Chapter 5

Never didn't last very long.

Perhaps if she'd had another man, someone who could be as rough as Danny but as gentle as Arthur. Someone who would satisfy the desire that constantly burned within her.

But she didn't have anyone else and she couldn't live without it. All day long she saw Danny at school. He never spoke to her, but he often leered at her. She could feel a sick burning in her stomach. She still wanted him. She wanted his lean young body on top of hers and she wanted his cock.

She tried to control herself. She tried to behave like a teacher should, to keep her mind off sex, but nothing she did seemed to help.

Arthur came by on that Friday afternoon, just after school had let out.

"Peggy," he apologized. "I'm sorry for the way I acted last week. I really am."

"That's all right," she said. "I'd forgotten all about it."

"Well," he said. "Maybe we could take up where we left off."

"I don't think so," she said. She saw the hurt look in his face but she couldn't help that. She just didn't want anything to do with Arthur any more. He had given her a glimpse of the true side of his personality.

"Well," he said, shrugging his shoulders, "if you should change your mind?"

"I don't think so, Arthur," she said. "I don't think I'll change my mind."

She almost called him back before he left the room. After all, he was a man, and she needed a man. But she realized that Arthur was not the kind of man she needed. He would give her no satisfaction.

She took her books out to her car. She felt a little flushed as she slipped into the front seat.

She drove home slowly. She sat in her car outside her apartment, and decided that she couldn't go in yet. She would drive around for a while. A nice drive would do wonders for her.

She drove off toward the highway, but soon found herself turning off onto a bumpy dirt road. A strange feeling seemed to be directing her.

Suddenly she found herself in front of Danny Biggers' house. She pulled into the driveway and sat looking at the old farmhouse. She realized that this was where she'd intended to end up all along. She knew that if she gave in to her feelings, she would never be able to hold her head up again.

But she was burning up, and Danny was the only person who could satisfy her. She turned off the engine and walked up the muddy path to the front door.

Her knock was answered by a fat, short man puffing on a stubby cigar. He was Danny's father. She could see the resemblance. His eyes ogled her lush body in the same way Danny's had.

"Yeah?" he grunted.

"I'm Miss Thompson," she said. "Danny's teacher. I need to talk to him."

"What about?"

The man's rudeness made her feel uncomfortable. He blew cigar smoke in her face, and she gagged.

"About his grades," she said. "About some of his subjects. Is he around?"

"Yeah, he's around," the man said. "Somewhere. Why don't you come in and wait for him?"

She didn't like the idea of going into this man's house. She didn't like him. He was rough and rude, and she kept feeling as if he was stripping her naked with his eyes.

But she couldn't back away now. She nodded and he stepped aside slightly to let her pass. She had to brush against him as she entered the room. It made her feel dirty all over.

"Where's Danny now?" she asked.

"I told you," he answered. "Around somewhere. I don't keep track of him. You can wait in here."

He directed her into the living room. The place was filthy and cluttered.

"Have a seat anywhere," he said.

She sat on the couch. He sat across from her and puffed on his cigar. He kept staring at her, like a cat staring at a mouse.

"Are you the teacher Danny's been fucking?" he suddenly asked.

She blushed a deep red. So, Danny had told his father about what had been going on. She started to get up to leave.

"Don't be in a hurry," Danny's father said. "Danny's told me a lot about you. I didn't believe him when he told me how fine-looking you were. Now I do."

She was on her feet, heading for the door. He reached it ahead of her.

"Don't be in such a hurry," he said. "Wait a while. Danny will be back in a little while. In the meantime, we'll get to know one another."

"Please get out of my way," she said.

"Don't play hard to get, baby," he said. "I told you. Danny's told me all about you."

She tried to push her way past him, but he caught her by her shoulder and wheeled her around. He bent her arm behind her until she gave a little sob of pain. He walked her back toward the couch.

"It's all right, baby," he said. "Danny told me you like it rough."

"No," she said. "Please let me go!"

He pushed her down onto the couch. His stubby fingers stroked her shoulder and then moved down to the gentle swell of her tits.

"Don't touch me!" she begged.

"This is what you came here for, baby," he said. "You shouldn't give a damn if it's father or son."

