Chapter 1

When my wife, Molly, was expecting our first child I think she must have been unique for the peculiar urges that beset her. I knew about and expected something of the sort, but her craving took a most queer turn and it wasn't something out of the ordinary to eat!

We both wanted children and she was genuinely delighted from the moment her suspicions were confirmed at the Clinic about six weeks after our annual holiday. We were keen cyclists and I'd met her on the road when she was taking her Easter spin around Devon with her camping gear behind the saddle and we'd rose the last day together back to the Midlands where we lived. We got to know something about each other as we rode along and before we reached home we'd spent a couple of hours in a small wood well off the beaten track. Molly who was only sixteen, slim, dark haired and vividly pretty, needed my arm to held her the rest of the way home, but she never reproached me for the discomfort she felt by the loss of her maidenhead and a casual friendship that might have ended there at the end of the journey-it didn't.

She was so lovely and still is, for hers is the type of beauty that endures and ripens, that I couldn't just let her fade out of my life. I'd wanted her from the moment I rode alongside her in the meandering Devonshire lane, her vivid dark red sweater and short white linen shorts making a splash of bright color against the green of the countryside. My eyes had quickly taken in the specialist built cycle she rode which she told me later was a gift from her father the Christmas before. She'd been rather shy and reserved at first, but I approved of that, it showed she was a nice girl. However, she seemed glad of someone to talk to and we got along fine. Twice we had stopped at cafes along the way for food and to relieve ourselves and I knew she was the girl I had been looking for. She rode well and had lots of endurance and she took a good tan. Her face, arms and legs were golden, her long legs from turned over ankle socks to the tops of her thighs, were a delight to watch.

Gradually I introduced sexy talk, delicately and testingly to begin with, feeling my way, afraid of saying the wrong thing and watching her face for the first show of annoyance. But, beyond heightening flush in her cheeks she took it well, so I gradually aroused her curiosity. It was about fifteen miles short of her home town that I finally made the suggest to her as we approached the wood and dismounted. I lifted our cycles over the fence and concealed them behind a bush. Then I escorted her, blushing deeper into the wood and we found a charming little clearing where I made love to her and we saw each other naked in the two hours we were together, during which time I fucked her seven times. I found a small brook where she was able to wash the blood off and freshen up, then we set off, riding close, with my arm to help her along because she felt weak and faint and was sitting on her sore cunt. Her nipples were sore too and her lips swollen from kissing, but I'd won her heart and she let me escort her home and agreed to meet me again and be my girl friend.

Six months later we became engaged and a year later we were married. It was the August following our marriage in the New Year during our two weeks tour of East Anglia, camping out where we could and sharing a large sleeping bag. After a few days I'd worked off and slept off my work-weariness. The exercise and fresh air invigorated both of us and her tan deepened and she began to urge me to get her pregnant. For some time we had dropped using precautions and she'd been taking my spunk and thriving on it, but I had failed to make her conceive. But sometime during the fortnight it must have happened and at the beginning of October she was able to tell me she was expecting our baby to come sometime in the following May.

Then she started having these queer cravings ...

Her pregnancy didn't prevent us going rides during the Autumn, in fact she insisted, though I was afraid of the fetus being shaken loose. But the doctor said it would be alright so long as we didn't go too far or ride for too long a time at a stretch. I'd heard of pregnant women craving queer things to eat and I expected to have to hunt around to get what she wanted, but when it came it was nothing like that.

I loved her and she loved me, both of us were sure of that, so it came as a complete surprise when, one Sunday morning in late October, a fine warm day, we set out for a ride around and we'd gone about six miles when she suddenly braked to a halt. I thought she wanted to go behind the hedge to relieve herself, so I turned back to hold her cycle, but it wasn't that.

"Dick ... that girl we passed ... " I looked my surprise, her face was flushed and her eyes bright. She was trembling ever so slightly. I looked at her, wondering what had excited her.

"What's the matter, Molly?" I asked anxiously.

