Chapter 1

The girl smiled warmly at the tall figure beside her. Her tits thrust invitingly against the soft black jersey of her dress. Her lips spread sensuously, the dim lighting at the bar picking up the tiny beads of moisture. She lifted the drink before her and took it to her mouth slowly. He watched the thrust of the luscious tits. Her eyes dropped to the firm thighs as the soft skirt draped over them. Carl waited for the young woman to turn back to him and make the offer he had been patiently awaiting all evening.

"Well," she said. "I have to be at work in the morning. If you want to fuck we'd better get on upstairs."

He smiled into the moist and seductive eyes and slid from the bar stool. She leaned back against him for a minute, then spun so that the skirt whirled about her legs and gave a provocative flash of nylon-clad thigh. She stepped against him and let her tits mash against his chest for just a moment. Then she took his arm and let him lead her through the cocktail lounge, out into the lobby of the hotel.

Carl Zweig inhaled the exotic perfume which drifted up from her. He shook her arm off and reached around her waist, pulling her against him as they walked to the elevators. His cock was pulsing slowly. He let her tit rub against his side as they walked past the small crowd of guests who wandered through the lobby. Several men he was acquainted with smiled and nodded their approval of his pick-up. They were salesmen, like Carl, who knew the importance of a good fuck at night before an important presentation the next morning.

They stepped into the elevator as the door opened. The tall salesman pressed button for his floor, then waited for the doors to slide silently closed. She was expecting his kiss as he turned to her. Her face tilted upward. Her lips parted. Her tits thrust outward, rising luxuriously in her anticipation. He felt her melt into his arms as he drew her tightly against him. She sucked his probing tongue into her mouth as their lips met. Her body quivered against him, the surging heat of his cock throbbing through pants and dress.

Damn, but she felt good! She was so soft and compliant. She'd been ready to be fucked all night. He had delayed taking her upstairs as a way of taunting her, of building up her anticipation. He had also built up his own erotic need. His body was trembling with the excitement of fucking this lovely young woman.

He had spotted her during dinner, sitting two tables away from his in the hotel dining room. Carl studied her with an experienced eye. He projected her as probably an airline stewardess. Several of the major lines used this hotel for their personnel as they waited return flights to their home field. That was one of the reasons Carl selected the Chareton when he was in this city. This was the best place to find good, young cunt.

She saw him watching her and smiled over at him. He looked at her in his way that suggested he would like to spend the evening with her. Her smile sparkled back at him, clearly giving him the invitation. He ate, watching her pick at the remainder of her dinner. She was stalling, he knew. She was waiting to leave the dining room until he was almost finished as well.

She was waiting in the lobby as he came out. She pretended to be looking over the magazines in the rack. Carl knew, though, that she was only waiting for him to approach her.

"I think we ought to top off the meal with a good drink," he said softly as he stepped beside her. "A stiff drink, a beautiful woman. What better way to end the day?"

She smiled even more warmly and suggestively as she walked with him into the hotel bar. They sat and talked, listening to the piano player, eyeing one another appreciatively. Carl refused to make the proposition she wanted to hear. He waited, knowing that he didn't have to suggest a fuck. She would. Before the evening was over she would invite him to fuck her.

Now he kissed her deeply, letting his hand drop down and caress her firm ass. His cock throbbed against her soft body. Her tits mashed lushly into his chest. The girl twisted slowly, letting him feel their fullness, their firmness, their softness.

She was gasping for breath by the time they reached his floor. He saw her glance down at his swollen cock as they walked down the hall to his door. She looked a moment at the huge bulge in his pants and shivered in anticipation. Carl patted one of her lovely young tits in reply, then pulled the key from his, pocket and led her into his room.

"Now, young lady," he told her. "I'll show you what happens to little girls who tease me all night."

"Who's been teasing?" she replied, turning her back to him for his hands to reach the zipper and unzip her dress. "I've been serious all night. You were the one playing it so reserved and cautious."