"No, please!" she said, sobbing.

His hand cupped one tit. He grasped her roughly and rubbed his thumb over her nipple. She tried to control herself, but she could feel the rosy nipple harden and her tit swell.

"There," he said. "You can't tell me you don't like it. Danny told me you were a hot bitch."

She tried to stand, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her hard. His breath was foul. She gagged. He kissed her again. This time he probed her mouth with his fat tongue.

Her body went limp. She gave him nothing back. She was as lifeless as a rag doll.

"All right, bitch!" he shouted angrily. "You'd better get into this. I can be a hell of a lot tougher than my son."

"Let me go!" she demanded.

He punched her in the stomach, and she doubled over. He grabbed her hair and twisted her head back. His mouth crushed hers again. This time she forced herself to wiggle her tongue against his.

"Hell," he said. "That's better. You can be nice if you want to."

He kissed her again while his hand caressed her tits. She felt both of her nipples get hard, and her bra felt more and more uncomfortable. She sighed when she felt him undoing the front of her frilly blouse. He slipped his hand inside, under her bra cup. His hand touched her bare tit.

"You like that, bitch?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered.

He moved his hand away. He peeled her blouse off her shoulders and reached behind her to unhook her bra. Her creamy tits spilled out of the cups as he tore the bra away.

"Jesus!" he gasped. "You've got a nice pair, baby. A really nice pair. Jesus!"

He kissed one of her tits, and she felt his tongue caressing her rosy nipple. His wet, nibbling lips teased her tit. It was more than she could take. She had been horny for a week, and now her blood was burning up. She reached for his cock.

"Goddamn!" he groaned.

She squeezed his thick cock. She traced the outline of it with her fingers. His thick prick seemed to extend halfway down his leg. She gave a startled gasp of surprise. He laughed.

"Yeah, baby," he said. "I got a big one. A really big one."

He scraped his teeth against her nipple, and she nearly jumped out of her skin. His hand moved to her thighs and she parted them willingly. She no longer cared that this was Danny's father, a stubby, fat man. He had a cock that made her forget everything.

His hand moved between her legs. She felt his fingertips stroking her soft creamy thighs and then creeping higher until he touched the crotch of her panties. Her pussy juice had already dampened her panties. That excited him.

"You fucking hot bitch!" he groaned. "Danny was right about you. You are a fucking hot bitch!"

He sucked on her tits, moving his wet lips from one rosy nipple to the other. Her fingers kept squeezing his thick flesh until he had to have freedom. He pulled away from her and quickly unzipped his pants. He placed her hand inside his trousers.

He felt her soft slender fingers searching for his prick. He groaned as she laced her hot fingers around his flesh and pulled his prick out of his trousers. Jesus, he couldn't believe his luck!

Danny had told him about the hot-panties this teacher had. He told him that she was a sexy young thing with jet-black hair and a luscious mouth that loved sucking. Of course, he hadn't believed the boy. Danny had a wild imagination.

But there was nothing imaginary about this sweet young thing in his arms. It had been a long time for him. The last time had been a hot little whore in town, but even the whore didn't have a body like Danny's teacher's.

He knew she appreciated his prick. Most women did. He wasn't that good-looking, but women went crazy once they got a feel of his long, thick prick. He had driven a lot of women out of their minds with it, and he was going to do the same to this hot little cunt.

"Feel it, baby!" he groaned. "Feel how big my prick is. Feel how big and thick!"

"Oh, God! "she moaned.

"That's it," he said. "Wrap your fingers tighter around my prick. Move your hand up and down. Ahhhh, you sweet bitch! You know how. You know how to treat a man's cock!"

He could feel his prick leaking thick white fluid onto her fingers. She kept moving her hand up and down, and it felt damned good.

"Ahhh, Christ, you little cunt!" he said. "You hot little cock-sucker!"

He leaned back on the couch so she could take a good look at the giant cock that sprang rigidly from his trousers. Her mouth parted in astonish ment as she gazed on his throbbing purplish prick. It was the biggest prick she'd ever seen.

"You like that, little bitch?" he asked. "You like my big old prick?"

