Chapter 1

Walking down the hotel hall toward Bart Martin's room, Connie Stockdale felt her heart pounding with anticipation. Ever since she'd first met Bart last night at the cafe where she worked, she'd been excitedly waiting for this moment. She could hardly believe that in just a few more minutes he would actually be fucking her, but from the moment she first laid eyes on him last night, Connie had known it was inevitable that they would end up in bed together. From the minute they started talking as she served him his dinner, she felt the chemistry between them.

During the course of his meal, she learned that he was from out of town on business and would only be around for a couple days. At the end of dinner, he had casually invited Connie over to his hotel room this afternoon, and she had quickly accepted.

Connie was an exceptionally attractive divorcee in her mid-thirties who thoroughly enjoyed fucking. She had three teenaged children—Karyn, Jimmy and little Susie. With the wages and tips from her job, plus generous child-support payments from her ex-husband, she was having no trouble raising her family.

Arriving at Bart's room, she took a deep breath and rapped on the door.

"Hello, Connie," beamed the man when he answered her timid knock. "I was afraid you wouldn't come."

"Nothing could have stopped me," she whispered as he closed the door behind her.

"My God," he softly spoke, staring at her soft gray eyes smiling up at him from beneath her full dark bangs. "You're even more beautiful today."

"Thank you, kind sir." Connie grinned as the handsome man took her into his arms.

Unable to control her passions any longer, she desperately clung to him, writhing her hot cunt against his loins while she explored his mouth with her hungry tongue. She felt his hands tighten around her waist, drawing her body closer to his as he eagerly returned her deep kiss. Within a matter of a few short moments, she could feel his cock pushing out at her through the material of his pants.

After writhing their aroused bodies together for what seemed like an eternity, Connie slowly withdrew her mouth and looked up into his glowing face.

"Hi, Bart," she whispered, her gray eyes smoldering with desire.

"Hello, Connie," he answered with a warm smile.

Shivering with excitement, she once more covered his mouth with hers, rotating her cunt against the front of his pants. Hot flames fanned through her body when she felt him lower the zipper on her skirt and slowly peel it down over her soft creamy hips. Stepping out of the garment after it had slithered down around her ankles, she pressed her naked thighs back against him.

"You're beautiful, darling," he whispered, slipping the sweater off over her head.

Discarding the sweater, he stared in awe at the soft deep cleavage between her full-blown tits that were almost completely exposed in her bra. Quickly undoing the snaps and removing her bra, he watched her luscious big tits spill out deliriously. Exciting little goose bumps covered the swollen areolas that surrounded her big hard nipples. Her erect titty-buds were obviously dying to be sucked and chewed as they quivered up at him.

Slipping his fingers beneath the waistband of her juice-soaked panties, he quickly slid them down over the creamy whiteness of her ass. Digging his fingers into the soft warm crevice between her asscheeks, he pulled her naked body up tighter against him. He could feel the hot moistness of her wet cunt soaking the front of his pants.

Connie couldn't believe what was happening as she reached down and began lowering the man's zipper. She had never been so hot to fuck in her life, and here she was, grasping for the cock of a man she'd only met last night.

"Oh, Bart," she whispered, reaching through his fly and wrapping her cool fingers around his hard cock meat. "Your prick feels so nice and big."

She could tell from the hard, thick meatiness of his throbbing prick that it was a real beauty. Removing his cock from his open fly, she pressed the entire length of his prick against the soft flatness of her tummy and rolled it between their two writhing bodies. She could feel his hard prick burning into the soft flesh of her quivering belly, and she could hardly wait to have his big hard cock shoved up into her dripping fuckhole.

Dropping to her knees in front of him, she held the shaft of his cock in one hand while she rubbed it against her cheeks and under her chin. There was a musky scent to his big mushroom-shaped glans that really started the juices flowing out of her cunt.

As Connie continued caressing his blood-swollen cock, he quickly removed his shirt. A delicious tingle raced through the woman's twat when she saw the mat of black hair that covered his chest and stomach. His body was as furry as she had hoped it would be. Anxious to explore him further, she released his prick and quickly unbuckled his belt, lowering his pants and shorts.

"Oh, my God," she gasped when his lusty big hair-covered balls were revealed. Reaching up under his big crinkly nut-sac, she probed around his hairy asshole. The heavy growth of hair on his body really turned the excited woman on.

"Suck it," whispered the man when she once more brushed his swollen cockhead against her cheek.

"Oh, you naughty man," she teased. "Now I suppose you want a blow-job before the main event."