He reached inside the open back of her dress, reached in and let his hands move around to her tits. He cupped the luscious globes and pulled her back against him so that his cock could press against her lovely ass. He kissed her along her shoulders, then nibbled lightly about her ears. The perfume in her hair filled his nostrils, set his senses reeling in erotic pleasure. She was a lovely little creature. She was a damn fine piece of cunt.

Carl slipped the dress from her shoulders and watched it fall down over her ass and down her legs. She turned to him as she stepped over it and caught the top of her pantyhose, puffing them down over her thighs, then lifting each leg to slip them off and toss the hose carelessly onto a chair. She was breathtakingly beautiful as she waited, clad in a tiny, lacy bra and transparent nylon panties. Carl swallowed the lump which popped into his throat at the sight of her beauty. His eyes roved over her in honest admiration while he kicked his shoes off and began removing his own clothing.

The girl walked over to the bed and sat down, waiting for him to undress and join her. She smiled softly, then broadly and happily as she saw his cock rise upward when released from his shorts. Carl patted his rigid, waving pecker as he walked toward her. He felt the anxious throbs of impatience which shook it. He watched the same impatience in her tits as they heaved over the delicate lace of her bra.

"Mmmmmm," she sighed as he sat beside her and filled his hands with tit. "Ooooooo, finally! I had about given up on having them loved tonight."

She trembled while he unhooked the bra and released her tits. Her hand touched his cock, then caressed along the shaft before closing over it and pumping it affectionately. She played with the prick and teased his balls while he slipped her panties over her thighs. She released his cock a moment, to help him strip the nylon off, then reached back for it while he was laying her back on the bed.

"Mmmmmmm," she murmured softly. "Mmmmmm, I hit the jackpot tonight. I got a man with a full-sized piece of meat."

"I know what to do with this meat, too," Carl laughed. "You'll find out that I've got more than just a long pecker. I've got one of the most skilled pricks in the country."

"I'm waiting to be shown," she answered. "Show me, Carl! Show me what you can do with all that meat."

He began kissing her. His tongue roared into her mouth and caressed her tongue. His hands grabbed over her tits, taunting the nipples and massaging the breasts until they pulsed and swelled in erotic pleasure. He mashed and pulled on them. He stroked and petted them. He worked on them softly, then roughly, ten softly and gently once more.

The girl twisted on the bed, her body responding to his caress, her own desire surging through her. She caught his cock in both hands and pulled on it wildly. She had waited all night for him to fuck her. She had sat beside him, leaning over to rub her tits against him, letting her legs slide against his, making sure that he got a good whiff of her perfume. He had seemed to like her. He had appeared to be excited by her body. Yet he had never suggested they came up to his room. She had been forced to issue her own invitation. He had accepted, though. He had accepted and was showing her a hell of a cock.

"Oooooo!" she gasped as her nipples hardened beneath his thumbs. "Mmmmmm! You have my body glowing all over!"

Carl smiled down at the lovely young woman. He could feel the passionate response in her body. Her tits seemed to have flown larger as she thrust them voluptuously into his hands. He reached one hand down to her crotch as he moved his face over her tits and began to kiss and suck the luscious globes. He played with the lips of her cunt, then slowly parted them and fingered her hot clit.

"Oooooeeee!" she gasped as her body leaped beneath him. "Damn! You're turning me on! You're driving my pussy crazy!"

He sucked deeply at a glowing nipple while he massaged the clit more firmly. Her thighs tightened about his hand. Her fingers gripped his cock more tightly. He ran his finger along her clit and pumped slowly into her cunt while his knuckles kept rubbing her clitoral bud into more and more frenzied response.

"Damn! Damn! Damn" she moaned. "Ooooooh, God! Ooooooo! I like it! Damn, but I like it! My pussy is ready for you, Carl! It's all set any time your cock wants to come now."

