Chapter 1

Panda Brooke lay naked in her bed. Her young body was covered with a light sheen of sweat despite the fact that both bedroom windows were wide open. She lay very still as the sounds continued-sounds that had driven her to the very brink of insanity over the past few months.

"Ohhhh, god, yes! Deeper...God, Bobby. . . again...again, don't stop, baby...fuck me...Ohhhhh, Jesus...Yes!"

Panda turned her head to one side and glanced toward the partially opened doorway to the family bath. The sounds that tortured her so were coming from her parents' room just beyond and no matter how she might try, she could not shut them out. Of course, the fact of the matter was, Panda had no true wish to shut them out. She enjoyed them...despite the fact that they caused her pain.

In the room beyond, Panda's mother, Allison cried out one final time as her new husband, Bob drove his prick to the hilt in her clasping cunt. Panda cringed as her mother orgasmed for the fourth time since the family had gone to bed more than an hour before.

Moving her hand slowly down her body, the girl paused as her fingers traced a light pattern on her sweated belly. Lower, she moved her hand until it hovered finally over the thick thatch of blonde pubic hair above her cunt. As the sounds of her parents' lovemaking subsided, Panda eased her middle finger into her cunt and began stroking herself slowly. The sound of her own heart beat furiously in her ears as she lay back fingerfucking herself, her mind filled with the image of her new stepfather, Bob.

"Yes...." she whispered, "Fuck me, Bob! Fuck me with that huge prick of yours...God, fuck me deeper!"

And as the lovely teenager lay there masturbating, her thoughts returned to that hot day the summer before when she had come into her own as a woman.

Ted and Julie Thorndike had lived next door to Panda and her mother for some two years. Julie was not overly friendly to her neighbor's daughter, but Ted was always available when the youth needed a lift, an answer or an occasional swim in the Thorn-dike pool. That particular day had begun like any other for Panda and she was faced with a solid eight hours of boredom while her mother was at work.

Skipping next door, Panda found Ted lying beside the pool in a pair of tight swim trunks. They chatted lightly for a while and somehow, the conversation turned to sex.

"I think Mother is terribly frustrated," Panda confided in her neighbor, "Dad's been dead for almost a year now and she doesn't hardly see anyone."

Ted raised up on one elbow and eyed the pretty teenager. She had the body of a fully grown woman; firm young breasts, a slender waist and full, well-rounded hips. He licked his lips as he gazed into her gray eyes, then he said, "Well, I suppose she can handle the frustration, Pan...but what about you?"

The girl shrugged, "I dunno...I miss my father, naturally, but I'm certainly not frustrated-at least not the way my mother is."

Ted smiled, "Frustration takes on many forms, sweetheart. Do you masturbate?"

The question struck the teenager like a lead pipe. Her face colored and she averted her eyes as Ted awaited an answer. Shaking her short blonde hair, she cleared her throat and replied, "Of course not, don't be silly!"

The man chuckled, "Now just what the hell's silly about masturbation?" he reached over and touched her hand, "Nietzsche claimed that sex was a substitution for masturbation-masturbation being the first form of self-gratification we know, therefore anything coming thereafter is a substitute."

Again, Panda blushed. "But I don't...ah, that is, I never-you know!" she said emphatically.

Squeezing her hand, Ted told her, "Come on now, Pan...everyone masturbates at one time or another-even your mother." He smiled, "What the hell, it feels good."

Panda had become uncomfortable, but it was not the type of discomfort a girl might run from and she questioned, "Well, do you?" Ted laughed, "Of course...not often, naturally...I mean, Julie and I have a fairly active sex life and despite the rumors, we men of thirty are pretty virile!"

Panda raised an eyebrow at his admission. She tried to visualize what he was talking about-she knew how she did herself, but she had never given much thought to what the boys referred to as "whacking off."

"Ummmn., . how...I mean, when do you do it?" she asked cautiously.

"Whenever the mood strikes me and Julie isn't around," he told her.

"Wow!" the teenager exclaimed, "You are so honest, Ted!"

Shrugging, the man told her, "Honesty takes much less energy than lying...." he smiled, "But you know that, don't you, Panda." and it was more of a statement than a question. "Your refusal to admit to masturbating for instance...a simple yes is a hell of a lot easier to say than all the defenses you have to use when you say no."

