Most of us lead two lives -- real and fantasy. The housewife imagines herself leading a life of luxury, surrounded by jewels and furs. The businessman imagines himself away front the rat race, painting or fishing by a quiet lake. The schoolboy dreams of one day having wealth and power. And then there are sexual fantasies -- wild dreams we seldom expect to come true, desires we often suppress.

In this story, an attractive salesgirl finds her suppressed fantasies suddenly brought out into the open, brought to life as she never imagined they could be. With just the right stimulus, she discovers in herself in irrepressible appetite for sex, a carnal craving she never thought she could exploit.

THE NAUGHTY SALESGIRL -- a story dealing with a sexual dilemma that confronts all of us in one form or another. An account of one girl's solution to a nagging frustration.

The Publisher