She pulled his cock toward her cunt. She pulled roughly, demandingly. Carl answered her summons. He climbed over her and let her lead the prick between her cuntlips. The girl shuddered in delight at the touch of the warm cock. She shuddered, then began to throb more deeply as he slowly drove his prick into her moist and waiting cunt.

"Oooooo!" she gasped. "Oooooo, yes! Fuck me! Rain that meat inside and fuck me! Ooooooo! Fuck! Fuck me! Oooooo!"

He fucked her slowly, deeply. He drove his pecker into the far, reaches of her cunt, then brought it out to the lips. He let the bulging knob rub sensuously across her clit with each thrust. The girl pulsed beneath him. Her pussy tried to suck the cock deeper inside. Her passage caught him as he plunged and caressed her with his cock, setting off a thousand tiny spurns of delight. She wrapped her thighs about him and began hunching her ass toward him as he drove, fucking back at him wildly, frantically.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned. "Oooooo, what a cock! What a wonderful prick! Oooooo, keep fucking! Fuck harder! Oooooo!"

His hands worked over her body. He clawed at her tits. He reached beneath her and caught her wild ass as it whirled in blind frenzy. He began to fuck deeper and harder. He balled her with the growing fury within himself. He'd let her feel that cock. She'd know she had been fucked by the time he finished. He clutched her tighter against his frenzied body and fucked faster and deeper.

"Uhhhh!" he grunted in his insane passion. "Uhhhh! Uhhhh! I'll give you a workout! I'll show that little pussy what a cock can do with it! Uhhhh!"

"Oooooo yes!" she shrieked back. "Fuck me! Let me feel your cock tear me apart! Oooooo! Like that! Just like that! Yes! Ooooo! Unload it in me! Unload all that cum! Oooooo! Fuck me!"

He felt her pussy shudder into a wild orgasm. Carl let the girl go limp in the soaring rapture of her climax. He heard her breath come in gasps as she trembled beneath his rampant prick. He let her ride her orgasm for a minute, then released his own pent-up lust. His cock shuddered wildly, then began to pour its cum into her shivering cunt.

"Uhhhhmmm!" he panted. "Uhhhmmmmm! What a delicious pussy! What a gorgeous cunt! Ooohhhhh! What a fuck!"

Three thousand miles away, a lovely blond paced about her apartment. Mitzi Zweig strode about, her thin negligee streaming after her, open to reveal the voluptuous curves of her body. The beautiful blond paced back and forth in frustration.

Was it all in her mind? Had she made it all up? She stepped to the bar and poured a stiff drink. Carl had not been in his room earlier when she called. That would have been eleven o'clock on the East Coast. She looked at the phone, hesitating to call again. Suppose he did have a girl in his room? Suppose he had picked up some woman as she had been imagining? Would he answer the phone? Would he interrupt a good fuck to answer? How would she know it if he did?

She downed the drink in three gulps, then poured another. Damn Carl's job. Damn it, that job that kept him flying all over the country while she waited alone in Los Angeles. Damn the loneliness that left her so exposed to Lorraine's taunts, so open to Blake's invitations. No! She wouldn't accept the offers. She wouldn't listen to their accusations. She wouldn't let them use her loneliness, her suspicions to convince her to join in their sexual games.

She had to get out of the apartment. She had to be out, among other people. Mitzi walked back to her bedroom to dress. A few drinks would help her, she was sure. An hour watching people as they relaxed in a nearby bar would make her feel better.

Mitzi slipped into a light blouse and pulled soft, tight slacks over her lithe legs and seductive hips. She brushed her brilliant blond hair briskly, ten applied very light makeup.

The lovely young wife checked her appearance in her mirror. She would pass inspection. Hell yes. She'd have a little trouble with men at the bar who might be on the make. She could handle them. The problem was her own needs. Her own loneliness was a greater problem, her own loneliness and the fear that Carl was fucking some girl on the other side of the country.