Chapter 1

"Jeez, Connie!" There was awe in Roger Bradshaw's voice as he worked the top of the teenaged girl's one piece swimsuit down from the swell of her large tits. "Holy Jesus, you're beautiful!"

"Flatterer!" Connie Cain giggled as the boy pressed his lips to the top of her tit. Roger was fifteen. He cupped the soft tit globe in his hand, rubbed his thumb over the tingling nubbin of erecting nipple. "Oh, Roger!"

"Christ, I'm hot!" said Roger. "I'm so goddamn hot I'm gonna explode! Feel my cock, Connie!"

The handsome black-haired youth pressed his throbbing groin against Connie's thigh, rubbing up and down against her leg. His steel-hard cock pushed the waistband of his low-rise trunks away from his belly. Connie, who was six months younger than Roger, looked down and saw his flaring cockhead. It was only half-concealed by the dark blue fabric of his brief trunks. A thick patch of curling pubic bush was clearly visible around the white base of the cock.

"Roger! Somebody will see us!"

"Fuck them!" said Roger, nuzzling her tit with his lips. His tongue darted across the nipple, and Connie gasped. "Fuck them all! Goddamn, Connie, let's fuck!"

"No!" She yelped as Roger sucked the nipple between his teeth and bit down on it. She gasped again as the boy's fingers pressed down against her burning mound, pushing the cloth of her swimsuit into her slit. "Roger!"

"Jesus, Connie!" Roger wiped his mouth. "You've got me so fucking hard I can't stand it! Come on, don't tease me! Let's fuck!"

Connie tossed her short blonde hair and quickly looked around. The little cove was deserted. Only a lone seagull flashed into sight, gliding over the steel-gray ocean. The cove was hard to reach from the public beach, protected by rocky bluffs. The beach was covered with water except at very low tide. The tide was coming back in now.

Connie resisted Roger's moving hands as he caressed the shape of her ass. The boy moaned against her tit as his tongue lashed it with slobbering strokes.

"Roger! We've got to go back!"

"Fuck, you!" he said. "We're staying right here until I get my cock in that beautiful tight cunt, Connie! Come on, you've been teasing my cock ever since your goddamn father moved into town last fall. Jesus Christ, Connie! How much bullshit do you think a man can stand?"

"No-oh!" Connie sucked in breath. "Roger!"

Roger grabbed her hand, pushing her fingers into the front of his trunks. His cock popped free and slammed against the bottom of Connie's wrist. It seemed to burn there, hot and dry, although clear fluid leaked through the hole in the shaft as she stroked it. Connie worked the foreskin back beneath the glans. Her fingers brushed the wiry hair around his balls, found it harsh against her fingertips.

"Roger! Stop it! We can't fuck here!"

"Like fuck we can't!" he cried.

Suddenly Roger's hands roughly grabbed the top of Connie's swimsuit, and yanked it down to completely expose her tits. The girl gasped again, trying to cover her tits with her arms. But Roger wasn't finished. He pulled the suit down farther, hooking his thumbs in the bunched fabric. He forced it over the swell of Connie's hips, until her cunt was exposed to the ocean breezes.

"Jesus! Fucking beautiful!" Roger's eyes glistened as he stabbed his hand across Connie's cunt. He kneaded the swollen outer lips and worked his fingers inside as the girl sighed with pleasure. Connie's head sagged against his shoulder and she swallowed, the last of her resistance gone.

"Jesus, Connie!" cried Roger. "I gotta fuck you, or I'll go fucking crazy!"

"Yes, Roger! Yesssss . . ."

Connie moaned as her arms went around Roger's back. Her hands slid up to wrap around his neck and her eyes closed as she pushed her face up to his hungry mouth. She stood on tiptoe to reach his lips. Roger grinned in triumph as their lips crashed together. Connie's tongue stabbed out against him, pushing across his teeth. Her head twisted back and forth with lust.

"Oh, God!" cried Connie, breaking free. "The blanket, Roger! Open it! I've got to have you!"

She twisted away from Roger to finish stripping naked. Connie sighed with pleasure as the cooling air moved between her thighs, across her hot sexual flesh. She caught her own tits, raising them and rubbing her palms over the nipples. Burning needles stabbed into each nipple as Roger shook out the blanket and dropped their towels close at hand. Then he turned back to Connie, ready to strip his trunks down. She saw what he was doing.

