Chapter 1

"Fuck the students!" Peggy Thompson thought as she finished grading the papers of her class. Little did she realize at that angry moment that fucking the students was exactly what she would do. And instead of being angry, she would love it.

She gave a discouraged sigh as she thought about the games her class had been playing with her. They didn't care about learning. Especially the Biggers boy. He was the worst of the lot. All of his answers sounded like intentional bad jokes. He hadn't even tried to pass the test.

"A beautiful lady shouldn't look so unhappy," a man's voice said.

Peggy was startled, and she glanced up guiltily. "Oh, it's you, Arthur. I thought it was the principal."

"And you didn't want him to catch you wearing such an unhappy expression," Arthur said.

She shrugged her shoulders. "I know it sounds hypocritical but this is my first job."

Arthur patted her arm sympathetically. "Don't feel so bad. Remember what I told you on your first day. These aren't good kids. They're mostly ignorant rednecks and they'll never make anything out of themselves. All we can do is try."

"I know," Peggy said, "but I feel so disappointed. I thought I was getting to them."

"I wouldn't worry about it so much," Arthur said. "Look, why not take in a movie with me tonight?"

Peggy knew that Arthur was going to keep insisting until she gave in. She usually enjoyed his company though she had dated a lot more exciting men. He was tall and slender with sandy hair and deep blue eyes. He was considered one of the most attractive men in town, but then there weren't that many attractive men.

"Oh, all right," Peggy reluctantly agreed, "but let's make it a short evening."

"It's a date," Arthur said. "I'll pick you up at seven."

"Sure," Peggy agreed. "That'll be fine."

Arthur patted her arm again before he left. Poor Arthur. He was such a nice man. It would be a shame to hurt him, but one day she was going to have to tell him that nothing could ever happen between them.

Peggy looked once more at the papers on her desk and she felt angry. The class had played a dirty trick on her. They had been laughing at her. Laughing behind her back!

And Danny Biggers was the worst of the lot. She'd felt something for Danny from her very first day. He was a wild red-headed boy with an insolent-looking face. He had such a strong personality that the class followed his direction. She knew that it would take a lot to reach Danny and she had given it her best try. And she thought she had won. She remembered those innocent questions that he'd asked so seriously. He had been conning her all along.

"Well he won't get away with it," Peggy said.

She didn't know what she was going to say, but she knew she had to find him. She couldn't have him thinking that he'd pulled something on her. She'd show him. She'd somehow find a way to humiliate him as he'd humiliated her. She'd show the class who was the boss.

There were only a few kids in the hall when she left her room. She felt the envious eyes of the girls and the hot eyes of the boys watching. She didn't feel as if there was anything wrong with that. She was used to being stared at. She'd been stared at long before she became a teacher.

She knew that it was because she was beautiful. She wasn't being vain. It had taken her a long time to accept that fact. She didn't think of her good looks as anything grand. She had silky black hair and very light-blue eyes that seemed to fascinate people.

And she had a good body. She had high, pointy tits and a slender waist. She had the kind of shapely legs that looked good in a miniskirt. A boy had once told her that she was like honey attracting bees-smooth and sweet.

Sometimes she wished she was a little taller. She was forced to look up at most of the boys in her classes. She suspected her height was one of the reasons the boys didn't take her seriously.

The first person Peggy recognized, as she went storming down the hall, was Troy Williams. Troy was a good friend of Danny's, but she knew that he only followed Danny's directions. He couldn't think for himself and he was usually lost without Danny.

"Where's Danny?" she asked.

Troy tried a weak grin. "I don't know, Miss Thompson. Maybe I could help you."

The leering tone in his voice was unmistakable. There was laughter from those standing near. Peggy gave him a withering look. The smile on his face became weak. The laughter stopped. Troy seemed to be trying to think of something smart to say.

"Don't strain yourself," Peggy said quickly. "I only want to know one thing. Where is Danny? I want to know now."

"I don't...." he began.

"Tell me where he is right now," Peggy interrupted angrily. "Now!"

"I think he's near Mrs. Lawton's math class," Troy answered quickly. "He's waiting for Mary Diekle."