Panda thought about it. Her discomfort had gradually dissolved and was rapidly being replaced by butterflies in her stomach. "Well...what if I do?" she asked and looked away as Ted squeezed her hand again.

"See? Now isn't that much easier than not telling the truth?"

"I...I suppose so," she told him. "When do you masturbate, Panda?" he asked, his tone a bit more serious than before. Panda glanced at the bulge in the front of the man's trunks and a certain excitement took her as she replied, "Whenever the mood strikes me...and Momma's not around."

Ted laughed again and stood. As he did, he held fast to Panda's hand and pulled her up with him, "I deserved that, sweetheart, but when does the mood strike you?"

Hanging her head, she said very softly, "Often...."

Ted looked down at the girl's tits; they were ripe and full and threatened to burst out of the brief bikini top she was wearing. He licked his lips again and told her, "Come on into the den, little lady. I want to show you something."

Panda's excitement rose to a new height as she followed the man into the coolness of the family room. The drapes were drawn and with no lights on, it was quite dim.

Gesturing to a bar stool, Ted told her, "Just relax, Pan...I think you'll find this interesting," and he walked briskly from the room leaving her alone.

When he returned a few moments later, Ted was wearing a short robe. Panda sensed that he was naked beneath, but her excitement overcame any fear she might have worked up over the situation. Slipping onto the adjacent stool, Ted smiled confidently and settled himself.

"There's only one thing I find more gratifying than simple masturbation, Panda," he told her mysteriously.

"Oh?" she said in return, afraid to ask what it was.

"Yes. And if you have no objection, I'd like to share that with you."

"Wha...what is it?" she was forced to ask.

Slipping the tie on his robe, Ted leaned forward and took hold of Panda's hand. "It's called mutual masturbation," he said softly and guided her hand beneath his robe.

Panda stiffened the moment her hand came in contact with his hairy thigh. She tried to pull away at first, but Ted leaned over further and lay his right hand on her thigh.

"Don't be afraid," he told her, "If at any time you want to stop, all you have to do is say so...but do try it, Pan."

Panda's heart beat heavily in her chest as the man moved her hand higher and she came in contact with his prick. "I...I don't know, Ted. I...I mean, this is so strange," she told him.

"Just touch me, Panda...let me touch you-I won't hurt you, I promise."

Panda chilled as she curled her fingers about the huge throbbing shaft. She had never actually seen a man's prick close up; she had seen her father's a number of times, but had rarely equated that shriveled piece of flesh with any sexual pleasure. "Slowly, she began to run her hand over the growing shaft. It pulsed with life as she explored its length and Ted sighed.

"Oh, Panda...that feels so good!" and as he spoke, Ted let his hand move between Panda's thighs and he began stroking her crotch lightly through the thin material of her bikini bottoms. "Doesn't that feel good?"

Panda was tempted to tell him that she felt nothing, but the truth of the matter was, he was driving her wild. She squirmed uneasily on the high-backed bar stool and leaned a bit closer. Ted released her hand and placed it on her naked hip.

"Why don't you slip the bottom of your suit off, Panda? I'm sure it would be more comfortable."

Panda felt a moment of panic. No man had ever seen her naked before and had she admitted it, it even embarrassed her to change her clothing in the girls' locker room at school. "I...I don't know...." she said in a halting tone.

Before she could protest, Ted pulled her from the stool and swept her bikini bottom down below her crotch. He was still seated and she stood before him unsure as to what he expected of her. Almost in answer, Ted ran his hand over her naked, quivering belly and let his fingers curl upwards to touch her cunt.

"Ohhhh...." she said as his finger entered her pussy and stroked her turgid clit.

"Play with me, sweetheart," he told her and shrugged out of his robe.

Panda was astonished at the size of the man's prick. It seemed too large for any woman to accommodate and she stared at it in open-mouthed wonder.

Easing his finger a bit deeper into her cunt, Ted remarked, "You're not a virgin, are you, Panda?"

The girl found it difficult to speak as the ll man played with her pussy with one hand and slipped the other beneath her suit top to massage her aching tit. " I mean, yes! That is, I fell off my bike when I was twelve...the doctor said I ruptured ah, hymen."

