Outwardly, suburbia maintains the strait-laced middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, inevitably there is the advent of wife-swapping. All in the spirit of good, clean fun . . .

But where does the fun stop and the degradation begin? When one excess leads to another--and another--to what? When the children set as their own lifestyle what already is the norm at home?

This is the story of two sisters in one town, Anywhere, U.S.A. It is startling as a mirror of a way of life behind closed doors. No facade. No regrets. Indeed, to them it is the norm.

And outside their lives go on. Business and its daily conflicts. School and its trials and triumphs.

The norm ... for the HOT YOUNG A UNT. And how many others like her? A novel of fiction for entertainment. A page of our restless society as food for serious thought.

-The Publisher