Chapter 1

"Ahh, that's Wonderful the way you do that." The blonde writhed and wriggled under her lover's masterful hand. He was massaging her clit and whenever she came close to coming he would ease off her pussy. His hand would fondle her breasts.

"Do it like you did yesterday when-ooh, yessss," she gasped and moaned.

The pre-orgasmic heat was upon her; this time she hoped he would continue his ministrations. But instead of fondling Dinah's full breasts, sucking them and teasing the hard nipple, Brad had a surprise in store for her.

He stood up in front of the bed where she was spread naked and gleaming with delicate perspiration. Moving over to the head of the bed Brad slowly unzipped his jeans as Dinah watched mesmerized.

All this bliss was very new to Dinah. She had left her small town in Iowa only one week ago in search of adventure in the big city. The bus ride into the Big Apple was the farthest she'd ever traveled in her short life. She vowed to herself that it was only the first of many journeys. Little could she imagine the startling discoveries she was to make.

"Okay now little bitch," Brad intoned, "You are about to taste your first cock. If what you've told me about yourself is true, you're in for a real treat."

As fascinated as Dinah was at the sight of his large dick emerging from the open zipper, she was also rather terrified. She was able to mask her fear, looking up at Brad with a hungry expression.

Dinah had told her new friend, in fact her only friend in the city, the short story of her uneventful life. But she had embroidered on the details to appear much more worldly than she was.

Her one boyfriend whom she had "almost gone all the way with," was in fact a boy she had only dated occasionally . The farthest they had gone was the night she gave him a hand-job. Through a scum bag.

Brad, who was proud of his cynicism and was jaded even for a New Yorker, figured the girl to be putting him on. It was just too good to be true. A virgin at his disposal?

If he told his friends that a beautiful knock-out blonde, followed him home to his apartment, cleaned up the place and then made him dinner, they would expect a catch. They would ask something like, "how much was the bill?" He himself still doubted his good fortune.

He had picked Dinah up in a coffee shop near Grand Central Terminal, fresh off the bus. Like thousands of beautiful young women she wanted to be an actress; she was hoping to get a lucky break.

Lucky for her she ran into Brad instead of one of the many variety of freak who prey on innocent flesh. Brad also happened to be an actor on his way up, having increasing larger roles on daytime television soap operas. He was a typical looking leading man. Handsome in a pleasant way, he had the kind of looks that attracted women but that didn't turn men off either.

His neatly cut brown hair and healthy tanned body complemented Dinah's perfect figure. They were a handsome couple.

Ordinarily he would have fucked a woman the first night she stayed at his place, after all that is why they stayed over. He was taking his time with this one, he supposed, because of the novelty of the situation.

The kind of woman he usually met expected a guy to give them a good boffing or they would get insulted, "what, I don't turn ya on or sumpin?"

Dinah also had a certain pleasing quality, she appealed to him in a peculiar way that he wouldn't admit to himself. Hell, maybe she truly is a virgin, he briefly wondered. Nah.

In any case he was going to play along with her; if she continued to please him the way she had been he would introduce her around and try to help get her acting career off the ground. But first things first.

"Now little fluff, I'm going to rub my dick on your face. Very gently I want you to lick the top." He grasped his thick member and motioned her to sit up. Straddling her thighs, he rubbed his dick-tip on her cheek, the moistness from the tip drawing a glistening line across her face.

As he approached her relaxed but closed mouth he gently prodded her lips open and circled her gums.

"You have a nice wet mouth, rather on the small side, you think you can take the whole thing in?"

Dinah looked up at him in vague alarm. The whole thing? All that in her mouth? When Dinah had imagined giving her first blow job she had pictured herself licking a harmless looking flaccid penis.

The rest of her fantasy was unclear but certainly did not entail this gigantic throbbing entity engulfing her small mouth. But she would brave it out as she had done everything else up until now.

Obviously Brad's question was merely rhetoric because as she began to answer he suddenly thrust his penis all the way into her, hitting the roof of her mouth. She crossed her eyes to look down at it, there was a lot more to go!

"Run your tongue along the sides, and watch those pretty teeth. I'm gonna show you how to take the whole thing, and if you're good I'll let you swallow my cum."

