"Keep suckin', slut," Roger growled, pressing Vicky's face down brutally in his lap.

Then, he grabbed hold of the front of Barbie's halter top and with one savage wrench tore the garment off of her.

He grunted in approval as he ogled the creamy, bouncing jugs that were revealed.

"Hell, Barbie, you got nice tits!" Roger Lipscotch said gruffly.

He leaned forward and clamped his hard hot lips around his older daughter's jutting, resilient breast. His tongue darted lewdly back and forth across the strawberry hued nipple, making it quickly grow hard as a rivet.

Barbie whimpered in sudden pleasure, her head spinning. She couldn't believe it! She was actually getting turned on by having her own sadistic beer-sodden father suck her tits and manhandle her luscious fifteen year old body!

She glanced down and saw her younger sister's blonde head rhythmically bounce up and down as Vicky continued to noisily suck and slurp at her Daddy's enormous, pulsating, ten inch prick.

Roger pressed his mouth hungrily to Barbie's other tit, suckling it voraciously as he tweaked and strummed the other nipple with his forefinger and thumb.

Roger grunted in satisfaction. His fantasy had come true!! He was getting it on with both of his gorgeous, nubile daughters!!