Chapter 1

Cindy Ford hated the month she had to spend every summer with her uncle Matt and aunt Alice. Cindy was a horny little blonde who'd lost her cherry two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed fucking. Her aunt and uncle were religious fanatics who spent most of their time in church. They had a cute little redheaded daughter named Susie who was two years younger than Cindy, as well as a son, Gary, who was two years older and just as much of a religious prude as his parents.

When Cindy stayed with her aunt and uncle she wasn't allowed to date and had to spend half her time in church. She was dragged to Bible classes on Tuesday evenings, prayer meetings on Wednesdays, church socials on Saturday nights as well as morning and evening services on Sundays.

One Sunday evening when Reverend Ames' long dull sermon was almost to an end, Cindy was bored and suddenly thought how much fun it would be to tease the pompous bastard. Sitting in the front pew with her aunt and uncle and their children, she was glad she wasn't wearing any panties. Slouching back in her seat, Cindy discreetly raised her skirt a big higher and cross her legs, giving the preacher a blatant view of her naked inner thighs.

Reverend Ames was in the middle of a sentence when he glimpsed the broad expanse of bare flesh on the younger's shapely upper legs. He stammered and momentarily lost his train of thought when the cute young blonde deliberately opened her thighs, giving him an unobstructed view of her sweet little pussy.

Completely rattled by the sight of her wantonly exposed cunt, the reverend quickly averted his eyes to the rest of the congregation. He stumbled nervously through his sermon, his words no longer coherent. When he once more glanced down at the youngster, Cindy was smiling up at him as she teasingly fingered her wet, open pussy. Clutching the altar, he was unable to speak as he watched the youngster's finger sliding in and out of her slippery little pussy.

When the evening services were finally concluded, Reverend Ames walked his wife directly back to the rectory where they lived. With his horrendous hard-on, the man knew he'd have to fuck his wife or lose his mind. With visions of Cindy's cute little gold-fringed pussy in his mind, the man hurried his wife into the bedroom.

He knew it was a sin to covet another woman, especially a mere youngster, yet he couldn't get her out of his mind. With his thoughts on Cindy's deliciously naked pussy, he drew his wife toward him, and when their mouths met, he slipped his tongue between her softly parted lips. They hadn't kissed like this for years.

Trembling with excitement, his wife, Nancy, lowered his zipper and eased his throbbing hard-on out through his open fly.

"God, Byron," she whispered. "I haven't seen you with a hard-on like this for a long time."

They rarely had sex anymore and, dying to be fucked, his frustrated wife began passionately writhing her softly yielding body against his.

A wild tingle rippled through her hotly aroused pussy when she felt his hand reach under her skirt and move up along the soft flesh between her thighs. So he'd have easier access to her horny cunt, Nancy spread her feet further apart on the floor to open her legs for him. The preacher could feel her heart pounding excitedly as his hand moved ever closer to its juicy reward.

"Ooooooooh, yes!" she passionately whispered, feeling his finger worming through the opening at the crotch of her wet panties.

Trembling with excitement, she could feel the tip of his thick middle finger probing into the moist little furrow of her furry pussy, wickedly seeking her hot, slick fuckhole. Nancy's entire body writhed with ecstasy when she felt his finger screwing up through the slippery inner flesh of her scalding pussy. With their lips locked passionately together in a tongue-sucking kiss, the turned-on woman whimpered with joy as his finger continued stirring deliciously around in the hot slippery meat of her aroused cunt.

Finally removing his fingers from her cunt, he slipped them into the waistband of her panties and rolled them down over her softly rounded hips, letting the filmy wet garment flutter down her shapely legs to the floor. Next he took her dress off and then her bra, allowing her delicious tits to spill out nakedly in front of him.

Their exquisite beauty was absolutely breathtaking. Standing out erectly from her swollen, goose-bumpy areolas, the woman's big, luscious nipples were just begging to be sucked. The creamy soft flesh of her beautifully rounded tits was beckoning him to bury his face in the deep cleavage between them.

Panting with excitement, the preacher began gently caressing the soft meat of her delicious tits while he gently pinched and toyed with her budding nipples.