He grabbed hold of her hair and held her fast. With the other hand he guided his prick in and around her mouth. "That's a girl, you're a quick learner."

Dinah was actually beginning to like this. She enjoyed having all Brad's attention, and also she was sensing the power inherent in the situation. This was going to be fun!

"Relax your throat, I'm going all the way in. Don't tighten up or you'll gag." Brad eased his dick in so that finally the tip of it was part way down her throat. He pulled back a bit so that she could take a breath, then he pushed in again.


Dinah quickly caught on to the rhythm, when he moved back no one had to tell her to take a breath. Instinct told her that just as her instinct was making up for her lack of real experience.

She moved her head back a little to further accommodate Brad's thrusting motion. He held her head fast with both hands now, admiring her pretty face, so young that experience had not even began to leave its mark. He used her hair as a rein to guide her mouth for his pleasure.

With increasing vigor now he moved in and out of her throat. His balls slapped her chin and his belly hit her pert nose every time he rammed her mouth.

"When I take it out run your tongue along the tip. Yeah, like that, oooooooh."

Brad gradually eased the pliable girl onto her back. He moved onto the bed and sat above her so that he could fuck her mouth properly.

"I'm going to do the same thing as before except we'll be more comfortable. You're getting your first lesson on how to please. Soon, there will come a time when all I'll do is snap my fingers and you'll know that you have to put yourself in mouth-fuck position."

His own plans for the girl's future were getting him even hornier. It was taking all his self control to keep from spreeking all over her.

He teased the girl's lips with the dick tip, enjoying the velvety feel of her full young mouth. Brad was finally becoming convinced that this was her first time. Oh, if she is truly a virgin he will take his sweet time popping that cherry. It was too good to hope for!

She was a natural; of course he wasn't such a bad instructor either. In an uncharacteristic moment of generosity he considered sharing her with his best friend. But there was plenty of time for devising a cherry-popping party, if that was what he decided to do to her.

Now it was time to show her what a real mouth nicking was like.

"Oh, bitch. You are getting training you'll be grateful for forever."

Tensing his frame and positioning himself in her mouth he targeted for a full assault. Wham! He rammed it partway down her throat.


Whew, he almost came too soon that time. Brad realized the girl was enjoying it, she just didn't know yet how much. He had planned to come all over her face and make her lick the rest off. But he decided to go all the way with her and make her, even force her if he had to, to swallow his cum. Should he warn her first or surprise her?

It was getting harder and harder to keep from exploding in her mouth as waves of increasing intensity were coursing through his frame.

All this time the girls hands had been laying idly by her sides. Brad brought them above her head, deciding to come down her throat without giving her notice. He held her soft hands firmly so she couldn't squirm away.

Thrusting harder and faster he stared at the girl as she gazed wildly about. She knew!

Bearing down hard on her mouth he pushed his dick down her throat as far as it would go for one last time. He held his crotch to her face, keeping himself firmly in position.

Aaaaa! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Letting himself finally explode, he began to ejaculate down inside of her. She had no choice but to start swallowing. Still spurting he pulled back an inch so that she could breathe as her throat muscles worked down gulp after gulp, every last bit of cum. She gasped for air when he pulled out, still swallowing the last of his load.

"Aaaaaaaah, Dinah you're an excellent bitch. I think I will reward you with a tongue job, but first I'll make us some coffee, it's a great combination."

Dinah smiled shyly, slightly chagrined at what'd been done to her and also proud at what she'd accomplished.

"I take my coffee regular, please. After I rinse out my mouth. No offence intended."

"No offence taken my dear. But you'll get used to it." He leered rakishly and slapped her on the behind as she passed.

The next morning they were woken by the loud ring of the intercom.

Brad staggered to the door, grabbing the first piece of clothing he saw to wrap about himself.

"Who," he gruffly said into the intercom. Although Brad liked to talk he was a man of few words in the morning. He habitually awoke in a bad mood.

"Terry, man."

The fuck you want?"

"Got something for you, man."

Brad pressed the enter button on the intercom to buzz Terry in. Of all the people in a city known for late sleepers he would have an early rising sociable-type friend. Shit.

"What's going on?" Dinah mumbled from the bedroom. Being young and country-bred Dinah was already on her way to the shower.

"Nothing, sweets, just the exterminator. Whom we don't need."