"No! Let me do it, Roger!"

The boy sighed happily as Connie moved to him, dropping to her knees. She caught his trunks and stared at the cock shaft as it bobbed up and down before her eyes. Connie swallowed, her tongue licking across her lips as she studied the swell of the glans. She saw the tiny triangle of skin holding the foreskin to the cockhead, white against his pink cock flesh as it stretched to its limits.

"Oh, Jesus!" Roger sighed and thrust his groin forward as Connie captured his cock in her hand. The girl forgot what she had started to do, kissed the cock instead, gently. His stab banged the heated cockhead against her teeth and she jerked away. His precoital fluid smeared across her lips. She licked them, and found it a most satisfying flavor. Her throat working, Connie touched her fingertips to her lips, eyes even wider in surprise.

"Suck it, Connie!" begged Roger. "Suck my cock!"

"I can't!" she said. "It's too big!"

"Seven inches!" he said, proudly. "Come on, you can take it! It's easy!"

Connie shook her head, already feeling the stab of pain his cockhead would make in her throat. Yet her teeth were opening, her head moving closer. She was drawn by the magnet of his cock, caught by a mysterious force stronger than gravity. Swallowing again, Connie's teeth opened and her tongue pushed against her lower lip.

Roger stared as the gap between her lips, and his cock narrowed. Connie's hands dropped to her tits again, twisting the nipples until they hurt.

"Ohhhhh, no! No, I can't! I can't . . ."

But even as Connie protested her mouth moved against the throbbing cockhead. It pointed up from his groin at a 45 degree angle. Roger bit his lip, his hands only inches away from Connie's temples. He moaned with pleasure and grabbed her head as she took his cock between her teeth.

"Oh, God! Suck it, Connie! Suck it!"

Roger's hands forced Connie all the way down on his cock shaft, slamming the burning, steel-hard erection back into her throat. His cock crushed her dangling uvula. Connie's nose banged his groin, bruised and hurting. She twisted away, fought free of his hands. Tears in her eyes and sobbing, she fell to her ass.

"You hurt me, Roger! Damn you!"

"Oh, Jesus!" Roger dropped beside her on his knees, and caught Connie into his arms. "Christ, Connie! I'm sorry, baby! I couldn't help it! I couldn't stand it! Please, I won't do that again!"

His hands roamed over the girl's naked body. He rubbed her tits, pushed his fingers down through her sopping patch. One finger darted through the outer lips and rubbed against her throbbing clit. Connie gasped as fire stabbed through the erect nub and forgot the momentary hurt in her mouth. She arched her back, raising her groin to thrust it against his hand. Roger's finger moved deeper across the top of her slit.

"Oh! Oh, God! Forgive me! Do it to me, Roger!"

Roger gasped as Connie tightened her cuntal muscles against his finger. He worked the finger free. It was soaked with her preliminary juicing. The boy studied Connie for a moment, then lay her down on her back. He winced as he rose over the girl and his trunks caught beneath his balls. He paused to strip them down from his feet, not watching to see where they landed when he tossed them away. Then he dropped to his knees between Connie's drawn-up legs.

"Oh, do it, Roger! Fuck me! FUCK ME!"

"Uh, Connie..." Roger swallowed, nervous. "Have . . . have you ever fucked before?"

"No! But I want it! I want you to fuck me now!"

"You're not cherry! I stuck my finger way in!"

Connie moaned, rolling her head from side to side. She pushed her groin against the suddenly reluctant boy. Roger's hands pushed back against the swell of her ass. He stared at the gaping cunt as Connie hollowed her stomach and forced her outer ring of muscles wide open. He could see juices puddling in the bottom of her slit. Some oozed out to trickle warmly down the crack of her ass.

"I broke my cherry in gym class!" she gasped. "It's better this way. Oh, God!" She moaned, thrashing around in her need. "Do it, Roger! FUCK ME!"