"Oh, honey," she whimpered, reaching down to grasp his big hard cock again. "I love it when you play with my titties."

Whimpering with excitement, the beautiful woman began rolling and rubbing the entire length of his big meaty prick against the softness of her flat belly. Nancy was in such a wild and horny mood that her entire body was quivering with lust as his throbbing cock burned so deliciously against her soft bare flesh. It had been so long since her husband had touched her like this that Nancy was almost out of her mind with ecstasy.

When the man finally released her from his arms so he could undress, Nancy perched her bare ass on the edge of the bed to watch him disrobe.

"God, those are beauties," she whispered when he dropped his shorts to reveal his cum-bloated balls to her.

Not saying a word, the pastor dropped to his knees in front of his wife on the edge of the bed. Smiling at her, he placed her legs over his shoulders and buried his face into the musky hotness of her steaming crotch. This was something he'd never done in his life, but the sight of Cindy's cunt had unleashed passions he had never known he possessed.

He knew it was sinful, but he couldn't help himself. Licking the soft wiggly pussyflesh with the tip of his tongue, he could taste the musky flavor of her fragrant cunt. Further turned on by the horny scent of her aroused pussy, his tongue bathed the entire surface of her crotch.

While the woman squealed and writhed around on the bed in ecstasy, the pastor eased his tongue through the soft fluffy curls of her cunt hair until he located her erect clitoris at the very top of her pussy. With a lashing circular movement, his tongue brought squeals of delight from his wife as he lashed at the sensitive little bud of sensuality. Holding her clit between his lips, he sucked deeply while his tongue lashed it from every angle.

"Oooooooooh, ooooooooh!" she screamed again and again as he deliciously tortured her tingling clitty with his searing tongue.

Falling back on the bed with her widely spread legs over his shoulders, Nancy shivered with excitement when he moved his tongue from her little clit, sliding it down along her hair-lined crotch until he was able to put it between her hot slippery pussylips.

"Oh, my God," she softly moaned.

The man thrust his tongue in as far as it would reach, deliciously licking and tickling the slippery inner flesh of her hot wet cunt. He was hungrily licking up the bittersweet juices that were flowing over his tongue. With his erect cock throbbing wildly, his tongue was darting, curling, rolling and licking into every single recess in her tingling cunt, bringing squeals of joy from the horny woman.

"Oh, darling," she whimpered. "Please lick my clitty some more."

He immediately removed his tongue from deep in her cunt and started teasing the tip of it around her highly sensitive clit. She could feel him licking and rolling her hard little clitty between his sucking lips while his hot wet tongue deliciously caressed it.

"Oh, sweetheart," she sobbed. "I can't stand much more of this. Please put your big hard cock in me."

Removing his juice-drenched face from her drooling cunt, the preacher stood up with his thick prick throbbing out from between his legs, his depraved thoughts still on little Cindy's teenaged pussy.

"Oh, shit, honey," his wife panted, staring excitedly at his big thick prick. "Hurry and stick your cock in me."

Trembling with excitement, the preacher just stared at her delicious pink pussy, watching the drops of slippery juice glistening on the soft moist lips of her aroused cunt. Tenderly grasping her soft hips in his hands, he slid her ass to the very edge of the bed where his throbbing prick was anxiously waiting to plunge into her aroused pussy. Placing her legs over his shoulders again, Nancy's juicy cunt was deliciously tilted up to receive his throbbing prick.

"Oh, sweet darling," she whispered, feeling his hard cock knob probing between her scalding pussylips.

The beautiful woman's entire body was trembling with anticipation as she felt his thick cock slipping into her slick, hot cunt, his bloated cockhead rubbing deliciously against the hot tingling flesh of her juicy inner walls.

"Oh, Byron!" she excitedly whispered as his big meaty prick sank deeper and deeper into her cunt. "You'll never know how much I needed this!"

When his hard cock had fully penetrated her, the pastor leaned over the bed and pressed his mouth to her softly parted lips, letting his tongue sensuously entwine with hers.

