The conflict between society's traditions and individual freedom has been a common theme throughout history. Blind obedience to social sanctions allows the appearance of respectability, but the individual's desire for freedom is sometimes too great to repress for the sake Of an acceptable image.

And so, the early American rebels, in their search for individual freedom, turned their backs on British rulers to establish a society dedicated to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." A lot of great social developments, scientific inventions, and artistic creations have been the result of a longing to move beyond the status quo. Americans have worshipped the brave individual, from the early colonists to pioneers crossing the great Western plains, from the frontiersmen to astronauts taking their first steps on the face of the moon.

And yet, too, society often punishes hardy individuals. Society is slow to accept change. Our highest and most respected institutions can ill-afford changes that could very well shatter their strongest foundations.

The freedom-craving individual must trust his self-knowledge and carry on bravely in order to withstand the often difficult consequences of an individual pursuit.

TEACHER WANTS IT ROUGH deals with the struggles of an intelligent, aware woman who tries to find sexual freedom in a profession and social climate fraught with repression and hypocrisy. It is a story told so honestly, so candidly, that the reader himself will experience her every frustrating defeat and eventual joyful triumph.

-The Publisher