Peggy turned quickly and started walking toward the math hall. She could feel the silence in the air behind her. She had beaten Troy. He was the kind of person who needed his bluster and she had shown him up in front of his friends. It wouldn't take long before that story was all over school. She felt a little ashamed. This wasn't the way for a teacher to behave. Then she thought about Danny and got mad all over again.

The math detention class was over by the time she reached it. One girl stood in the hallway waiting for someone. Peggy thought she was too late to find Danny. Then she glimpsed the back of Danny's jacket as he disappeared around a corner. She hurried after him. He had his arm wrapped around Mary Diekle's waist.

She wondered why Danny was hugging Mary. Mary was one of those plain girls who didn't have much of a social life. Danny only dated the popular girls. What could he want with mousy Mary? Peggy slowed her steps, as if she didn't want to catch Danny too soon.

"I don't think I should go with you," Mary said to Danny.

"You silly bitch," Danny's voice sounded rough.

Peggy was shocked that Mary didn't get angry. Peggy would have slapped him silly if he'd called her something like that. But Mary was meekly taking his arm.

They were going into the basement. Peggy waited a few minutes before she opened the heavy door and followed them down the dark stairway. They were in the lighted area at the bottom of the stairs, and she stopped a moment before they would have seen her.

"I'm scared," Mary said weakly.

Danny was pulling her into the boiler room. "Hell, there's nothing to be scared of, Mary. Don't be a silly bitch."

Mary was humbly submitting to him, as if she didn't have a will of her own. He pulled her into the dark boiler room. This was the moment that Peggy should have called out to them.

She couldn't. She had a dry feeling in her throat. She felt her heart pounding. She moved closer to the door so she could hear their voices.

"You're sweet, Mary," Danny said. "You're sweet and soft. You're a nice bitch."

Peggy glanced into the dark room. Danny was holding Mary close, stroking her arms and back. He wrapped his arms around her waist and made her snuggle against him. Peggy's mouth dropped open in shock as she saw Danny cup the gentle swell of Mary's ass, "Such a sweet ass," Danny said. "You may not be the best-looking girl in school, but you've got the nicest ass."

Danny's fingers spread out so that he was touching all of the flesh of her tight little bottom. Peggy felt frightened but she also felt something else, tightness all over her body. Her ass burned as if Danny was fingering her own flesh.

"You like that, Mary?" Danny asked. "You like having my finger in your crack like that? I could get to it better if you were buck-ass naked."

"Don't," Mary said. "Please don't."

Suddenly Danny pushed her away. Mary flinched under the brutal look in his eyes.

"Christ," he said. "What the hell did you think I brought you down here for? You stupid cunt. You fucking little bitch!"

"Don't be angry, Danny," Mary pleaded.

"How the fuck do you expect me to feel?" Danny asked. "I don't want some stupid little bitch pleading like a baby. I want a woman who knows what it's all about."

"I'll be better," Mary promised. "I'll do anything you want."

"That's better," Danny said.

Mary's eyes brimmed with tears as Danny reached for her again. He grabbed a handful of her short brown hair and bent her head back. His mouth crushed down on hers. He grasped one of her small, firm tits. Mary tensed at his first touch, but then she relaxed.

Peggy had never seen anything like this. She was used to boys who treated girls with respect. Sure, they tried to kiss or cop a feel, but they never pushed hard. They never demanded as Danny was demanding.

"Yeah," Danny said. "That's better. Lots better."

He started stroking her snug little ass again. Peggy felt weak inside. She was torn between wanting to rush inside and break them up and wanting to see what happened next.

Then Danny started to undo Mary's blouse, and Peggy knew she wasn't going to stop things until she saw everything.

Mary still had tears in her eyes as Danny peeled off her blouse and dropped it to the floor. She tensed again as Danny reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. He did it easily, as if he had lots of experience.

Danny pulled the bra off her shoulders to reveal her firm tits, She started to cover them with her hands, but Danny roughly pulled her hands down.

Peggy groaned as she saw Danny dropping his head to the tops of Mary's tits. Peggy watched him licking Mary's flesh, the tip of his pink tongue brushing the pink nipples until they were aroused little points. Danny lifted his head and kissed Mary's lips. Peggy could almost taste Danny's lips. She could imagine herself giving into him, opening her mouth and letting his tongue explore her throat.