"Oh yes!" she moaned.

"I thought so," he said. "Most women do. They go crazy. I'm getting a little sticky. Why don't you lick a little away?"

He watched as she positioned herself on the couch so that she could bend her head to his prick. She brushed her thick black hair back from her face, and she bent over his prick. He saw the tip of her delicious-looking pink tongue come out of her mouth.

"Jesus Christ!" he groaned.

She had the fucking best mouth he'd ever felt on his prick. Her sweet lips just barely touched the tip, and he could have exploded then and there. He just managed to control himself as she went to work on his thick prick.

She sucked his cock-head into her hot mouth. He watched her cheeks hollow as she sucked more of his rigid cock into her mouth. He felt her tongue working on his cock-head, rolling it from cheek to cheek and then letting her teeth scrape the sensitive ridge.

"Goddamn, this is nice!" he groaned. "Shit, you know how to give a blow-job. Shit, you bitch!"

Suddenly, Danny walked in. His mouth fell open in astonishment. He stared at them as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Well, don't just stand there like a dummy," his father said. "Come on and join the party!"

He expected the hot little teacher to resist, but she simply shrugged her shoulders and went back to sucking his cock, Damn! She had the most delicious-feeling mouth he'd ever gotten around his cock.

She wasn't the least bit shy about sucking on his thick cock. She sucked it like she enjoyed giving head. He watched his son undress, and he felt a pang of jealousy that he didn't look young any more. He once had a good build, too.

But his son didn't have his cock. No man could match his cock size. He looked down with pride. The dark-haired bitch had her eyes closed with half his meaty cock between her lips.

"Play with me," he said. "Play with my balls. Take my trousers off completely."

She peeled his trousers down his legs. Then she sucked his prick between her lips again. He grabbed the back of her head.

"Didn't I tell you, Pop?" Danny asked. "Didn't I tell you that she gives good blow-jobs?"

"You sure as hell did!" he groaned. "But I never expected it to be this good."

Danny had gotten hard from watching, and now he walked to the end of the couch. He pushed his prick between her thighs so that his cock was nestled in the soft mass of her pussy hairs. Peggy knew what he was trying to do, and she moved so that he could get to her more easily.

She was now on her hands and knees with her pretty ass in the air and her cunt vulnerable to his attack.

"There's nothing she likes better than a good fuck," Danny said.

Peggy was bobbing her head faster as she felt his throbbing cock swell up. Her shiny black hair swirled around her head as she sucked cock. She caressed Danny gently, and she could feel how heavy his thick balls were.

She had felt a moment of reluctance when Danny had come into the room, but then she thought that it didn't matter. Both Danny and his father knew what kind of person she was. She liked to suck cock. And she was certainly doing nothing that Danny hadn't seen her do before.

Danny pushed his cock into Peggy's wet pussy. She moaned as she felt her pussy walls being stretched by his thick prick. She ground herself against him, and her pussy sucked the rest of his throbbing cock into her tight, wet cunt walls.

She began to slam against him. He sat still while she did it all. Her pussy slid back and forth on his cock in a rapid motion, and she tightened her cunt muscles each time she banged his prick, "Jesus!" Danny moaned. "This is the best I've ever had! Jesus, this feels so fucking good! Ahhhh Christ, so fucking good!"

Danny worried that she was going too fast. Her cunt was too fucking hot and tight, and he was worried that he wouldn't be able to control himself. He wrapped his arms around her and held her with his cock lodged deep in her pussy.

She went crazy. She struggled to move, but he held her tightly. Her head bobbed faster and faster on his father's prick. He could see his father's reddened cock disappearing into her luscious mouth. He could see the bubbling cum escaping from the corners of her lips.

Everything was so damned exciting, but Danny managed to control himself. The pressure in his balls eased off a little. He began a slow, steady stroking of her hot pussy.

"Jesus!" his father groaned. "Jesus, she's going to take it down her throat! Jesus!"

Danny's father could feel a pressure in his balls that he had never known before. He could feel himself leaking into her mouth. Most women shied away from the taste of his cum.