"That's right," he grinned.

"Then I'll just take care of that little matter," giggled Connie. "You've come to the best cock-sucker in town."

Wanting to please the man, Connie grasped the thick base of his shaft in her hand and flicked the tip of her tongue against his cock-head. She could feel his hard prick jerk with excitement when the hot wetness of her tongue glided over his sensitive knob.

As always when Connie tasted a man's cock for the first time,, the beautiful woman found it strangely exciting, but the musky scent of this drooling prick really sent a deliciously erotic tremor rippling through her body. Connie couldn't explain it, but there was something about the texture of his cock on her tongue that was extremely exciting.

She could hear Bart groaning softly as she began swirling her tongue all around the sensitive surface of his quivering cockhead. Speeding the motion of her tongue, she swirled it wetly around the big throbbing knob and sensed a strange sexual power as she felt the man's entire body trembling with excitement. Hot pussy juices were soon flowing from between her legs.

Suddenly wanting more and more of his exciting cock, Connie opened her mouth wider and slid her slippery lips down over his big cockhead. Though the taste and scent were always thrilling to the woman, there was something extremely exciting about the feel of his hard cockmeat in her mouth. It was highly stimulating to have her soft ovaled lips stretched over his prick while her wet tongue teased around his big knob.

She sucked gently as she began bobbing her head up and down. An illicit pleasure was flowing through her body as a wild flame seemed to be burning in her loins. Her senses were whirling as her soft sucking mouth pumped up and down over his cock. The entire surface of his throbbing dick was coated with a frothy film of her sweet saliva. Taking more and more of his turgid cock into her mouth with every plunge, she could feel the hard tip of his shaft probing against the back of her throat.

"Mmmmm," she moaned with delight as she sucked deeper and harder on his big juicy prick. Reaching around the man, she dug her hands into the crack of his ass, pulling more of his delicious cock into her slurping mouth.

"Oh, God," panted Bart as he entwined his fingers through her long dark hair and began unconsciously pumping his big dick in and out of her sucking mouth.

The strokes of his slippery cock between her lips were almost blowing the woman's mind. Her wet sucking lips were gliding hungrily up and down over his spit-slickened meat. She could feel his body writhing in ecstasy as she frantically sucked and licked on his throbbing shaft.

Connie was completely unprepared when the man gave a wild lunge and his cock exploded a torrent of hot jizz against the back of her throat. She'd been so involved with what she was doing that the woman had completely forgotten that he would ultimately shoot his hot load into her mouth. As startled as she was, Connie sucked and swallowed rapidly and didn't lose one precious drop of the delicious cum that was belching out of his wonderful dick.

She smiled up at him when she'd drained the last drop from his shrinking prick. Jizz was hanging from the corner of her sperm-soaked mouth.

"Did I do it right?" she whispered.

Not answering, he picked the beautiful woman up and carried her over to the bed.

"What are you doing?" she giggled when he spread her out and parted her legs with his hands.

Letting out a low groan, he pressed his face down between her smooth thighs. He was greeted by the sweet fresh scent of her pussy as he buried his nose into the soft tuft of her pussy hairs.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm gonna tongue-fuck this sweet little twat of yours," he panted, lifting the backs of her knees over his shoulders.

"I like that," she giggled, squirming her wet slit up against his mouth.

Connie was thrilled with the heavenly sensations she felt when his hot thick tongue licked up the entire length of her juicy twat. There was nothing Connie enjoyed more than a man's tongue on her pussy, and the intense pleasure was almost more than she could stand. She almost fainted from the hot, wet feel of it.

Locking his mouth tightly over her slit, Bart suddenly plunged his tongue up into the hot wetness of Connie's dripping cunt. He swirled his tongue against her slippery cuntal walls. Her sweet hot juices were flowing into his mouth. He'd never tasted such a delicious cunt in his entire life.

"Oh, God, honey!" she panted. "I've never felt anything so fucking good."

Connie couldn't believe the intense ecstasy she felt when his tongue moved up and found her hard little clitty.

"Oooooooh!" she squealed with delight as she rubbed her wet, slick pussy all over his slurping face.

The sweet scent and taste of her soft wiggly cunt flesh against his lips and tongue were driving him wild. His tongue was plowing around in the slippery folds of her juicy twat, darting up against the tip of her hard little clitoris.

"Oh, Bart!" she sobbed, squeezing her soft thighs against his juice-drenched cheeks. "I've never felt anything so fucking good!"