But he was just a young boy. She couldn't feel this way about him, but she did. Her nipples were hard points pushing at her bra. Peggy had never been so turned on.

Danny pulled up Mary's skirt. Peggy saw the soft white of Mary's thighs and then the bottom of her white panties. Mary started struggling again. Danny pushed her back and slapped her hard across her face. Mary stopped struggling.

Danny slipped his hands underneath the flimsy material of Mary's panties. His hands stroked her flesh. Mary pushed herself against Danny, pushing her crotch against his. Peggy wondered what it would feel like to have Danny's crotch against her own.

"Oh, Danny," Mary moaned softly.

Danny took her hand and placed it on the hard bulge in his trousers. Mary drew her hand away, but Danny quickly pulled it back.

"Play with my prick, damn it," Danny said. "Play with my fucking prick."

Mary's fingers caressed Danny's swollen prick through his trousers. He stepped back and unzipped his trousers.

"Now put your hand there," Danny said. Peggy watched as Mary's small hand went into Danny's trousers. "Pull it out. Pull my prick out. Hurry, damn it, before it gets too damned big to pull out!"

Mary pulled out Danny's big cock.

Peggy gasped. Of course she knew what a man's cock looked like. She had seen pictures in sex manuals and she had taken sex education. She'd known what to expect, but still Danny's prick shocked her. His cock was so huge and thick, and the purplish round head was almost frightening to her. Peggy felt sick and shiverish. She couldn't take her eyes off his thick prick.

"That's it, baby," Danny said. "Hold onto my cock. Wrap your hand around it. Tighter. Ahhhh, that's it! Now move your hand up and down. Ahhh, you sweet, fucking bitch!"

Her small hand moved back and forth on his prick until Danny was groaning. White, thick cum leaked out of the end, wetting Mary's fingers. Mary seemed awed by it. She was staring at his cock in shock. She kept holding his cock while Danny began to shove his prick quickly in and out of the tight round circle of her fingers.

"You sweet little bitch," he moaned. "You sweet-fucking little bitch!"

He made her move her hand. He had a cruel grin on his face. Even Peggy felt afraid as she looked into his eyes.

"All right," Danny said. "Strip all your clothes off."

"Here?" Mary asked.

"Every stitch," Danny ordered.

Mary nodded. She unbuttoned her skirt and dropped it to the floor. Then she peeled out of her white cotton panties. She had a light-brown crotch and she looked like a small, frightened creature.

"That's good," Danny said.

He unbuckled his belt and pulled his trousers down to his knees. He wrapped his thick fingers around his cock and pointed it at her.

"How much do you love me?" Danny asked.

"Lots," Mary answered. "I like to be around you, Danny. You know that."

Danny nodded. "And you'll do anything for me?"

"Anything," Mary agreed. Mary licked her lips. "I'd do anything."

Peggy had a feeling that she knew what Danny wanted from Mary. A boy had asked Peggy for it once. Peggy had never gone out with him again.

"Come here," Danny said. "I want you to suck my prick. Come here and wrap your lips around my cock."

Mary seemed frozen with a look of horror on her face. Peggy realized that Mary had been ready for anything but this. She took one faltering step toward him.

"Well what the fuck are you waiting on, cunt?"

Danny asked. "Get the fuck over here."

Mary went to him. Danny put both hands in her hair and forced her down to her knees.

"All right, sugar," Danny said. "Wrap those sweet lips of yours around my cock."

Peggy felt a twinge of disgust as Mary's lips touched the tip of Danny's slimy cock. Peggy wouldn't have done anything like that. She wouldn't! Yet, she wondered what it would be like. What would his cock taste like? Would it turn her off to lick that purplish head?

"Ahhhh, sweet Mary," Danny said. "That's it. Kiss the end of my cock! Use your tongue in the slit. That's it. Ahhh, you sweet little cunt, you!"

Peggy could see the tip of Mary's pink tongue working on Danny's cock. Peggy knew that Mary was tasting Danny's cum. Her tongue worked around Danny's purplish cock-head and then down the long length of Danny's cock.

"Shit, Mary," Danny said. "Now you're getting the hang of it. Lick my balls. Lick my fucking balls! Oh fuck, Mary. That's good, you sweet little bitch!"

