, almost passionate eyes! Damn ... he was more than just a dog... there was something intriguingly human about his masculine beauty!

Trembling, the impassioned young wife straightened and, for a long breathless moment, gazed fervidly down at him. At last, her full, desire-swollen breasts began to rise and fall heavily, her roused young brain racing in blind wantonness as her hands moved downward to nervously open the wrapper. Her fingers gathered up the folds of her short, flimsy nightie into her palms, then slowly lifted the last concealing veil hiding her excitedly pulsating pussy.

The massive Alsatian watched the fawn-haired, heavily breathing girl's teasing movements through fascinated eyes, his mouth falling open as he began to pant at the sight of her smooth lush thighs being suddenly exposed to him. Their white nakedness increased the pulsing fever in his heavy loins, both exciting and confusing him. Then he saw that the long tawny hair of her head was similar in color to the fringing curls up between her long lithe legs. There, he instinctively knew, was the source of the stimulating female aroma, the same warm wet opening between her legs that the woman who answered to Toni had called her 'cunt.'

Gayle's breathing had become a series of raspy gasps thundering in her own ears as she stood there in lewd excitement with pulled-up nightie, widening her stance to spread her tremoring thighs so that the intensively staring Trooper, less than a foot away from her, could readily see the moistly quivering lips of her narrow, pink pussy slit. There it is, you beautiful creature, she wildly thought, obscenely holding up her tiny nightie and thrusting her flaring hips and rounded buttocks luridly forward in a growing, mindless lust.

"Well, baby...? Don't be afraid! C-come closer... here, darling! This is what you were searching for ... Gayle's hot, needing pussy!" she goaded huskily, thrusting her shamelessly displayed loins even further forward at the captivated, unmoving dog before her. Still, he remained motionless, staring as if rivet-eyed on her wantonly struck pose, and, though she might even wind up hating herself for the forbidden obscenity she hoped would materialize, the insanely excited young wife knew she couldn't stop now! God, she had to release the pyramiding tension burning almost painfully inside her loins and quivering belly! "Oh please, Trooper doll, come here ... don't be afraid. It's what you smelled, darling... me!" she whispered in hot sibilant tones. "Come on baby, see for yourself... !"

The tensed Alsatian stood fast, intrigued, yet hesitant to encroach upon separate worlds, his sharp sense of smell tormented with the aromatic pungency her human need breathed into the room. He saw one hand with extended middle finger move downward between her legs... watched that slender white finger separate the fawnish curls as it drew upward along the moistened pink crevice to suddenly half-disappear up inside - between her cunt's fleshy lips ... then, she was holding it out to him.

"Here darling ... smell it... taste Gayle's wet finger and see what she's got waiting for you! Do it...please? Oh, come here, baby...!"

He did while she watched in almost reeling eagerness, his cool sniffing nose examining her glistening finger, his tongue abruptly darting out to lick the viscid moisture away! Ooooohhh, I could never stop now, not even if Ted were standing here watching me, the breathless, near-frantically inflamed Gayle reasoned, the very depravity of her bestial act firing her lustful desire all the more. "Come on, lover! My Zeus, that's who you are, and you have to do it for me the way he did it for the princess! I'm your princess, darling, and you've got to lick my hot pussy for me!" she incanted in whispers of lewdness. "Hurry, because I'm a witch, and I'll cast a spell over you! I'll change you into a cock, a huge hardened cock too big for every cunt in the whole world! Oh God... do it, baby, do it... do it!" she passionately mumbled on, half believing the obscene fantasies darting enchantingly through her incited brain.

And then, as she watched, the big animal moved forward, the sight alone enough to jell her knees! Incredible sensations of untapped sensuality raged through her curvaceous young body with the ferocity of a prairie fire when she reasoned that he was really going to lick her there up between her hot thighs! Oooohhh... this was no fantasy, not some conjured obscenity of her mind, she trembled in thrilling anticipation, lustfully arching forward her nakedly exposed, lightly haired loins further, to better offer her seething cuntal split to him! ... God, he was, wasn't he? Oooohhh, he had to or she'd go stark raving mad! He had to ...!

And, suddenly, the massive dog did!