"Nothing," she said a bit impatiently, "oh Dick, that girl, all by herself ... she's been to church ... "

I remembered vaguely that we had passed a pretty girl about a quarter of a mile back, but I hadn't noticed her in particular.

"What about her-do you know her?"

"No, of course not, she's a stranger to me."

"What about her, then?" I asked.

"I want you to fuck her, Dick. Oh, she looked sweet and so young and pretty ... "

"She looked about fourteen to me. What's got into you, Molly? I don't want to be unfaithful to you-you're all the woman I want ... and besides, I could get into trouble."

"Don't be silly, we could be a long way off before she could get home. I want you to fuck her, like you did me on that day in the wood ... the day we met. You're fresh, you haven't fucked me for over a week ... I know ... I haven't felt like it, that's why. I want you to work it out of your system and I've been keeping my eye open for a nice girl for you. Please Dick, do it for me, fuck her and let your spunk come inside her ... " she pleaded and I began to have a faint glimmer of the urge that drove her. However, I demurred:

"But darling, she might ... "

"What's it matter? It won't do her any harm, it will make me upset and you know very well what doctor said ... he told you to satisfy my whims ... "

"I know he did, but I doubt if ... oh, alright ... " I gave in as I saw it was distressing her, "how shall we ... ?" I asked, feeling helpless but vaguely excited and apprehensive. I glanced nervously up and down the lane. A bend hid the girl who was walking innocently towards us. However it was very quiet and we hadn't met any traffic, so perhaps it was safe enough.

"Look, there's a gap in the hedge there, beside that tree, we'll lure her ... take the bikes."

I obediently laid our cycles partly in the ditch where they couldn't readily be seen, then I followed Molly, helping her through the gap, then she made me stand back against the trunk of the trees. We wore cycling clothing. I wore a zip jacket and grey cord shorts, while Molly wore a pink sweater and her white linen short-shorts. Her condition hadn't begun to show yet since she was only two months pregnant. Molly moved and cautiously peered back down the lane.

"She's coming," she announced, drawing back and she unfastened her shorts and pushed them down, then pulled up her sweater. Giggling she unbuttoned my fly and pulled out my genitals, she pushed the skin down, then took my hand and thrust it into her pantie knickers, "pretend not to notice her," she whispered, "but let her see us frigging each other."

"Poor girl," I murmured as I willingly obeyed and I wasn't altogether surprised to find her vulva dripping wet.

"If she's a virgin, she'll be curious and ... " she giggled again, stealing a glance from the corner of her eye, "she's already loitering, she's seen us ... turn your hips towards her a bit more, darling ... she's got her finger in her mouth and she looks sick ... she has her knee pressed in ... it's exciting her ... "

"Oh!" she suddenly exclaimed, pretending to see the girl for the first time. She jerked away from me, stumbled when her panties slid down her legs and hampered the back swing of her leg, then she fell on her back, landing soft and cried out, pretending she'd hurt herself. I bent over her and the silly girl, instead of making off, appeared hesitantly through the gap and came to help me get Molly back on her feet.

"Ouch! I sat on a stone," Molly said, twisting round and pushing the back of her panties down to expose the left cheek of her buttock. She showed us the bruise and stood ruefully rubbing it. The girl back off, looking shyly at us, or rather, at me, for I pretended to forget I had my penis and testicles exposed and it was this part of me she looked at. I stole glances at her and liked what I saw. She was fresh faced, neither pretty or plain, just wholesome, a healthy country girl dressed in her Sunday best. She wore a pale blue straw bonnet tied under her chin with a blue ribbon, a blue and white gingham frock and short light blue jacket, long flesh coloured stockings and black shoes with low heels, her cheeks showed a good color and her eyes were clear and blue matching her long fair hair.

"Darling, I'm sorry, I feel a bit upset and my ... leg is hurting ... I don't feel like a fuck now."

"Oh but it can't be that bad, surely," I protested, playing up to her "you promised ... look at it," I thrust my hips forward and shook my swollen penis at her.