But this hot little bitch looked as if she wanted to gobble more of his steamy cock. He could feel her teeth scraping him again. He grabbed the back of her head tightly and savagely slammed her face against him. This time he felt his big prick going deep into her mouth.

She gagged, but he didn't release her. He held her and let the liquid fire shoot up from his heavy balls.

"I'm going to let you have it!" he moaned. "I'm going to give you every fucking drop! Get ready to swallow it, you hot little cunt. Get ready to swallow my cum! MY CUM AGGGRRR!"

His cock spurted between her lips. She was gagging again, and he half pulled his prick from between her lips to give her a chance to catch her breath. But he only gave her a second before he slammed his prick back deep into her throat again.

His cum bubbled out of her mouth, but she was swallowing a hell of a lot of it. He could feel her working on his cum, feel her throat swallowing his thick jism.

"Oh, shit!" he moaned. "Oh, fucking shit!"

He lay still for a long while with his prick deep in her throat. He could feel her jump a little each time his son drove his prick into her.

"Ahhhh, you bitch!" he said. "That was fucking fantastic."

Danny had pulled her dress up to her waist to get at her pussy.

"You're a sweet bitch," he said.

Peggy was hardly listening. All she could think about was that sweet, hot cock in her pussy. Danny was fucking her faster, now, with long, deep strokes that that made her stomach feel like jelly. He was getting in deep.

She was still licking the inside of her mouth where Danny's father had spurted a few moments before. Damn, but he had a thick flavor. A salty flavor that she had never tasted before. It made her feel hotter.

"Oh, Danny!" she moaned. "Oh, fuck me, Danny! Oh fuck me, good and hard!"

Danny was driving his prick in as deep as he could get it. His hands caressed her tits as he fucked her. His fingers brushed her hard, aching nipples with each deep stroke.

"Ahhh, Danny!" she groaned. "That's what I like! That's how I like it!"

"You little bitch!" Danny said. "You hot-assed bitch! You fucking little hot cunt!"

She felt hotter as she gave herself completely to the delicious feelings in her body. She fucking loved it! Danny was a good cocksman. There could be no doubt about that.

And a good cock was what she needed!

She was slamming herself back against him again. She could feel him almost bruising her with each of his thrusts. His cock was filling her as she'd never been filled before. She thought about his Daddy's cock, and she knew that he could really give her a good fucking. She wondered what it would feel like to have that huge cock inside her. She knew she was going to find out before the night was over.

"Oh, Christ!" she yelled. "Oh, that's nice, Danny! I'm coming! I'm fucking coming! OH DANNNY!"

Her pussy juice gushed out over his prick as he slammed into her. She felt his cock-head growing as he got ready to pour his cum into her pussy. Her pussy needed it. Her pussy felt empty, and it needed his cum.

"Give it to me!" she moaned. "Oh, give me your cum! Flood my pussy with it!"

He kept driving his prick into her. She closed her eyes and listened to the sounds of his thick prick penetrating her cunt. She liked the feel of his balls wedged against her with each thrust. She humped faster.

"Give it to me!" she cried again.

"You hot cunt!" he yelled. "I'm going to give you all you'll ever want! Jesus, you hot cunt! You hot fucking cunt! YOU FUCKING CUNT!"

He spurted his cum into her cunt like liquid fire. She ground herself against him and drained him of every thick drop of jism. God, how she loved the feeling! She kept wiggling against him until she felt his prick grow limp and slip wetly out of her pussy.

"You hot fucking bitch," he moaned. "You fucking hot bitch!"

She felt exhausted as she stretched out on the couch. Her head ended up in Danny's father's lap. She felt his big limp prick beneath her cheek and she began brushing his prick with her soft hair. He groaned.

"You little bitch," he said. "You're trying to get me hard again. Well, you're going to pay for that. I'm going to fuck the shit out of you. You're going to remember my prick for a long fucking time!"

Peggy didn't doubt what he said. She could feel his hot, huge prick growing at the touch of her hair. She could also feel Danny playing with her pussy. He brushed two fingers against her hot cunt. Her belly stirred with excitement. She was so damned horny that it wasn't going to take them long to arouse the beast in her.

She turned her head until her lips touched Danny's father's long prick. She tasted the salty flavor of his cum again as she lavishly worked his prick over with her tongue.