"I see...." he said thickly as he untied the top of the girl's suit and let it drop to the floor. "Just move your hand up and down the shaft, Panda...that feels beautiful."

A surge of pride mixed with excitement took the girl then and she began rubbing the head of the man's cock with her other hand. She was entranced by its size and by its velvety smoothness. "'s so soft and yet so hard."

"Uh, huh...and are you so soft, little lady!" and he pulled her to him. As his mouth closed over hers, Ted forced his tongue between her lips. Shocked, Panda tried to pull her head back, but the man's hand held her tightly. Finally, she submitted to the kiss and warmed as he continued stroking her wet cunt

"Ohhhh, Ted...god, that feels good!" she told him as their lips parted.

"And I like what you're doing to me, baby...would you like to give me even more pleasure?"

"I...I suppose so," she told him as his free . hand roamed over her back and downward to cup one cheek of her ass.

"I'd really like to give you more pleasure, too," he said in a hushed tone as he slipped from the stool to stand naked before her. Both of her hands now held his pulsing prick and she could feel its heat against her belly as he moved both hands to her shoulders.

Guiding her backwards, Ted sat the girl on the couch and kneeled before her. "Just lay back and close your eyes, are going to love this!"

Panda was too excited to keep her eyes closed for long. She did not want to miss a thing and when he kissed her naked thigh, then pulled her bikini bottom off, she chilled. "Ohhhh, god, Ted...what're you doing to me?"

Smiling, the man dipped his head and laved each of her nipples with a wet kiss. She shivered slightly and he moved his mouth lower to her quivering belly. As he kissed and nuzzled her, Panda placed both hands on the back of his head and it was then that she realized what he wanted to do.

"Oh, please, Ted...Please...what are you...ohhh...ohhhhh, god!" she exclaimed as he spread her thighs wide and closed his mouth over the dripping lips of her pussy.

Ted tongued the young girl until she squirmed. He heard her breath coming in short bursts and as he found her clit with the tip of his tongue, she stiffened.

"Ughhhnn...god,'re making me...I...I'm gonna...Oh, Ted!" she squeeled as her orgasm washed over her like a hot wave.

Ted lapped the girl's pussy as she climaxed and shuddered. Her legs drew back almost instinctively as though to give him better access to her entire cuntal area. He licked and sucked and kissed as the crest of her passion arrived to take the very breath from her lungs.

", yesssssss... yessss! she whimpered as he continued to eat her pussy.

When finally she became sensitive, Ted looked up at her and smiled, "Now wasn't that better than doing yourself, Panda?"

Too shocked to utter a word, the girl merely nodded her head and fought to control her breathing. Her heart pounded wildly as the man continued to caress her naked body and he spoke to her in a soft tone.

"Now, sweetheart, how about you doing the same thing for me?"

Panda did not understand at first, then he was beside her on the couch and had guided her hand to his cock again. She curled her fingers about it and stroked it lovingly as he slipped an arm about her. When his hand touched her head and pressed firmly, Panda suddenly understood what it was he wanted from her.

"I...I don't think I can," she said weakly.

"Why not? You're not afraid, are you?"

"Ah, no...but I mean, it's so big, Ted," she told him and stroked his prick faster.

"Just the head of it, Panda...just take the head of it into your mouth."

Panda swallowed thickly. She was frightened, but she was also excited and she did want to please him. Lowering her head, she licked out experimentally with her tongue. She found the taste just a bit salty, but not the least unpleasant.

"Uh, huh...that's it, baby, lick it...put it in your mouth and use your tongue," Ted told the girl and forced her head down a bit.

Panda ovaled her lips and took the plum-like head into her mouth. It was hot and pulsed with life as she swirled her tongue about the velvet head. She found the slitted glans with the tip of her tongue and as she teased it, Ted drew his breath sharply and lifted his hips from the couch.

"Yessss, yes, baby! That's it! Lots of tongue, sweetheart, suck it deep...see how much you can get into your mouth!"

Panda tried, but she could get no more than just the head of the man's bulging cock into her mouth. When she tried, she experienced a choking sensation and was forced to pull off.