Mary's tongue went all over Danny's balls. Danny stroked Mary's hair, shoulders, and her firm tits as she worked on him.

"All right," Danny groaned. "Now suck that sweet stuff out, baby. Suck my prick!"

Mary licked her lips nervously. She wrapped her fingers around the base of Danny's cock and she lowered her face to his prick-head. Slowly Mary sucked his prick into her mouth. Peggy gasped as she saw the entire length of his big prick disappearing down Mary's throat.

"Oh, Christ," Danny groaned. "That's it! Oh, Christ!"

Mary began working her hot red lips up and down Danny's prick. Peggy could see his cock glistening with Mary's saliva. It was making Peggy feel so strange. She kept telling herself that this was disgusting, and yet she couldn't deny that she was feeling excited.

"Oh, fuck," Danny groaned. "Fuck!"

He grabbed the back of her head roughly, and he began slamming his prick between her lips. He was making Mary sputter and gasp as he drove his prick savagely between her lips. He shoved his saliva-glistening cock deep into her throat, almost to his heavy cum-filled balls.

"You bitch," he moaned. "You're going to taste it. You're going to swallow it, you cunt. You're going to swallow every goddamned drop! You fucking BITCH"

He yelled again as he drove his prick deep into her throat. Mary began gagging and thick white cum began pouring from the corners of her mouth. Danny pulled his cum-soaked prick from between her lips and Peggy saw a thick spurt cover Mary's mouth and cheeks.

"There, you little bitch," Danny said. "How did you like a little cum bath?"

"I like anything you like, Danny," Mary answered humbly.

Peggy had never seen anyone with all the spirit so beaten out of them. Danny acted as if he owned Mary. Peggy grew angry at the smug smile on his face.

"You animal!" Peggy said loudly.

Mary and Danny were startled as Peggy came storming into the room.

"You filthy animal!" Peggy said. "Both of you get your clothes on. Now!"

Danny looked at her without changing the expression on his face. He slowly pulled up his trousers and zipped them up. He gave Mary a contemptuous look as she tried to withdraw.

"Wipe the cum off your face," Danny said.

Mary seemed so frightened that Peggy couldn't help giving her a sympathetic look. Peggy handed her a handkerchief and Mary began wiping her mouth. Then Peggy helped Mary to dress.

"Are we going up to see the old man?" Danny asked.

"We might later on," Peggy answered. "First I have to think about this."

"What's the matter?" Danny asked. "You afraid Mary's going to get a bad reputation? Don't worry about that. It's going to be all over school that Mary sucked my dick."

"You shut your filthy mouth!" Peggy said.

Peggy wanted so badly to slap his smug face. It wasn't just because of what he had done to Mary. It was because of what he had done to her. He had made her feel aroused at the disgusting thing that was happening. For that, Peggy knew she could never forgive the smug little bastard.

"You can both go home now," Peggy said. "I won't forget this. I just haven't decided what to do."

"Yeah," Danny said. "Well, don't take too long making up your mind."

Peggy kept herself from slapping his face. She felt sick as Danny took Mary's arm as he walked her out of the boiler room. Mary didn't pull her arm away. Even sick with fear Mary still belonged to Danny.

Peggy felt angry and sick. She went back to her classroom and took her books from her desk. Then she remembered it was Friday night, and she had a date. She put the books back. She wasn't going to spend her weekend with books again. Especially for kids who didn't appreciate it.

Troy Williams was standing near the door that led into the teachers' parking lot.

"I want to talk to you," he said.

"I'm not in the mood for talking to anyone," she answered.

"I didn't like what happened in the hall," Troy said. "I didn't like what you said."

Peggy turned all her anger on Troy. He was like putty in her hands. He didn't have the strength to stand up to her.

"Listen, creep," she said. "You stay out of my way or I'll squash you like a bug! You just stay the hell out of my way. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am" Troy answered.

Again she had beaten him. It was a small victory, but it made her feel better. Handling Danny wasn't that much harder. She had just allowed Danny to get an upper hand, but it wouldn't happen anymore. She would put all the sick little creeps in their places.

She suddenly felt a lot better.