She licked down to his thick balls. She caught the sac between her teeth and nipped at it gently.

"Jesus Christ!" he moaned.

She really did have the finest mouth he'd ever felt on his prick. She knew how to use her lips and tongue to excite him. He could feel his balls start to churn with excitement.

Her hot, wet tongue stroked his prick until it was covered with her saliva. He grabbed her by the back of her head and pushed her back to the tip of his cock. Once again he felt those hot, luscious lips closing over the end of his prick.

This time he felt her tongue stabbing at the spermy slit. It felt like she was driving the tip of her tongue right into his hole, down the inside of his dick. Christ, he'd never known a woman who could suck him like she could!

Her mouth slid down his prick half-way. He felt her tongue working over his cock-head, and her sharp teeth nipping at his crown. He rose hard and stabbed at the back of her throat. He pressed her face farther down into his lap.

She was ready for him. Her throat relaxed and he felt his hot prick sliding into the back of her throat, deeper than he had ever gone in a woman.

"Christ!" he moaned. "Shit, she can sure suck cock!"

He pushed her head away. He didn't want to come in her mouth this time. He wanted to feel some of that sweet pussy around his prick. He wanted her to feel how big his prick was. She wouldn't forget the size of his cock in a long time.

"Come on up here, bitch," he said. "Let me show you how a man fucks!"

She slid up his body. He felt her hot tits pressing against his chest. He couldn't resist the temptation, and he grabbed them. He squeezed her soft tits roughly. She pushed more of her creamy tits into his hands.

"You're the hottest fucking cunt I've ever known!" he said.

She came up farther and glued her mouth on his. He opened his lips and tasted her slender, fiery tongue. He wiggled his fat tongue against hers. She drove her tongue deep into his mouth, as if she was trying to fuck him with her tongue.

He grabbed her hair and pressed her face closer against his, His lips sucked her while his hands explored all of her luscious body. Damn, he had never had such a fine-looking woman in his arms! He had never felt such soft, firm tits.

She wrapped her fingers around his hard prick. She guided his prick up against her soft pussy. He pushed and he met the resistance of her cunthole. He pushed again and felt his prick being encircled by the tight lips of her pussy.

"You're going to fucking get it this time!" he yelled. "You're going to fucking feel it this time!"

"Oh, yes!" she moaned. "Give it to me! Give me every inch of your fat, delicious cock! Oh pleaseeeee!"

He humped gently and he felt her pussy giving way. His cock went halfway into her tight cunt. He knew she was feeling it now. She had never had a cock like this. She was squirming around on top of him, and her luscious tits mashed flat against his chest.

"Take this, you cunt!" he yelled. "Feel this prick! You'll never get another one like this!"

He slammed up into her, and his thick prick went into her cunt all the way. He heard her startled gasp as she felt his huge prick in her pussy. She felt so goddamned tight that he barely had room to fuck.

"God!" she moaned. "Oh, that fills me up. That fills me up so good!"

Peggy moved backwards so that half his prick came out of her pussy again. He shouldn't have moved so fast. He should have given her a little time to get used to it. His prick-head had felt as if it was in her belly. It was fantastic, but it took her breath away.

Slowly she slid up his body again and then down onto his prick, so that he was in her cunt firmly again. She gave another startled gasp. She would never get used to a prick as big as his.

His hot prick seemed to fill every part of her cunt. She moved slowly, and then she had to stop. He was hurting her. She had to wait for her pussy juice to flow.

"You're so big," she explained. "You're so big. It hurts, but you feel good!"

"You'll get used to it."

He started to fuck her. His hips bucked off the couch as he drove his prick deep into her burning cunt. She tried to wiggle away from him, but he clamped his arms around her and held her tight. Again those luscious, big tits pressed flat against his chest.

"You'll get used to it," he promised. "You're going to love my fucking prick before I'm done!"

Already she was beginning to love his prick. She was getting juicy enough so that there was no pain when his massive prick pumped into her. His leaking prick juice lubricated her even more, so that she was able to move faster.

"Ummmm!" she said. "I'm starting to love it! Oh, I am! I am!"