Last night Brad was toying with the idea of sharing his new-found toy with his best friend, but only after the novelty started to wear off. This visit was premature. The distinctive knock of Terry on the door cut off any further rambling.

"Hey, what's happening, man," Terry almost shouted as he shouldered his way past Brad. He headed straight for the kitchen to help himself to whatever he could scrounge up.

"Look, Terry, I appreciate your friendliness, but this is not a good time. You need a couple of bucks? Then on your way you go."

Terry eyed Brad speculatively. "I got news of a great part for you." He surveyed the apartment, signs of a late-night party evident everywhere. "You got company?"

"No," Brad lied.

Brad followed Terry's gaze as it wandered down to his waist. Brad had accidently grabbed Dinah's silky blouse and wrapped it around his waist.

"I didn't know you were into ladies' clothes, man," Terry teased. "Awww-"

"When you didn't show up at theater class last night, I knew you had something tasty here. Either that or you had expired from too much pussy."

"Yeah, right. She's gone now, and I have an early appointment, so you'll have to-"

Dinah appeared behind Terry. Terry saw the expression on Brad's face and whirled around to see what Brad was staring at. Terry realized now why his friend was trying to get rid of him. The blonde was a knock-out!

"So this is your "early appointment."

"You have an appointment with the exterminator?" Dinah naively asked.


"Permit me to introduce myself, since our hospitable friend seems to be on his way out. My name is Terry, and your name must be beautiful."

Dinah tittered. She was about to respond but Brad took over. This is Dinah, and no, she's not interested."

"Brad! Are you usually so rude to your friends?" She turned to Terry and noted how attractive he was. Dirty-blonde wavy hair and just the right amount of muscle.

"Please, stay and have coffee with us. I'm going to make us all some breakfast."

Brad knew when he was beat. Making the best of a bad situation he invited his friend to sit down in the living room.

Terry needed no encouragement. He was already making himself comfortable by flopping down on the sofa and spreading out for comfort. Brad followed him in and lit a cigarette.

"So how long have you been hiding her, man?"

"Just met her. She's barely been in New York a week."

"Oh, new in town." Terry nodded to himself. "Where's she staying?"

"Right here."

Terry looked at his friend with renewed appreciation. "By any chance she doesn't know anyone in town?"

"You got it."

Terry moved closer to Brad's seat and spoke in a lower tone. "Is she as hot as she looks?"


Brad's ego was getting the best of him. He couldn't resist bragging about his incredible luck.

"She's very docile. She cooks too. Hasn't even asked me to buy anything yet."

Terry looked suspicious. "She looks awful young, man. Sure she ain't a runaway? You don't wanna get caught with no jail-bait."

"No, she's legal, she just looks a lot younger than she is."

"She sure gave me the once-over; she knows the score."

Brad puffed up remembering last night. He rose and put a Nirvana tape in his tape deck. Raising the volume up loud to prevent Dinah from listening, he turned back around to look at Terry with a shit-eating grin on his face.

"What, what's going on?" Terry impatiently asked.

"She's a virgin," Brad whispered.

"What? I can't hear you."

"She's a virgin!" Brad shouted.

Terry stared wide-eyed. Years ago when both friends were growing up they had competed for the same cherry. The girl in question did not make it any easier. She ran them both ragged. They chased her using their dicks instead of their brains. Instead of conspiring together they knocked the other one down in her estimation. Beth gradually lost interest in both of them, only letting them go so far with her.

She ended up surrendering her virginity to a skinny guy who was genuinely in love with her. That didn't make the defeat any easier to bear.

Over the next few years they would reminisce about Beth; playing with the thought that if they hadn't competed so fiercely at least one of them would've had her. Other times they would claim that one of them should have taken her by force, and then shared her with the other. After all, Beth had originally wanted them; they were simply too inexperienced to realize the difference between a real "no" and a "no" said because it was expected.

"She stayed here last night and you didn't pop her?" Terry asked.

"Almost, we did everything but that."

Brad, man, you're losing your touch."

"No, I'm taking my time with her. I'm simply prolonging my own pleasure."

"Aren't you afraid she'll get away from you?" Terry asked.

"Not a chance. I got her trained."

"You wanna bet on it, Brad?"

"Terry, you're crazy. I'm sure of her, I don't need to bet on it."