"Ask her then-I can't. I might feel better later. You can come to see me this evening and if mom and dad go out perhaps."

"They hardly ever go out Sunday evening and you know it ... this young lady looks a nice girl ... perhaps she would ... ?"

"Well I was a nice girl-once-till you fucked me!" Molly cried, "she's looking at it ... " she giggled, "I bet she wants a fuck."

"You haven't complained before," I said angrily.

"I'm not complaining now silly, I'm hurt, I've bruised my bum and it's her fault really, coming along suddenly like that. Go on-ask her ... she can only refuse and she hasn't run away, has she? She likes your prick, I can see that ... "

We both turned and looked at the girl, who squirmed and twisted her fingers together in embarrassment, her leg kneed in.

"What about it, girlie? Like a fuck with me? It's your fault really she got hurt ... and now I'm all worked up ... I need a girl badly ... I can see you've a good pair of tits ... got any hair between your legs?"

Without looking at us the girl have a strained nod and plucked at the button on her coat, eyes downcast, lush lips parted and wet. I moved slowly towards her, smiling encouragingly.

"It was you scared her," I said, "we didn't know there was anybody about ... how about it ... haven't you been fucked before?"

She shook her head and murmured "No."

I gently rested my hands on her narrow shoulders.

"How old are you?"

"I'm fourteen," she said.

"Well, you're old enough to be fucked and I'll be gentle if you'll let me. Have you got to hurry home?"

"No ... I often go off for walks by myself," she looked up briefly and gave a fleeting smile, "someone might see us ... I did you know ... "

"Will you let me have a good fuck?"

"I ... I don't mind ... if no one can see me ... us," she said.

I looked along the hedge and spotted the darker olive green of a stretch of the hedge composed of holly.

"The hedge is denser there," I pointed out and she followed my finger and nodded faintly. I moved to her side and took her arm, gently urging her shy footsteps. I led her along the hedge and Molly followed us after pulling up her shorts and doing them up. I didn't bother to put my genitals away and the girl kept looking at my skinned penis and furtively licking her lips.

"You know what fuck is, don't you?" I asked her.

"Oh yes, but I've never seen people do it, only animals," she was losing a little of her shyness, so I slipped my arm round her and stroked the underside of her left tit. She squirmed a little and grinned, so I cupped it and gently gave it a squeeze.

"She's following us," she murmured.

"Oh, don't mind my girl, she's alright anyway, it was her idea, you heard her ask me to ask you."

She nodded and heaved a sigh as I brought my other hand over and felt her cunt through her clothes.

"You're a lovely girl," I said softly as I gently rubbed her cunt.

"She's prettier than me ... she's lovely," said the girl, "I like you and I want to ... I've been looking for a boy friend but there aren't many boys the right age living round here ... I ... I've wanted to for a long time ... oh when I saw you, behind that tree, my heart turned over and I felt sick with longing ... that's why ... "

"You picked the right one for it," laughed Molly, just behind us, "he's good at it. I let him have a bit when we can manage to get away together. Just my luck to fall over and hurt myself, but he's heavy and pushes me around with that big prick of his as if he wants to grind me into the ground. You've got good hips, though, for a girl your age. Would you mind if I helped you ... it's your first time, isn't it?"

"Oh yes, I never have before," the girl said shyly, looking at Molly through her thick fair lashes, "do I have to have my clothes off, please?"

"You can have it with them on, if you like, but they'll get messed up, so perhaps it would be best to take them off. I like to be naked when I have it."

"Alright, if you'll help me. Will ... he ... be undressed too?"

"Oh yes, you'll want his clothes to lie on. This should be alright here-no one can see through this hedge."

" ... I'm glad I met you," the girl smiled shyly, "I don't want to dirty my clothes, else my mom will know I've been laid. She says I'm too young yet to start thinking about boys but I don't think so."

"Oh I suppose she's old fashioned, others are like that, they don't understand. They've forgotten when they were young. I think you're at just the right age to start being fucked. I was only thirteen," Molly lied.