"Let me on top for a while, cunt," he ordered.

She let him roll her off the couch onto the floor. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back as he drove his prick into her again. His strong hands cupped her asscheeks and lifted her even higher off the floor.

"How do you like this, cunt?" he asked, stabbing her deeply again and again. "How do you like this fuck?"

"Oh, I do!" she answered. "I love it!"

Danny kneeled near her head, and she felt his prick brushing across her lips. She turned her head and captured the end of his prick between her teeth. She began scraping her teeth against his sensitive ridge and stabbing her tongue at the wet slit.

Danny got excited. He grabbed the back of her head and began to drive his prick between her lips. She closed her eyes and gave into the hot rhythm of the two fucking cocks.

She'd never dreamed that having two cocks could be this nice. Hot tingles raced up her spine. She could feel her stomach churning in excitement.

"Not like this," Danny's father said.

She protested as he pulled his slimy cock out of her hungry cunt. He made her quit sucking Danny's cock as he pulled her over onto his stomach again. She moaned as that long thick cock slid once more into her cunt.

It might not have felt so good if she'd seen the look that passed between Danny and his father. She would have seen the broad wink, and she would have known something was wrong.

But she didn't see the wink, and she allowed herself to feel content at the wonderful feelings Danny's father's big cock was giving her. She squeezed her cunt walls together for the exciting pressure against his cock. It made her burn deliciously.

"Oh!" she moaned. "You're so right! I love your big cock! I really do! I love your big hard cock!"

She moved up and down for a few minutes, and she felt Danny playing with her ass. She could feel the gentle touch of his fingertips as he caressed her asscheeks and rubbed his wet hard dick against her crack. She didn't realize that playing wasn't all Danny had in mind.

She even liked the feeling of his finger slipping into her asshole. It didn't hurt, and it made her hotter. She started rubbing herself faster against Danny's father.

"You'd better hurry, son. She's getting excited."

Peggy wondered what he meant. She felt Danny's finger slipping out of her asshole, and she sensed that he was kneeling behind her. She felt his spermy cock-head rubbing up and down her crack again.

"What are you doing?" she asked. "What are you doing back there?"

"Now, you just relax," Danny's father told her.

He wrapped his arms around her shoulders so that she wasn't able to move. She was pinned tight against him as Danny spread apart the cheeks of her ass with his fingers. She felt a creeping horror as she realized what Danny was going to do.

"Oh, no! Oh, God, no!" she screamed. She tried to wiggle away from Danny's father, but he was too strong for her. He held her in a wicked grip as Danny placed his prick-head snugly against her tiny little asshole.

"No!" she cried. "Oh, God no! You'll kill me!"

"You got it all wet with your saliva," Danny said. "Don't worry about a thing. It won't kill you!"

"You bastard!" she screamed.

Danny's father kissed her and cut off her next words. His tongue stabbed into her mouth. She tried to move her head, but he kept her still. She felt the first pressure of Danny's prick against her asshole.

"Relax, baby," he said.

Danny's father began to buck his prick into her cunt harder. She tried not to feel it. She tried to concentrate on escaping from Danny. But she couldn't help herself. Her juices were flowing, and Danny's father's prick felt so damned good.

She bucked and felt the end of Danny's prick lodge in her asshole. She screamed as the sharp pain went through her body. This time she wiggled like crazy as she tried to escape his penetrating prick.

"Please!" she begged. "I'll do anything for you! Anything you want! But please don't do this! Please don't fuck me in the ass! Please don't!"

"Shut up, cunt!" Danny yelled. "You'll like it. You'll learn to like everything I want to do."

He pushed again, and his prick went halfway into her ass. Tears fell from her eyes. She'd never known such pain. She quit trying to escape. She quit trying to move at all. She'd never felt so completely helpless.

"Fuck!" she said. "Oh, fuck, please stop! Please!"

"She's tight," Danny said. "You ought to try the rear entrance, Pop. She's tighter than shit."

"I can feel you," Danny's father said. "I can feel your prick in her already. I can feel your prick rubbing against mine. Go ahead. Put it in her all the fucking way!"