"Oh, right. What about Rosemary?"

"That was different, we were stupid kids."

"You were stupid, man. I got the cherry that time," Terry said.

"Well if I recall correctly, you were the idiot that almost had to marry her when her father came gunning for you. Lucky for you her father found you so distasteful that he couldn't 'disgrace' his daughter twice by saddling her with you!"

"Laugh, all you want, man. But by the way Dinah looked at me I know I could score with her."

"You flatter yourself too much, friend."

"We'll see about that."

Terry, lay off her. You're supposed to be my best friend. Look at you, trying to steal my cherry."

Brad looked so dejected that Terry couldn't hold in his laughter.

"You look like a kid that just lost his lollipop! Alright, man, I won't try to pop her. But in exchange for my promise you have to let me play with her, too. Of course only if she encourages me."

"What makes you think you can get anywhere with her? I bet she wouldn't even let you lick her pussy."

"I'll take that bet."

"Aww, Terry, that was just a figure of speech. But okay, I'm not jealous, certainly not of you, lame brain."

"Lame dick. It's a bet then."

"You're on, it's a bet," Brad said.

"What are you guys betting on?" Dinah was standing in the room.

"Oh nothing, sweets, just sports." How much did she hear? The music ended a while ago although neither of the horny guys had noticed.

"Sports, huh? Never did care for organized sports. But there are some games that I do care for." Her eyes sparkled mischievously. She turned to Terry and announced that breakfast was ready.

Silence reigned at the table as everyone ate. Dinah could feel the guys's eyes on her every time she raised the fork to her lips. She could almost feel their bated breath as her lips opened to take the small bite of food. Brad was remembering the way her lips took his dick. Ahh, the perfectly submissive nature, he thought.

He was thinking what a fool he'd been for giving Terry permission to make a play for her. A fool for telling him anything about Dinah.

The girl got up from the table to get more juice from the fridge. She swung her hips slightly, allowing her thin cotton skirt to sway with the motion. She decided that if they were going to make such fools of themselves then she was going to tease them silly.

She sat back down and poured more juice for everyone. Raising the glass to her lips she let her head fall back and slowly drank the juice. Her tongue licked off a few drops that remained on her full lips. She was going to take advantage of all this attention. She didn't want to be an actress for nothing.

Terry couldn't get over her lips. They were a rich pink color, small and bow-shaped, but at the same time they were full like down pillows. His dick throbbed imagining her going down on him. If only he could get a better view of her ass.

The guys were lingering at the table, although they'd finished eating. Finally Dinah suggested they return to the living room. When the guys got up she realized why they had remained seated. They both had huge erections bulging out of their tight jeans.

Dinah turned away before they could see her smile. She was going to have some fun with these puppies!

"I'll be right back," Dinah chimed.

She went into the bedroom and took off her slip and panties, leaving her skirt on that was now quite sheer. Taking out her brand new push-up bra that she'd bought through a mail order catalogue, she surveyed her full titties that stood way up to attention in the mirror. Admiring them she supped her hands underneath them and jiggled them. They bounced up and down, finally stopping and remaining as high as ever.

Putting the brassiere on, she snapped it in the front and then inserted one large breast at a time. The skin color bra ended in lace right above her soft nipple, just exposing it slightly. It brought her cleavage so close together making her tits look as though they were spilling up out of the bra. Her cleavage was so deep and full that she could virtually hide things in there.

Dinah's pussy was getting moist as she admired her own tits. She considered masturbating quickly before she joined her waiting admirers. No, why waste a good thing.

Quickly donning her lowest cut tank top, she applied a thick layer of lip gloss. Stepping into her high heeled sandals she sashayed back into the living room.

She heard the tail end of a heated conversation as she entered the room. "Training? What's that you were saying, Brad?"

"Uhhh, horses, a friend of Terry's is a horse trainer." Brad quickly improvised.

"Oh, I love horses."

"Do you ride?" Terry asked.

"Yes, when I was little I had my own horse. I loved him. He was so great to ride."

Terry began to imagine Dinah riding his face as though' he was that lucky horse. When he looked up he noticed her standing in front of the window.

The late morning light was streaming through, right through Dinah's sheer skirt. Both men saw the outline of her shapely legs. When she turned a little to the side to inspect the view, her high round ass was perfectly visible through the material, each cheek begging for a little attention.

