Chapter 3

"Something seems to be bothering you this evening, Peggy," Arthur said, "Do you want to talk about it?"

Peggy had been trying to concentrate on the drive-in movie screen. She was having trouble following the plot. Her mind kept flashing back to the events of the night before.

She had been raped. Yet, she couldn't really call it rape, because she had enjoyed it. She had enjoyed being beaten and humiliated, and she had enjoyed the fucking. God, how she had enjoyed the fucking!

"Did you hear me?" Arthur said. "What?"

"I asked if something was bothering you," Arthur said.

"No," she said, "nothing."

How could she tell him what was bothering her? How could she tell anyone?

"Well, your mind seems to be so far away," Arthur said. "I'm getting jealous."

"There's no reason to be," Peggy said.

Peggy slipped closer to him in the seat. She put her arms around his neck and kissed his lips. She knew he couldn't help responding to the gentle touch of her lips and the soft smell of her expensive perfume.

She had dressed just for Arthur that evening. She wore a frilly white blouse that revealed her black bra and the creamy tops of her full tits.

She wore a short skirt that showed her tanned thighs almost to her black panties. Usually she wouldn't have dared to wear an outfit like that for a date with Arthur. Tonight she didn't care how handy Arthur got.

"Wow!" Arthur exclaimed as she released him.

"Is that the kiss of a woman thinking about another man?" Peggy asked.

"I'm not sure what kind of kiss that was," Arthur said. "Let's try it again just to make sure."

They kissed again. Arthur dared to try something a little different. He probed with his tongue and was surprised. Her hot lips opened seductively, and he drove his tongue into her lava-feeling throat.

He was even more surprised when he felt her slender, fiery tongue touching his own.

"Damn!" Arthur said, pulling away. He could feel his cock bursting his trousers. He had never been so hard. Of course, this delicious-looking woman had never kissed him this way before.

"What's the matter, darling?" Peggy asked.

"Nothing," Arthur said. He forgot that he had been interested in the movie only moments before. "Only don't you know a girl could get into trouble kissing a guy like that?"

"Ummmm," Peggy said.

She kissed him again. This time her lips burned him. This time her tongue probed. He opened his mouth and tasted the sweetness of her slender, hot tongue. She wiggled her tongue around in his mouth. He felt the snug pressure of her big tits against his arm.

His hand brushed against her thigh, and he heard her moan softly. Damn, he thought. What is this? She'd never been this way before. It was almost as if she wouldn't stop him if he dared to go any farther.

He let his hand fall against her soft thighs again. He caressed one leg and then the other before he dared to let his fingertips brush against the soft flesh of her inner thighs. She moved closer.

He pushed his tongue into her hot lips again. He moved it all around the inside of her mouth, tasting the delicious warmth of her saliva. He moved his hand higher on her leg, and she didn't protest.

In another moment his hand would be beneath her skirt. He had never gotten so close before. He wondered what had made her easy so suddenly.

"Baby," he said softly. "God, I love you, baby!"

He moved his hand higher. His fingers rested inches from her panties and she still hadn't moved. He wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her tightly against him. He leaned backwards so her snug tits poked him sharply in the chest.

The warm pressure of her tits was almost too much to stand. He let his fingertips brush her panties, and she gave a soft little sigh. Damn, she was ready for it. She wanted it.

He couldn't believe his luck. He moved his hand a little higher and cupped her swollen pussy mound. He felt the slightly damp panties beneath his fingers, and he knew she was getting turned on.

He might have expected it from any other girl he had gone out with. Hell, most of the girls in the town thought he was so great that they were immediately pulling down their panties for him. But not Peggy. She had held him off too long. He couldn't help but wonder what had changed her.

He would have liked to think that it was his personality and good looks. That she had stood it as long as she could, and now she was dying for him. He couldn't believe that. Something had happened to change her.

He tasted the flesh of her throat. His cock grew harder. He knew he was going to have to take a chance and take it out. His cock was hurting too badly.

He reached down and unzipped himself. He knew she heard the sound of his zipper, but she didn't grow rigid. Instead, he felt her hand covering his.

"Let me," she whispered huskily.

He was more than willing. He removed his hand and he felt her tiny hot hand slip inside his trousers. His prick was so goddamned stiff it hurt. At the first tingling touch of her hand he almost exploded.

"Oh shit!" he groaned.