"Well, I want to, I keep thinking about it and getting wet ... he's got a big one hasn't he?"

"Yes ... it's just right for me. I like a long one, it goes up further. We're going to be married soon, we want children you see. As it is now, we can get together as often as we want to fuck."

As they talked, Molly unobtrusively helped the girl get her clothes off and listening to them, I absently stripped and laid my clothes down. I'd noticed holly leaves in the grass and she couldn't lie on them. Molly had taken off the girl's jacket and frock which buttoned down the front and I was gazing entranced at the girlish figure standing clad in a plain white vest and pink rayon panties, when Molly said.

"Look, he's ready-isn't he a hairy man?"

The girl who had her back to me, turned quickly and stared at me, then her face flamed into a hot blush and she hastily looked away, but in the brief space of time Molly had acted quickly and the girl's snatch at her descending panties missed by inches. She staggered back, just as Molly had done, lost her balance as she tripped over her panties and I just had time to spring forward and catch her as she started to fall. Gently I lowered her onto the bed of my clothes and Molly pulled off her panties, then made an urgent sign to me as the girl struggled to sit up, looking a bit frightened. I thought I would have to take her by force but she subsided under the weight of my body and Molly quickly pulled her legs apart so that I pierced her quickly and surely in one lunge.

She screamed and Molly was too late to smother it with her hands ... it wasn't till afterwards we discovered I had lain her down to hurriedly and she was lying on prickly holly leaves! She struggled weakly as I pushed on in and gradually the fight went out of her as she lay still, sobbing and writhing with pain. Now Molly was gently stroking her face and kissing her mouth and murmuring soothing words to her and soon that phase passed because once I was well in I became more gentle and fucked in tenderly and carefully, opening her up. Then she smiled tremulously and told Molly it was alright now, so I let myself out a bit more.

She was lovely, tender-tight and moistly warm. Gradually I felt her vagina become hot as the titillation of my fucking brought the blood pulsating into it. It took me some time to fuck my penis all in, but presently I felt her soft cunt crush under my pubis. I paused for a few moments with it held in, then pulled back and fucked her more vigorously. The girl lay under me looking at me in wonder and delight and particularly hard thrust caused her to rebound and slither back an inch or so. She actually laughed and Molly laughed with her:

"How's it feel now?" she asked.

"Oooohh ... it's lovely! It's right up me ... to my waist ... I love it now ... oh hold me ... hold me tight ... oooh ugh ... urgh!"

"She's come!" Molly cried, "now, let her have it!"

I fucked harder and faster, then thrust in desperately and clung to the soft body, sputtering up my thick spunk in ecstatic luxury, into the body of the panting, moaning girl. Then I slowly pushed myself up and pulled out. I rolled over and stretched out beside the girl. Molly scrambled round and I watched her curiously. She pulled the girl's legs open and went down on her, greedily licking and sucking up the blood. The amazed girl leaned up and watched her too.

"It's alright," I said reassuringly to the girl, "she's licking you clean, you bled a bit."

"Oh ... yes, I know, it hurt me and you ripped me a bit."

"I'm sorry, you were a virgin-are you sorry?"

"Oh no, I'm glad. I knew I would ... there's something on you," she murmured shyly.

"She'll lick it off when she's finished with you."

"Oooh ... she's sucking the ... place," the girl gasped and opened out her legs a bit more, obviously enjoying Molly's attentions, "it would make me feel sick."

"You think so ... it wouldn't, that sort of thing is a girls job, she had to suck my prick, she'd been sucking it just before you caught us back there, a girl has to suck it clean each time before it goes up her cunt. Haven't you heard of personal hygiene, she sucked it clean for you."

"Are you going to fuck me ... again ... please?" she asked.

"Why, of course I am, we haven't finished yet and she'll suck it clean for you this time too."

"Oh-the bull only fucks the cow once," she demurred.

"That's because the farmer pulls him off. A dog fucks his bitch several times and the bull would too if the farmer would let him."