Connie's hot cunt had never felt so juicy and open in her life. Glancing down and seeing that his prick was once more as stiff as a plank, the wildly aroused woman suddenly wanted to feel it stuffed up her slit.

"Oh, God, honey!" she panted to the slurping man. "Please, stick your cock in my pussy."

Without a moment's hesitation, her lusting lover crawled up between her widely spread legs. When he was over her, Connie spread her shapely thighs wider apart, drawing her knees up so that the hard length of his cock rested in the wet split between her legs. The man was trembling with anticipation as he began moving slowly back and forth, the underside of his big cock rubbing against the furry wetness of the beautiful brunette's open slit. While his big throbbing cock rested against her steamy hot furrow, Connie snaked her legs around his body, locking her calves over his thighs.

Bart couldn't wait another moment. Panting over her, he reached down between their naked bodies and grasped his lurching cock-, shaft, nosing his quivering cockhead between the open lips of her lust-slickened cunt. The lips of her hot pussy slowly parted as the head of his prick slipped through the tight juicy opening.

"Oooooooh, baby," she mewled with delight as she squirmed her naked body up against his. "I love your cock."

While Connie's arms were locked passionately around his shoulders, Bart reached beneath her and cupped the soft cheeks of her ass in his palms, pulling her scalding cunt farther up around the head of his partially buried cock.

Since the first time he saw this beautiful woman last night, Bart had been lusting to fuck her. He could hardly believe she was lying naked beneath him, eagerly waiting to be fucked.

"Here it comes, darling," he whispered. "Are you ready?"

"God, yes," she panted. "I want every bit of it."

Grasping her tightly, he lunged forward, driving the full length of his shaft up into her cunt with one single swoop.

"Aaaaahhhhh!" she gasped, feeling the moist flesh of her pussy slipping wetly over his thick cock as it rammed deeply into her fuck-hole.

Bart Martin had never experienced such bliss in his life as her hot wet cunt muscles closed around his big dick. The feel of her tight inner walls opening as his bloated knob advanced into the scalding moistness of her quivering hole was something the man would never forget.

"Oh, my God," she whispered when he began screwing his prick in and out of her twat with long measured strokes. "I never dreamed that a cock could feel this good."

She was soon writhing in a wild new ecstasy as his big cock glided in and out of her pussy.

"Oooooooh, you darling," she sobbed beneath the lurching man as his slashing cock-head pounded deep into her slit. "I love it! I love it!"

Connie thought she'd go wild when the experienced cocksman began to vary the tempo and depth of his strokes.

"Oh, yes!" she squealed. "That's it, honey! That's it! Oh, how I love that prick!"

"Oh, darling," he panted. "I've never felt such a sweet pussy."

After several deep long thrusts, he withdrew his shaft until only the hard knob remained embedded in her cunt. He began teasing her clitty with a series of short fast strokes. This was followed By another series of hard deep plunges, followed again by short fast strokes. The changing tempo of his rhythmical fucking was almost blowing the woman's mind. In her wildest sex adventures she'd never dreamed that fucking could feel this good.

With his cock buried to the hilt in Connie's hot sucking cunt, Bart slowed down to rest for a moment, letting his big thick cock soak in the warmth and moisture of her tight pussy. ; "Oh, honey," she whispered, covering his mouth with her soft open lips. "I'm so happy you asked me to meet you today."

A delicious shudder shook her body when he once again started pumping his big thick prick in and out of her slippery little hole. On and on they fucked, getting better and better until Connie could hardly stand the unbelievable ecstasy much longer. Throwing her soft legs around him, she locked her trim ankles over his butt, digging her bare heels between his ass-cheeks, pulling his plunging cock even deeper into her hot sucking cunt.

"Oooooh, darling!" she suddenly screamed. "Fuck me harder! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come!"

Hearing her squeals, the lust-crazed man drove his thick slippery shaft deeper and harder into her writhing fuckhole.

"Aaaaahhhggg!" Connie shrieked when she felt his hot cum gushing into her cunt. "I'm coming, darling! I'm commmmiiiinnnnggg!"

Clinging tightly to him as his spurting cock continued gushing hot jizz into her trembling belly, Connie Stockdale experienced the most intense orgasm of her whole life.

"Oh, darling," she whispered a little later as they lay entwined in each other's arms. "When will you be back in town again?"

"In about two months."

"Will I see you then?"

"You can bet your sweet little ass on that," he grinned.

"Good," she sighed. "I'll be waiting,"