Her hot little fingers wrapped around his cock and drew him into the open. Her fingers felt so damned light and hot. He felt himself leaking, and she didn't seem to mind.

"Oh fuck, baby," he groaned softly.

He slipped his hand into her panties and felt her wet cunt. He moved his fingers up and down in her wet pussy groove. Her fingers tightened a little more on his prick and she began to move her hand back and forth. It was as if she had been jerking fellows off all of her life.

Perhaps he really didn't know Peggy. Perhaps everything up to now had been a front. He couldn't believe that. He couldn't believe that she could fool him for so long.

"You're going to make me come like that," he warned.

He pulled her hand from his throbbing cock. She put her hand back. Her fingers lifted his heavy balls.

"Oh fuck!" he moaned. "I know what I need. Give me something, Peggy!"

Peggy knew what he wanted. She licked her lips. She had been willing to fuck, she wanted to. But he wanted something else. Something even Danny had not made her do. Yet.

"Eat me, Peggy," he groaned. "Will you eat my cock?"

She nodded. He leaned against the door and lowered her face to his prick. She smelled the strong, salty aroma of his maleness. It frightened her. She almost jerked her head away, but she made herself stay.

She could see little of his cock in the dark, but she could feel it jumping in her fingers. The pink tip of her tongue licked at his spermy end.

"Oh, Christ!" Arthur groaned.

She kept licking his leaking cum from his cock-head. She liked his taste. He was different from Danny. She couldn't explain the subtle difference. She only knew she liked it.

She held his throbbing prick in her fingers and began licking around the rubbery ridge of his cock-head. She nipped a little at his swollen flesh with her teeth. He groaned and tried to shove his prick into her face. She raised her head.

"Just let me do everything," she said.

He nodded. She secretly wished that in that moment he had taken complete control, that he had demanded everything from her. She knew she would have given in humbly. It would have excited her even more.

But he wasn't Danny. He couldn't see the wickedness of her soul the way Danny did. He couldn't see how she needed to be taken, how much she needed to be treated like a slut.

"Suck me, baby!" he begged. "Suck my prick!"

She licked the sweat and juice from the soft underside of his bloated prick. She held her hair back with one hand and guided his prick with the other.

She licked the entire circumference of his prick until she had coated his reddened, lust-throbbing cock with her glistening saliva. Then she moved her head down to his balls. Her lips touched the steamy sac gently.

"Oh, shit!" he cried. "You're driving me crazy! You're driving me so fucking crazy!"

She nipped gently at the loose folds of his balls before she opened her mouth and sucked one ball. She bit down very gently until she could feel the ball rolling between her tongue and teeth.

She knew he would go crazy at this. Somehow she understood the things that would turn him on. Maybe she was a natural cock-sucker. The thought pleased her. She smiled.

Now she was ready for the real thing. She slowly drew her hot lips back up his cock to the spermy cock-head. She tightened the circle of her fingers on his steamy, throbbing prick.

Again he tried to drive his prick into her face. She stopped and waited until he had calmed down. She didn't want him to come too soon.

"Come on, Peggy!" he begged. "Eat my cock! Eat it!"

She popped the bloated cock-head into her mouth. She scraped her teeth along the ridge before she released his prick again. She rolled her tongue in her mouth. She thought to herself how much she had liked her first taste of a man's prick.

She slipped her fingers down to his cum-filled balls and gobbled up his flesh like a hungry fish gobbling bait. She sucked his burning cock into her mouth and rolled his cock-head from cheek to cheek.

She could taste his slimy juice and her own saliva mixing with it. She sucked him deeper into her throat. He gave an extra thrust, lodging his prick-head against the deepest part of her throat.

She moved her fingers down his cock to cup his balls and sucked up the last inch of his hot prick. She had his entire cock in her mouth.

"Oh God, Peggy," he gasped. "That feels so good! So fucking good!"

She let her teeth scrape against his cock as she withdrew her lips. She stopped halfway and sucked his cock back into her mouth. She repeated this for a few minutes, loving the feel of his bloated prick filling her throat.

She felt his fingers at the buttons of her blouse. He unbuttoned her blouse in seconds. He had more experience than she'd realized. He slipped his hands beneath her arms to her back. His fingers quickly unclasped her bra hooks, and he moved his hands around to her front again.