Roger licked his lips with swollen tongue. His Adam's apple bobbed up and down as he stared at the girl's crotch. Suddenly Connie caught his head in her hands, lunging up to slam his face down against her cunt. His nose smashed into the passage. He was immediately soaked with her juices, her cunt hair scratching his cheeks. He tried to twist away, but Connie locked her legs about his neck.

"Jesus Christ!" screeched the girl. "Damn you, do it! If you won't fuck me, suck my pussy! Suck it!"

Her fingers yanked at his hair, forcing Roger back against her sopping cunt. His tongue involuntarily darted out against the wet walls of her pussy. The boy thought he was going to be sick. He fought Connie as cunt juice crossed his tongue and trickled down his throat . . . and his fighting stopped. He inhaled Connie's hot sexual odors through his nose, his chin digging into the bottom of her outer cunt lips. Her clit banged against his teeth.

"SUCK ME!" she cried. "DAMN YOU, ROGER! SUCK ME!"

Ashamed of what he was doing, Roger surrendered. His hands rubbed Connie's asscheeks as his tongue moved out against her hot cuntal passage. It moved deep, Connie sighing. She relaxed her hold on his head, keeping only her knees locked about him. Her hands dropped back to play with her tits as her eyes closed to the ecstasy of the youngster's laving tongue.

"Oh, yes, Roger! Oh, Christ, that's good! Good!"

Her cuntal lips worked against Roger's mouth in a kiss that dragged the boy deeper into her passage. Roger moaned against her wet opening, his cock burning hard against his belly. His asshole flexed open as he twisted his face around, trying to dig his tongue into the bottom of her cunt. Connie sighed, pinching her nipples. She pushed down against the boy's face as he continued to work against her cunt, sucking with all of his young strength.

"Jesus!" cried the girl. "JESUS! You're turning me inside out!"

Roger heard Connie's cries of lust. Each time she gasped her ass slammed up in a futile effort to drag his whole head into her cunt. It made him work all the harder. His hands pushed through her locked thighs, rubbing Connie's groin and broke the stranglehold about his head. The girl gasped as he wrapped his arms about her hips. Roger dragged her down farther, his teeth capturing her clit and nibbling on it for a delicious moment.


She screeched the cry of lust to the air, startling the gull as it came back to see what those funny whitened creatures were doing on the sand. Roger gnawed against the base of her clitoris. He sawed his teeth back and forth, Connie's ass wiggling beneath his face in her sexual lust.


The lust turned to cries of pain. Roger relented, swallowing as he looked up across her belly to see the swell of her mountainous tits. He sucked one more time against the well of her juicing cunt, swallowing everything he could suck out. Then he moved his face up, across her belly, his chin dragging her juices with it.

"Oh, no!" sobbed the girl. "Don't stop! Don't!"

Connie sobbed as Roger came up over her belly. Her cunt clutched at his neck, capturing his Adam's apple for an instant. But he wouldn't be slowed. He continued across her stomach, his teeth capturing the swirling nubbin of her belly button. He chewed gently on the flesh as his hands moved up her sides to count her ribs. Then he reached the Everest of her tits. Moaning, Roger continued to climb higher, his throbbing dry cock crossing the bottom of Connie's legs until he could suck the half-dollar sized pink areolae into his teeth. He chewed on her sweating flesh.


Connie turned and twisted beneath him. "Please! Please, do it now! I need it! FUCK ME!"

"Ummmmmmm!" Roger turned his face against Connie's tit, smiling gently as the nipple pressed into the hollow of his jaw. Looking up at her, he teased, "Do what?"

"You bastard! You dirty sonofabitch! You know what, damn you! Fuck me! FUCK ME!"

Chuckling, Roger turned back to nuzzle Connie's tits one last time. Then he continued to climb over the girl's body, his tongue pushing through the valley between her tits. His throbbing cock banged beneath her upthrust asscheeks. Connie gasped at the contact as the cockhead dragged through the cleft between her asscheeks. She tightened down against him, as though fearing he would shove it in her ass.

"Oh, no! DON'T!" she cried.

But Roger didn't even know what Connie was thinking. He licked his tongue across her lips, and captured her mouth beneath his own. His weight was stretched over her body now, her tits crushed beneath his chest. The boy writhed between her legs as he kissed her, violently, with as much force as he had used to suck against her cunt. Moaning, Connie's arms moved around his back, her belly trying to drag up against his. She tried to position his cockhead against the entrance to her cunt, then broke free.