"Oh yes, I'd forgot that ... it's true," the girl sighed.

"Why? Don't you want it again?"

"I ... I don't know, it's my first time and it feels a bit sore, but if you have to, I won't mind. I liked it very much. Does that ... funny feeling come each time?"

"It should and I'll make it come for you, that's my job, the girl sucks and I fuck, see?"

"Yes ... I ... if I have to ... I will. I want to learn."

"You don't have to, it's really a sort of favor, I'd like you to."

I smiled at her tenderly and she smiled back.

"Like it is?" she asked, looking down at the shrunken wrinkled stub, slimy and bloody, that hung dejectedly down as I leaned on my side.

"Yes, it's your blood and wet stuff out of you, that's what you have to suck off."

"Alright - I will," she murmured uncertainly, licking her lips. I sat up and moved back, then turned again on my hip with my penis close to her face. I picked it up and offered it as she twisted sideways. She gave a little shiver as I brushed the puckered prepuce against her lips.

"Go on - it won't hurt you," I urged gently, "open your mouth and shut your eyes, then think it's a lollipop."

She gave a little giggle and obeyed me, closing her eyes tight and opening her mouth a bit. I moved my hip closer and pushed my soft penis between her lips. She recoiled as the taste peculated her fresh young palate and made a face, but her soft lips took hold and she gave a tentative little suck.

I could already feel the excitement rising in me as I gazed avidly down at her grimacing face. She wasn't liking it a deeper while realizing what a filthy thing I was doing to a girl who had been virginally innocent such a short time before. To my delight she began to suck more strongly and her eyes flickered open. Hesitantly she moved her right arm, then slid it over my hip to hold herself against me. I stroked her silky hair and she pulled herself closer and began to suck my penis more enthusiastically. After a few moments of this I stopped her, then pulled my penis out of her mouth to draw back the foreskin.

She watched me, color flooding her face as, within inches range she looked at my red, naked glans, which was filmed with blood and spunk, but she opened her lips to take it in and I pushed my penis right in. As she sucked it I reached down and pulled up her vest and her tits were lovely, small nippled and firm and not very big, but not small either. I caressed the lovely soft mounds of flesh and rolled her nipples; as if in gratitude she sucked harder and the blood began to surge into my penis. Gradually as it lengthened and filled out she edged her head back so it wouldn't go into her throat. Her eyes grew round and she shivered with excitement as she realized what she was doing to me. Presently her curiosity got the better of her and she pulled her head back so she could ask me:

"Is this why I have to suck it?"

"Yes I wanted you to find out for yourself-like it now?"

"Oh yes-I'm getting it ready, aren't I?"

"Yes, I told you, that's the girl's job, the girl has to get it ready for herself. Suck my knob a bit more."

She eagerly went back to her task, till I pulled out. She leaned up and regarded it proudly. Molly was kneeling up, watching us and smiling, licking her lips. There were smears of blood round her mouth and a smear on her pert nose.

"Fuck me again, please," the girl asked smiling.

Molly moved away and I slid down and mounted on top of the girl again. She grimaced a little as I pushed in, then smiled as I settled on her and pushed my arms under her slim shoulders and cupped my hands either side of her neck. I lowered my hairy chest down on to her bare breasts, settled my grip tighter then set my hips in motion, dipping deeply into her luscious vagina, vigorously making her body shake and rock and from the tender smile curling her lips she was far from feeling any distress.

"Ooooh ... this ... ooooh ... it's beautiful ... " she panted, "oh push ... push up me hard ... I love it ... " she strained against me as I crushed her body and ground my chest down on hers, "oh ... make me come ... again ... "

"You're lovely," I murmured, capturing her wet mouth. I kissed her hard and thudded my penis faster into her, grinding her soft cunt against her pubic arch. I felt her vagina flood and grow hot, then she stiffened and moaned and rolled her eyes, belly hard and taut in the throes of her come. A moment later an ecstatic thrill shot through me and I groaned, unloading my spunk into her for the second time.