He lifted up her bra and pushed his hands up to her big, pointy tits. His hands filled with her burning tits and she felt her nipples harden against his palms. He squeezed her tender tits and ran his fingers over her aching nipples.

"Now, Peggy," he said. "Suck my prick! Suck me while I play with your big tits!"

She pressed his cock-head beneath her tongue and began rolling it from one cheek to the other. She tasted more of his leaking fluid. It left a wet, sticky taste in her mouth.

This time she allowed him to thrust his prick into her mouth. She knew he was too excited to stop himself any longer. He bucked off the seat and drove his prick-head deep into her throat. She let him take control.

He groped her tits as he began to buck harder off the seat. His salty, sticky jism was sticking to the roof of her mouth. She could sense that his prick was growing thicker as it filled with blood and cum. Cum that would soon be poured down her waiting throat.

"Christ!" he groaned. "I'm so fucking hot! It hurts, baby! It hurts! I can't hold it back! Oh, God, I'm going to fill up your mouth! I'm going to fill UP YOUR MOUTHHHHHH!"

He gasped as he thrust his prick deep into her throat one last time. She felt his prick-head jerking as the first spurt of his cum completely filled her wet mouth. His cum was like red-hot liquid pouring down her throat. She gagged and spit a little out. Then she discovered a rhythm that enabled her to swallow most of his thick, spurting jism. She continued to swallow until the last drop had spurted from the slimy tip of his cock. Then she gobbled more of his flesh and let his prick rest in her mouth.

"Oh, Peggy," he said softly.

She kept her mouth on his cock until she felt it going limp. Slowly he pulled it from between her lips with a soft plopping sound. She could taste some of his cum bubbling from the corners of her mouth. She lapped it up like a cat lapping milk.

He stroked her tits lightly. Each time he touched her, a burning sensation went through her gut. She had gotten excited sucking his dick. She knew her panties had been soaked from her gushing pussy juice.

She wished Danny was there. Danny would know what to do for her. He would take charge. He would fuck her silly. It wasn't fair to Arthur, but he just didn't make her feel as much like a woman as Danny did.

"God," Arthur finally said. "I would have never thought that you'd know how to do that, Peggy. You sure surprised me."

"Ummm," Peggy said.

She knew he could feel the heat of her big tits. She lowered her face to his crotch again. She began to lavishly kiss his limp prick. He was more of a man than she'd thought. Immediately his prick began to swell again.

"Oh, Christ, Peggy," he said. "You're going to kill me."

She sucked his dick into her mouth again and let it rest beneath her tongue. Her warm tongue did the trick. She felt his prick growing hot and hard. This time she was going to get it where she needed it.

"I'm hot, Arthur," she said. "I'm so hot!"

He unbuckled his trousers and let them fall down to his knees.

He pushed her back into the seat so that she was nearly resting against the other door. He pulled her skirt up to her waist to reveal her long, slender legs and her black panties. He could see some of her dark pussy hairs curling from the edges of her panties.

She really was a delicious-looking woman. The dim light from the movie showed her creamy thighs. He longed to kiss them, but he was ready to dip his cock into her moist cunt.

He nearly ripped her panties as he peeled them down her legs. She opened her legs a little wider, and he could see the rosy lips of her cunt. He parted her legs even wider so that he could see the moist folds of her pink pussy.

"You're beautiful," he said. "You have a beautiful pussy!"

He slipped two fingers into her hot, wet cunt. She groaned and humped down on his fingers, and he could feel the walls of her cunt squeezing. She needed a cock badly.

"You sweet little pussy!" he said.

He leaned against her and guided the broad, bloated head of his slimy prick up against the snug folds of her hungry pussy. He could almost feel her pussy lips sucking at his cock.

"Put it in!" she groaned. "Fuck me! Put it in!"

She humped up at him and felt his prick-head nudge apart the lips of her cunt. She was so hot and wet that she couldn't wait for him to do it slowly. She needed it now. She humped up against him again, and she felt his prick-head go deeper into the hot folds of her cunt. She humped one last time, and the entire length of his thick prick stabbed her cunt. His prick was longer and thicker than Danny's, and it filled her better.

Yet, he still wasn't the same as Danny. Arthur couldn't give her what she really craved. That feeling of being helpless. That feeling of being a slavewoman being conquered by her master. Arthur was more like a lover, and Peggy didn't get excited over a lover. She got excited over a master.