Peggy screamed as Danny lunged forward and plunged his prick all the way into her asshole. Her fucking ass felt so tight! He felt his balls snug against her ass, almost as if her fucking ass was made for his cock. He knew he had hurt her, but he knew it would soon feel better.

"Don't move," he warned his father. "Just stay like this for a while. She'll show us when it feels better!"

Peggy sobbed deep in pain. She couldn't think of anything but the two cocks in her. She was hurting inside. She kept sobbing even after the pain started to ease.

It took her a long while to realize the pain had gone. It was followed by a dull throbbing. The throbbing grew until it had turned into a quick excitement. She began to move.

"See there!" Danny said loudly. "I told you she'd like it. Now she's beginning to enjoy it!"

Peggy shut her eyes and shuddered at the strange feeling of having two cocks burning her insides. They both pumped with the same rhythm, and Peggy began to enjoy it. She began to move with them even as they fucked faster.

"Bitch," Danny said. "You like it, don't you? You like being fucked in the ass?"

"Yes!" she admitted. "I like being fucked there! Fuck me in my ass! Fuck me!"

Danny's father mauled her tits as he began to drive his cock into her more savagely. She felt his big balls snug against her pussy as he drove into her.

"Fucking tight bitch!" he grunted. "You're such a fucking tight bitch!"

She could feel his prick swelling as he neared his orgasm. He pumped her in short, deep strokes, and it felt as if his big cock-head was slamming inside her stomach.

"Give it to me!" she groaned. "Give it to me hard!"

"Fucking bitch!" Danny's father moaned. "I'm getting there. I'm going to come. I'm going to fucking come! AHHH SHITTTTTT!"

His cock-head burst deep inside her. She felt his wet, sticky jism spurting from the end of his prick. He kept groaning as his prick drained into her cunt.

"Oh, yes," she moaned. "That feels good! That feels so good! Oh yes, I love that!"

He gave her a couple of strokes more before he shuddered and went still. She could still feel his prick, hard and wet inside her while his son fucked her asshole. Danny had lost all gentleness as he drove his prick into her ass. That was all right with her. Now she didn't want him to be gentle.

She wanted him to fuck her ass hard!

She kept rubbing her tits against Danny's father as Danny shoved deeper and deeper. She hunched up so that his prick filled her even more completely. Her tight little asshole was clutching at his prick like a hand, and she loved that feeling of penetration when his cock shoved into the tight outer walls of her ass.

"Oh, that's it!" she groaned. "Fuck me hard! Fuck me good and hard! That's it!"

Danny's father's prick finally grew limp and slipped out of her wet pussy. Immediately he replaced his prick with his fingers. He searched in her wet pussy until he had found her hard clit.

"Ummmm," she moaned, as his fingers touched her hard, sensitive knob.

He began stroking her clit with the same rhythm he had fucked her with. She could feel the tight little knot in her stomach growing and tingling with hot excitement.

She went crazy as the first shudder went through her body. She began to slam herself against Danny and rub her tits against his father with wild abandon. Soft little cries of passion escaped from her throat, and she was wishing she had another cock, another dozen cocks. Cocks to fill every hole and then rub against her so that her soft skin was semen-stained.

"Oh, God yes!" she cried. "It feels so good!"

She managed to get to her knees. Danny was also on his knees, and he was able to get a brutal force in his thrusts.

"Ahhhhh!" she cried.

"You cunt!" Danny's father said. "You fucking cunt! You really love this, don't you? You really love being fucked in the ass!"

"Yes!" she cried. "I love it in the ass! I love it anywhere!"

She felt weak and shiverish, the knot in her belly started to explode. Danny's father's fingers worked faster as she coated him with her pussy juice.

"Oh, fuck!" she cried. "I'm coming! You're making me come! It feels so good! So good! AGHHHHHH!"

She felt slippery as her pussy juices flooded Danny's father's fingers and her own thick, black pussy hairs. She could feel Danny's prick growing, and she still slammed herself back against him even as her first shudders passed.

She sighed as she felt Danny giving her one or two last long strokes.

"Go ahead, baby!" she whispered. "Put your stuff in me! Fill up my ass! Go ahead, baby!"