"Put it in me, Roger! Put it in me!"

Roger sighed. "Yes, baby! Oh, yeahhhhhhhhh!"

But for another minute he continued to move against her body, his hands roaming her face. His mouth sucked on her tongue and his cock remained frustratingly trapped beneath Connie's ass. The girl submitted to his ministrations until the fire in her loins threatened to explode into a major conflagration. Sweat poured out of every pore in her body as she caught his head again, her fingernails digging into the soft flesh above his ears, pushing him down.

"Damn you! Do it, Roger! I can't stand it!"

Sighing, Roger swallowed. He rose far enough to see his throbbing cockshaft against her leg. He raised his ass, drawing his cock up between her legs. Suddenly it slammed tight against his belly. Smiling, the boy reached down to pry his cock away from his own belly, positioning it against Connie's eager cunt.

Connie slammed up against Roger, impaling herself on the boy's hard cock. It ripped through both sets of cunt lips and stabbed across the top of her slit. The girl sighed with total pleasure as she relaxed again. Her eyes closed, a dreamy smile coming onto her face as his cock buried itself more than halfway up her belly.

"Oh, yes! That feels so good! Oh, fuck me, Roger! Please fuck me!"

Connie stroked Roger's arms, her eyes still closed. The boy looked down at her face with love as he worked his cock in her cunt. His ass pushed his prick deeper. His balls hung against Connie's cunt, wrinkled tight in his sexual passion and soaked with her slick juices. Roger thrust again without withdrawing, his cockhead moving deeper. It spread the cuntal walls in a delightful way that made the girl gasp again and again.


Another push of his ass followed, and Roger sighed as he felt her cunt lips nibble greedily up the last inch of his cock. Her cunt pulled him down until his cock was completely within her hot, writhing body. Connie felt the pressure of his balls against the crack of her ass. She felt Roger's pubic hair rubbing, harsh against her stretched cunt lips. It was distracting; but easily ignored in the deeper sensations as his cock throbbed inside her cunt.

"OH, FUCK!" she cried, happily. "FUCK ME, ROGER!"

Roger moaned against Connie's face, pressing her body tight beneath him. His hands roamed her sides again as he kissed her cheeks, her ears, his tongue swabbing her eyelids and into her nostrils. His fingers worked through the girl's soft hair, thumbs rubbing across her temples, massaging the stabbing pain of her sexual need. The boy's belly worked, jumping his cock within her passage. But he showed no desire to start the withdrawal, to start stroking his cock in her cunt. He was happy to have his cock caught, surrounded by her writhing, milking cuntal walls.


"Yes . . . yes . . . yes..."

Roger moaned as Connie thrust her pelvis up against him, lifting him into the air above her. She grunted as his weight dropped again, his cockhead slamming a fraction of an inch farther into her yielding belly. But the impetus was enough to start him moving, start his cock sliding. She gasped as his prick pulled back, her Cunt clutching at the retreating cockhead. She trapped his cock when the glans reached her inner lips, seemed in danger of falling out.

"NO! NO! DON'T PULL OUT!" she cried. "FUCK ME!"

"I am!" he cried. "I . . . AM!"

Roger thrust his cock again, riding all of the way down into Connie's cunt. Connie's tits hurt beneath his weight. The boy bottomed out, began pulling back as he found the rhythm of their beating hearts. He stroked slowly for a dozen stabs, then began speeding up, gasping breath as he thrust hard. Connie worked with him, thrusting up each time he fell, relaxing each time he withdrew his cock. She timed her movements to Roger's, timing the strokes to give her the greatest pleasure when he slammed down.

"OH, YES! YES! YESSSSSSS!" she cried.

Connie's insides were boiling, exploding. She reached climax and stayed there. Roger felt the machine-gun workings of her cunt against his cock. His balls drew even tighter as the boy's prostate started to boil over.

"OH, SHIT!" cried Roger. "I...I...I'M COMING!"

His seed slammed out of his cock, Roger falling all the way through the bottom of the world. He thought he was drowning in Connie's cunt as the girl wailed beneath him.


"Whore! Whore of Babylon!"