Passionately returning his kiss, Nancy could feel every vein and sinew of his huge prick rubbing deliciously against the tingling walls of her cock-filled pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, Byron, that feels so good, honey! So fuckin' good!" she whimpered, arching her hips up to better enjoy the wonderful cock that was so deeply embedded in her hot sucking cunt. She could hardly believe that she was actually being fucked by her handsome husband again.

Finally removing his lips from hers, the man leaned back, his prick still buried to the hilt in her heavenly cunt. Grasping her shoulders, he began pumping his hard prick in and out of her more-than-willing cunt.

"Ooooooh, darling," she whimpered with joy when he began rhythmically pistoning his hot hard cock in and out of the sucking hotness of her squeezing cunt.

With her knees locked over his shoulders, Nancy was wildly slamming her cunt up to meet every glorious stroke of his hard, plunging prick. The fiery lips of her squeezing pussy were hungrily sucking and milking at the base of his thick cock, desperately trying to draw even more of it into her horny pussy.

The preacher could hardly believe the delicious hotness of his wife's cunt, and he could actually feel his cockhead growing bigger and bigger as it skidded smoothly in and out through the hot slick ridges of her sucking cunt. It felt as if his bloated prick might literally explode from the exquisite sensations induced by Nancy's sweet hot pussy.

"Yes! Yes!" the wildly turned-on woman was squealing as their hot loins pounded together. "Oh, fuck, how I love it ... I love it!"

Nancy's beautiful tits were jiggling up and down wildly as he continued pounding his thick slippery cock in and out of her juicy overheated pussy.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" she cried out, feeling his hard prick plunging deeper and faster into the delicious depths of her sucking pussy. "Fuck it to me, darling! Fuck me good!"

Drilling into his wildly aroused wife for all he was worth, Byron felt his cum starting to churn around in his balls, and he knew he couldn't last much longer.

"Oh, Byron!" she shrieked. "Fuck me faster, honey! Fuck me harder!"

Frantically increasing the speed of his strokes, the man felt a tightening sensation deep in his balls and realized he was rapidly approaching a wild juice-shooting climax.

"Harder, honey! Faster!" she shrieked. "I'm almost there! Almost there!"

Staring at Nancy, the pastor could see his wife's eyes rolled back in their sockets, her pretty face contorted with lust. Her upraised pussy was hungrily swallowing and gulping on his cock, trying to get even more of it into her.

"Oh, sweet baby," Nancy sobbed as her husband's prick plowed deeper and deeper into the scalding wetness of her clinging cunt. Her swollen pussylips were sucking noisily on his thick slippery prick as it pounded in and out of her horny pussy.

"Faster, baby, faster!" she shouted, sinking her nails into his broad naked shoulders. "I'm almost there, darling ... almost there!"

Closing his eyes tightly, the feverishly fucking minister could see his cock zipping in and out of little Cindy Ford's teenaged cunt. He could almost feel her naked arms and legs around him as he fucked into the heavenly depths of her sweet young body.

"Fuck, baby, fuck!" Nancy was screaming, feeling the walls of her cunt starting to spasm around the length of his hard, plunging prick. "Hold me tight, honey! I'm gonna come!"

Nancy was no longer aware of anything but the hard prick in her cunt as her wild climax rapidly approached.

"Oh, shit!" she shrieked as the feel of his hot jizz gushed into her belly triggering her own orgasm. "I'm coming, honey! Oh, Christ, how I'm coming! Coming!"

Locking her thighs even tighter around him, she screwed her loins up against his as her husband's spurting fuck-cream spewed into her sucking cunt.

"Ooooooh, so good ... so good," Nancy whimpered, thrusting her tongue into his mouth as the man's thick cum continued squirting up into her jizz-drenched cunt.

When he finally pulled his limp, wet cock out of his wife's slippery cunt, the man was filled with shame and remorse. He'd just committed the unforgivable sin of lusting over a young girl while making love to his wife. In the Lord's eyes, it was the same as adultery. Over the years, Reverend Ames had fucked a few of the ladies in his parish and the Lord had always forgiven him, but lusting over a youngster was so much more sinful.