Chapter 1

The young girl shook her head in disbelief and fought back her tears. The tall, heavy-chested woman behind the desk in the spartanly furnished office had ordered her to remove her clothing. It was incredible!

"You have much to learn about Mt. Arcadia School, Deborah," Madame Martel said in the same stern voice. "I'm rather surprised that you've been here an entire week and are still not fully aware that corporal punishment is part of our doctrine."

"I... I heard something, but I haven't done anything!" the girl cried.

"Miss Duke reports that you've been sloppy and inattentive. That may be tolerated at other schools, but not here. You've had a week to learn the rules. Obviously, you've chosen to ignore them. You're going to be punished for that and also as a warning for the future. Now I repeat, remove your clothing! Defiance will only increase the punishment."

For the first time, Debbie was truly frightened. She was old enough to recognize the difference between a threat and a promise. She looked around at Miss Duke who stood slightly behind her. She had thought of the teacher and dorm supervisor as a plain but pretty female, somewhat demanding but not intractable. Now Miss Duke's expression was as cold and set as Madame Martel's. Slowly, she began to fumble with the buttons of her cardigan sweater. As directed, she put the garment on the desk. She unzipped her wool skirt and stepped out of it. She pulled off her loafers and removed her knee-length wool socks. All that remained were her bra and panties. She looked up again at her disciplinarians. Her eyes were brimmed with tears. "Please, please! Don't make me do this! I'll change. I'll be good, I promise!"

Her pleas fell on ears and faces of stone. She unhooked her bra. Her breasts, firm, pink nippled, and well developed for her sixteen years, fell free. At that moment she thought she had never felt so humiliated, but it was only the beginning. When she slid her panties down over her smooth legs, she became acutely aware of the awkwardness of the position and what the view must look like to Miss Duke standing behind her.

"Very well," Madame Martel said when the panties were added to the pile of clothing on the desk. The tall, hauntingly beautiful woman walked around the desk and circled the young girl. "You have an attractive body, Deborah. It shows promise. I trust that you think enough of your own attractiveness that you wouldn't want your body marked." When the girl shook her head fearfully, she continued, "Very wise of you. For that reason and because this is your first visit to me, I shall only spank you tonight." The words caused Debbie to tremble. She felt small and insignificant and utterly exposed in the presence of the two fully dressed females. No one had ever spanked her before, not even her parents. Only boys she'd dated had ever laid their hands on her bare flesh. She was suddenly chilled. She was conscious that her nipples had reacted to the cold and were taut and hard. Unconsciously, she crossed her arms to cover them.

"Put your hands down!" Madame Martel snapped. "Stand there while I look at you. That's better. Hmmm, yes, very attractive for your age. I imagine all those young men you were fucking thought so."

"What. .. what are you talking about?" Debbie was as much shocked by the coarse word as she was by the statement.

"We make it a point to know why the parents of our students send them here. We know all about your promiscuity, your whoring, if you prefer. There are no secrets between the parents and the school, or the school and the students. It makes our discipline more clear-cut in certain cases. But we'll not go into that now. You're here because of your present attitude, not your past errors. Prepare yourself for your first taste of what Mt. Arcadia School is all about. Miss Duke, bring the chair."

The teacher crossed the room and pulled forward a heavy, straight-backed chair. Madame Martel promptly sat on it, arranging her skirt so that it did not wrinkle. This caused her solid, nylon-clad thighs to be exposed to the stocking tops. The straps and clasps of a black garter belt peeked from under the skirt hem. She smoothed her stockings and said, "Bring Deborah to me, Miss Duke."

Debbie's elbow was firmly grasped and she was led to the seated woman. Still trembling fearfully, she was urged to lay herself over the exposed thighs. The skin of her breasts and her belly tingled at the touch of the nylon. She let her weight fall. She was pushed forward, pushed so that the smooth pink moon of her pert young ass rode prominently high on the madame's lap. She was ordered to grasp the lower rung of the chair, and Miss Duke was ordered to hold her ankles. She held her breath, still only half believing the nightmarish degradation.

Smack! She winced at the first stinging spank, and a cry, not of hurt but of despair, came from her lips. Smack! The second blow on the other cheek was even harder. Then came a series of well-placed, openhanded blows. The madame alternated the spanking from cheek to cheek. Now Debbie felt real pain. The spanking was becoming more intense. "Oh, God! No more, please!"

"Silence! Screaming will only get you more!"

As Debbie squirmed under the cruel slaps, she would have been even more terrified had she been able to see the hot, fanatical gleam in the madame's eyes and her twisted smile. Miss Duke, too, was a picture of perverse pleasure with her close-up view of the inflamed ass--and even more her line of sight between the back of the girl's thighs above which the anal opening puckered.