"Fuck me!" she moaned. "Fuck me good!"

He was shocked at her language, but now he could only wonder at the tight squeezing walls of her pussy. It was as if she was a virgin, but he couldn't believe that. She couldn't be a virgin. Not after the way she had gone after his cock tonight.

He began fucking her in slow, steady strokes. Each time her legs parted, he seemed to move deeper into her hot, squishy pussy. She was so fucking tight. He loved the feeling of her cunt pressing against his cock-head as he thrust into her. She was goddamned tight. It was as if her pussy didn't want his cock and was trying to expel it. At the same time it seemed to suck him deeper.

"Jesus!" he moaned. "You're so tight, Peggy! You're the tightest fucking pussy I've ever had!"

"Give it to me harder!" she moaned. "Give it to me harder! Really fuck me hard!"

He tried to give her what she wanted. He pulled his cock out of her halfway and slammed it back into her again. Her long legs raised and locked around his back. His cock moved in deeper.

"Christ!" he moaned. "Christ!"

She humped up to meet his thrusts. He stopped treating her gently. She wanted a hard fuck and that was what he gave her. He grabbed her big tits and squeezed with the same hard rhythm he fucked her with.

"Yes," she groaned. "That's it! That's how I want to be fucked! Give it to me!"

There were tingling explosions all over Peggy's body as she drove her cunt up to meet his plunging cock. His cock filled her pussy so good! Now he was giving her the kind of fucking she craved. He used his big cock like a weapon, bruising her with it.

"Squeeze my tits!" she cried. "Squeeze them! Treat me rough!"

Arthur lost control of himself. For a few minutes he was as wild as she was. His hands mauled her tits. His prick slammed into her so savagely that she was afraid he was going to rip her apart.

"Cunt!" Arthur groaned. "You hot fucking cunt! You fucking piece of sweet ass!"

"Yes, Arthur!" she screamed. "That's how I want it! Treat me bad! Treat me rough!"

She felt a burning knot in her belly that grew and grew until it was exploding, sending shivers of fiery delight through her mauled body. She loved it. She cried out savagely and bit Arthur on the shoulder.

"Oh Arthur!" she sobbed. "Arthur, fuck me with that big prick! Fill up my pussy! I love it! ARTHUR!"

Her pussy juice mixed with his lubricating oils as he drove his prick into her faster and faster. She felt the swelling of his cock, and she knew he was right behind her. She humped faster. She pushed her hand between them and squeezed his heavy balls.

"Arthur!" she cried. "Arthur, give it to me!"

He gave it to her. She felt him shudder as the hot wetness spilled between her legs.

"Christ!" Arthur groaned. "Christ, you hot bitch! YOU HOT BITCH!"

His cum spilled out of her cunt and wet her thighs. She kept humping until his shuddering stopped. He fell on top of her, breathing in exhausted little gasps. She wrapped her legs and arms around him tightly. She felt him relax, and his prick slipped limply out of her cunt.

"Oh, Arthur," she sobbed. "That was fine!"

It had been fine. As fine as Danny had given it to her. But there was a difference. There was a tenseness in Arthur that hadn't been there before. She realized that Arthur was not the kind of man who enjoyed losing control like that.

Arthur had pulled up his trousers and he was zipping them up. There was an expression of disgust on his face. It made her angry. He had enjoyed it. He hadn't complained when he'd had his cock deep in her mouth or in her pussy. He had no right to complain now.

"What's the matter with you, Arthur?" she asked.

"Don't you know?"

"No," she answered. "I don't know. I know that you enjoyed yourself. I did too!"

"That's the problem," Arthur said. "You enjoyed yourself too much. I thought you were a nice girl."

"I am a nice girl," she said.

"Hell!" Arthur exclaimed. "No nice girl goes after a man's prick the way you just did!"

Peggy was really angry now. He had no right talking to her that way. No right at all! She wouldn't stand for it. No matter what had happened she was still a nice girl.

"I think you'd better take me home," Peggy said.

"I intend to," Arthur answered.

Peggy dressed as he drove. She didn't look at him when he pulled up in front of her apartment. She slammed the car door and ran to the door of her apartment. She heard him pulling away with a screeching of his tires.

"That bastard!" she said as she fumbled for her key. "He had no right! That bastard!"

She was sobbing by the time she got her door open.