Big Bertha was originally the name of the world's largest gun, a symbol of evil and destruction that could be wrought by depravity. And here the name is scarcely less frightening to those concerned, as it is manifest in the horrible person of the warped prison guard called Bertha. When justice is" not carried out, when the innocent are accused and punished wrongly, the shame of an authority like Bertha's becomes worsened. Sue did not belong in prison in the first place, and certainly did not deserve the jurisdiction of the Gestapo-clad madwoman who constantly tried, with the help of a demented warden, to set the penal system back to the sad condition of the Middle Ages. To quote L.T. Woodward, M.D., in his Sex Fiend: "There is a darker side to sex. This mighty force, when thwarted, when bottled up, when dammed by inhibitions, restraints or frustrations, can find an outlet in violence ... In a frighteningly large number of people, the sex impulse does not receive healthy gratification ... It becomes a compulsive force that can transform human beings into monsters."