"Dinah, why don't you sit here, you must be tired after cooking." Brad was getting nervous and slightly possessive. Worse, his erection hadn't gone away. He was aching for Terry to leave so that he could have Dinah go on her knees and give him his morning blow job.

Brad had meant to take her cherry last night. After licking her pussy and allowing her to come at last, he had planned to give her a good boffing. In fact he had started to even though he was exhausted; he had lost count of the times he had ejaculated.

He had started to enter her pussy. It was so tight, and Dinah had cried so piteously that he relented. And like an idiot he had let her fall asleep, even though he fell asleep right after her.

Such a tight pussy. He could barely push the tip of his prick in. That was when he had felt the hymen's resistance. Although he was being cautious, he didn't want to break it too quickly. He wanted to savor every second of it. Brad had given one good thrust in her just to be sure. And he became convinced of her virgin status.

Brad had only taken one cherry in his life. But the greatest thrill in a man's life had been a disappointment for him. He had thought the girl was bullshitting him, making excuses so she wouldn't have to fuck him. The girl's cunt didn't seem so tight the way he'd heard other guys describe virgin cunts. In fact his dick-tip slipped right in her. So he had told the girl that he wouldn't go all the way in, just fuck her around the outside. The girl believed him.

To call her bluff, to prove some stupid point, once his dick was on target he had thrust violently into the girl's vagina. Rammed his dick all the way in her. He broke her cherry in one shot.

The girl screamed so loud that he instantly lost his erection. Sure enough there was the proof-the tell tale spot of blood.

All he could liken it to was scarfing up a spoonful of caviar while thinking it was black berry jam. It was fine until it reached the tastebuds. Then it is not enjoyable.

He would not make that mistake again. That was why he was taking his time with this one.

Terry had not been told about his humiliation. That was why Terry couldn't understand why he wasn't so anxious to fuck her.

Brad wanted her to beg for it when the time was right. He wanted to relish the event. Pop her slowly and then continue to fuck her. And then fuck her brains out.

Fuck her so well she wouldn't look at another guy until he was ready to share her. Of course he would be generous and give her to his best friend. What are friends for?

But now it looked like he was going to lose control!

"Terry, you wanna watch something?"


"Come here Dinah, on your knees in front of me." Brad was taking a shot, if it worked, he'd be back on top.

Dinah looked at him. He could tell she was thinking fast. Brad knew she had changed her clothes on purpose. If she was planning on only teasing them she had another thing coming.

Dinah slowly got up and made her way over towards Brad. Standing in front of him she said, "take your dicks out, both of you, I'm going to choose my lollipop."

Terry's mouth dropped open. He obeyed immediately. His throbber gratefully emerged from its dark resting place and bobbed its greeting to Dinah.

Brad, not wanting to be outdone, whipped his dick out also. It was neither any smaller or eager looking than Terry's.

"What to do, decisions, decisions." Dinah teasingly said.

"Okay, bitch, Terry can watch and see what I've taught you. If you're a good girl I'll let you taste him, too."

Dinah swiftly got to her knees and moistened her mouth the way Brad had taught her.

She leaned forward and opened her mouth slightly waiting for Brad to take charge.

Darting Terry a triumphant look Brad grabbed hold of Dinah's long blonde mane in one hand. With his other hand Brad held his dick. "Come to Poppa, bitch."

He gently tugged Dinah's head forward, burying her face in his lap. "Stay there until I give you permission to suck."


Brad knew he shouldn't show off too much. Dinah might rebel. He couldn't trust his friend when it came to fresh pussy. Hell, he'd probably do the same if the situation was reversed.

He let go of Dinah's hair.

"Take your top off so we can see what you're hiding. Leave that bra on, though.

"Wooooh," Terry let out appreciatively.

"Yes, she does have fuckable tits. Perfect for fucking.

Dinah blushed. So that's what she could put in her tight cleavage. She wondered what she could do with the two guys simultaneously.

She'd seen photographs of threesomes but she didn't quite remember what it was they had been doing. Besides she definitely didn't want to lose her virginity at a party. But on the other hand, she'd waited long enough, she couldn't wait to see what the big deal of intercourse was.