Glenda stroked the strong, soft flanks of the magnificent beast. Mephisto snorted in lust, and Glenda could see the huge organ of the horse slithering from its sheath.

"That's it, " smiled Glenda, feeling her cunt getting red-hot, "Get ready to fuck me!"

Her hands now moved under his belly and between his legs, and closed on the fat cock. It was enormous, much bigger than any human cock she had ever felt.

She wrapped her lithe fingers around the slippery tool and began stroking it, up and down until it was fully erect.

Glenda had to use two hands to grasp it, it was so fat, and she shivered as she wondered how it would feel inside her twat.

Then she dropped to her knees, and brought her mouth to the huge horse cock. She wanted to taste its heady flavor before it forced itself into her willing hole. The moment her lips were on the tip of the dick, the horse began to buck, forcing the dick in and out of her mouth.

"Mmmmm, " was all she could say.