"Oh, Jesus!" Danny yelled. "Jesus, your ass feels so good and tight! I'm going to flood it, bitch! I'm going to drown you in my fucking cum! Jesus! JESUSSSSS!"

She slammed herself against him one last time as his hot cum spurted into her asshole. He had a gallon of it. He kept his prick deep inside her for what seemed like an hour.

"Oh, shit," he said softly.

She felt his wet, slimy prick being pulled out of her asshole, and she collapsed on the couch. She was lying half on top of Danny's father. He was breathing deeply, and she realized that he had fallen asleep.

Danny didn't protest when she pushed him back. He was also going to sleep. He had a look of contentment on his face, a leering grin that Peggy resented.

She always felt so guilty afterwards. The only time she hadn't felt guilty was with Arthur, and then he had ruined it all by being so ugly. But then it hadn't been all that much fun with Arthur. It had been nice, but nothing like the times she had with Danny.

Maybe the guilt had something to do with it. Maybe making it with such a young boy made her enjoy it more. Peggy took a long look at Danny. He was nice-looking, but he wasn't all that great. Why did it always seem so nice with him?

Both of them were snoring, and Peggy dressed hurriedly. Suddenly she wanted to be out of that house before either of them awakened. She didn't want to talk. She only wanted to think. She went outside and got into her car.

It took her ten minutes to drive back to her apartment, and she was feeling completely exhausted when she got there.

It didn't make her feel any happier to see Arthur's car in front of her apartment. She pulled in behind it, and immediately Arthur was out of his car and walking toward her. He walked with an angry stride, and Peggy knew there was going to be trouble. She didn't feel like trouble.

"Where have you been?" Arthur asked, as he pulled open the door.

"I've just been out," she answered.

"I've been waiting two hours," Arthur said.

She could smell the beer on Arthur's breath. Drinking gave him the courage to act that way.

"I've just been out," she said.

She started walking toward the apartment, but Arthur grabbed her by the arm. He was really acting ugly. She'd never seen Arthur like this before.

"Who have you been fucking?" Arthur asked.

"Really," she said. "You don't have to talk to me that way. I don't like it!"

"I don't give a damn what you don't like," Arthur said. "You're my girl."

"I'm not your girl!" she said firmly.

She shook his arm off her but he grabbed her again. This time his fingers tightened on her arm so fiercely that she couldn't shake him off.

"You listen to me!" he said. "You're not going to go around fucking everyone in sight. You're my girl and you're going to stay my girl. I won't have you doing this."

"All right," she said. "All right. You want to know what I've been doing and who I've been fucking. I'll tell you. I've been fucking a student's father, and he has the biggest cock I've ever seen. It puts your dinky little prick to shame!"

He slapped her hard. She backed up and slapped at him. He caught her arm and slapped her again. She stepped backwards and blinked her eyes in surprise. She felt helpless. It was happening to her again. Every time a man got rough with her and started pushing her around she felt helpless.

It was almost as if she enjoyed having a man knock her around.

Even after the good, hard fucking she'd been given that afternoon, she could feel herself responding to Arthur. She was ready for him to do what he wanted with her.

"You whore!" Arthur yelled. "You whore!"

Arthur didn't know what to do. He was too stupid to take advantage of the way she felt. Danny would have known. Danny had known just by taking one look at her. Arthur was the type who would never know.

Arthur just stood there. He didn't step forward and drag her into his arms, and that was his mistake. It gave her time to catch her breath and to fight off the hot feelings going through her.

"You goddamn whore!" Arthur said again.

He clenched his fists and acted like he was going to strike her again, but she stood her ground. She gave him a look that stopped him in his tracks.

"You stay away from me," she said. "You get away from me and don't ever come around any more!"

"All right," Arthur said. "I'll stay away. I'll stay away but so will everyone else. I promise you that before this week is out everyone in town will know what kind of person you are. Everyone will know that you've been fucking everybody in town. You'll be branded as the biggest cunt in town!"

Peggy realized what a small person Arthur was as he turned and walked away. How could she ever have liked him? She knew that he meant what he said. Everyone would know before the week was out. Well, she would just have to live with it.

And she would have to try to keep her hands off her students!