Debbie felt the heat from the blows engorge her. She was aflame with pain and anguish. She also felt another heat; the damp warmth that seemed to rise up to her belly from the madame's thighs. As she writhed under the blows, she was creating a friction with her skin and the nylon. Crazily, that sensation was pleasing. And the more numb her ass became from the spanking, the more she focused her attention on what was happening beneath her. She was positioned so that the top of her cunt, just where her fine blonde pubic hair was thickest, was pushed tightly against the thigh. If anyone had ever told her that there was anything sexual about a spanking, she would have laughed. But now she was confused. It shouldn't be happening, but... the fire from her ass had penetrated to her depths. Her clitoris ached in a different way. As she clenched her teeth and concentrated on that aspect of her torture, her love button seemed to grow. Yes, it was swollen and exposed! It was just like it was when a boy caressed her cunt without first removing her panties. The rubbing by the madame's nylons was having the very same effect. She didn't understand it, but she knew she was getting wet.

Madame Martel knew it, too. She smiled and signaled Miss Duke to pull the girl's ankles apart, spreading her upper thighs and the crevice of her ass. Then she laid her spanks down with the utmost care. Her slaps went lower and deeper to the inside of the thighs. She came closer and closer to Debbie's sex, and on certain stinging blows her fingertips actually reached the anal rosebud and the lower exposed portion of the chubby cuntlips. The girl was moaning between her teeth. She was squirming feverishly in order to push the hardened knot of her clitoris into the nylon-clad thigh. To continue much longer would cause an orgasm.

The spanker knew her art well. Indeed, the ultimate goal was to have the girl achieve sexual pleasure from punishment; but it did not suit her purposes to have it happen so quickly. Humiliation was equally important. The madame deliberately smacked Debbie's cunt.

"What! She's wet! Miss Duke, do you see that!" The tall woman pushed her hand coarsely into the folds of Debbie's cunt. "Why, the little bitch is soaking wet. We've been punishing her for her own good, and she's lying there enjoying it. Let go of her, Miss Duke. You, get on your feet."

Debbie slid off the woman's thighs, wide-eyed with fright. Her legs were weak and she staggered slightly. Her ass and thighs were aglow with pain. That wasn't the cause of her newest fear, however. AU her pain had served to do was infuriate the madame. "I... I couldn't help it!" she blurted.

"I couldn't help it," Madame Martel mocked her. "Now she lies. Miss Duke, examine her and see for yourself what this filthy child was up to. I want a witness to this."

Miss Duke, her face icily recomposed, stepped up to Debbie. "Spread your legs," she ordered. When the girl had complied, the teacher reached down and probed the girl's sex with a long, insinuating forefinger. She pushed the digit into the tender flesh to the second knuckle. The girl gasped and stiffened. Miss Duke paid no attention. She worked her finger in and out and up and down. She brought it up to the still swollen clit and pushed harshly on the tender nub. "You're absolutely right. She's sodden. She must have thought this was all a game devised for her own dirty enjoyment."

"No, please!" Debbie cried plaintively. "I didn't know what was happening. I hurt so!" Then she broke into tears before she said any more. She had never been so mortified. To be examined like a piece of meat. To have another woman's finger in her cunt. To have been battered and now scorned.

"Tell the truth, Deborah," Madame Martel demanded. "You toyed with us, didn't you? You used your punishment for your own perverse little pleasure, didn't you?"

"No, no! I don't even know what you mean!"

At that time, Miss Duke tweaked the girl's clitoris cruelly. "You don't know what this is?" she said with heavy sarcasm. "Answer the madame. The truth now."

"All right, all right! I got hot," Debbie wailed. "But I didn't know what was happening. I couldn't help myself, truly . . .you must believe me!"

Miss Duke removed her finger and stepped back from the girl. The madame, still seated, crossed her legs and ordered Debbie to come forward. The tall woman pointed to the faint, damp stains on her stockings. "You see what you've done, Deborah. You've soiled these. That was very nasty of you." The girl mumbled a feeble apology. "That's not quite enough. I want you to take these stockings and return them to me tomorrow freshly laundered. Now remove them."

Debbie was first required to remove the madame's shoes. She hadn't noticed them before, but she saw that they were black patent pumps with an extraordinarily high heel. Then she saw that the madame wasn't going to assist her in the task. The woman had pushed forward in the seat and hiked her skirt even higher. Debbie's fingers trembled as she reached for a garter clasp. She was bent over so closely that she could not help but notice that the madame wore no panties. More incredible to the young girl's mind, however, was the fact that the woman's cunt was completely shaved of all pubic hair. Thick, pale pink lips bulged out from a Venus mound of alabaster skin. Debbie had seen other girls before, in gym classes and at house parties, but the bold sight of this mature woman was a revelation. She could not understand her fascination. She hurriedly fumbled on with the removal of the stockings.

"Now you can get dressed," Madame Martel said. "When you return the stockings tomorrow, you and I will have a talk. I want to know more about this odd ability of yours to find pleasure in your punishment. And I'll want you to be completely candid with me. If not, I'll have to take you to Doctor Slade, the headmaster, who is also a psychiatrist. I'm certain it would be far less embarrassing for you to confide in me. Also, it seems we made a mistake by giving you a room to yourself. From this moment on, well put you in with an older girl, upper form, who can give you guidance. Miss Duke, I don't think Jan Carlton has a roommate. Please see that she takes charge of Deborah. Under the circumstances, I don't think tonight will be any too soon."

Debbie had her back turned as she hooked on her bra. She did not see the smirking look that passed between the two women when the name of her new roommate was mentioned.