"Ohhh, baby...use your hands too...jack me off... . God, I'm nearly there!" he gasped.

Panda had no idea what to expect, but as the man stiffened and grasped her head with both hands, she did her best to please him.

", now, baby-Oh...oh...ohhhhhh, god!" Ted moaned.

Suddenly, it seemed as if the prick in her mouth had a life of its own. It seemed to swell, then jerk and before she realized what was happening, it had happened. Ted's cock jerked strongly and Panda tasted a faintly acrid taste as some sticky fluid burst forth from the head of his prick. She gagged and tried vainly to pull off, but he held her head firmly as he writhed in the throes of orgasm. She felt her mouth being filled with hot, sticky spurts as his prick jerked spasmodically.

"Ohhh, Jesus! How beautiful! How absolutely beautiful!" he said and lifted Panda's face to kiss her warmly on the lips.

Sniffing, Panda wiped a bit of cum from the corner of her mouth and swallowed thickly, "I...I didn't know it would be like that...I mean, that stuff...." and her voice trailed off as he kissed her again.

"That, dear Panda, was absolutely the best head job I've ever had!" he chuckled, "That 'stuff you referred to was's the fluid of life and I daresay, you'll drink a bucket of it by the time you're my age!"

" won't hurt me?" she asked innocently.

"Of course time you'll come to enjoy the taste, I'm sure...." and as he spoke to her, Ted caressed her tits and found the nipples warm and stiff. Running a hand between her legs, he fingered her wet pussy and told her, "But that's only part of it...would you like to fuck?"

Panda's face burned brightly as the man used the indecent term. She had never been able to bring herself to say it before, but somehow, the way he put it, it was not nearly so obscene.

"I...I don't know...." she said haltingly.

"Then let me show you," he said and slipped both hands about her trim waist. Lifting her up, he sat her astraddle his lap with most of her weight on her knees. "If it hurts, just tell me and we'll stop."

Panda had no idea what to expect, but as Ted moved his hips and rubbed the head of his still-stiff cock against her cunt, she thrilled and experienced yet another new sensation. Easing the head of his prick into her tight virginal pussy, Ted pulled the teenager down atop his body.

Panda's mouth formed a silent "O" as the man's prick entered her body. She felt a sudden dizzying sensation, then it passed and it seemed her body was filled with a warmth she had never before experienced. Slowly, she became accustomed to the blunt instrument and in just a matter of a few minutes, she found that by moving her trim body up and down, she received great pleasure from the thing in her cunt.

"Ummmn...that is good," she told him as she rocked back and forth on his prick.

"Take as much of it as you like, sweetheart, it's all yours," he told her and moved his hands up to cup her jutting tits.

Panda liked the feeling of his hands on her body and strangely enough, she liked the feeling of his cock in her cunt. When the first waves of sensation hit her, she began pushing down further and further until Ted's cock was buried to the hilt in her sopping pussy.

"Ohhhh...god, Ted...what's happening? feels like I...I'm gonna...Oh, god...yes...yes...fu...fuck me...FUCK MEEEEEEEE!" she screamed as her second orgasm burst over her like a tidal wave.

Ted grimaced and took hold of the girl's waist. He lifted her up suddenly, then sat her down in his lap. As he did, his prick jerked and spurted to splash the young girl's belly and tits with his hot, sticky cum.

Astonished, Panda looked down as the white mucous pelted her naked body. She marveled at it and tried to catch a bit in her fingers. When the contractions passed, Ted heaved a deep sigh and hugged her to him.

"I predict...." he told her softly, "that we have opened Pandora's Box for you, young lady!"

Hugging him back, she giggled, "That's my real name, you know...Panda is just short for Pandora!" and they laughed together.

Panda lifted her hips from the bed as she orgasmed. She was brought back to reality suddenly by the sound of the toilet flushing and she realized her parents had not yet fallen asleep. She sighed deeply and cast a glance toward the bathroom door-as she did, it opened a bit further and the light from the bath flooded her room. Paralyzed, Panda stared blankly at her naked stepfather. She was unable to move, to cover herself or even move her hand away from her cunt. He simply looked her up and down, smiled and closed the door.

Panda chilled.