Chapter 1

Dee Cooke felt elated this morning and she knew why. Her dad was going to take her with him on a business trip. He had promised her for the past year that when she turned eighteen she could go with him.

Now that she had cajoled him into taking her with him, she knew she would do everything she could to please him.

She spun on her tiny heels toward the bathroom where she proceeded to fill the tub for a good soak. Since they wouldn't be leaving until late tonight she felt as if she should try to relax.

As soon as it was brimming with the suds of her favorite bubble bath, she gently eased herself down into its fluid comfort and emitted an audible sigh.

She stretched her slender legs out languidly in the tub and admired their sculpted loveliness. They weren't quite as long as those of some of the girls she knew but then, she was, after all, only five foot three in her bare feet. She soaped the washcloth and began to scrub her fragile arms, and stared proudly at her full round breasts, jiggling with the motions of her washing. That's where it counts! she mused, deeply proud of the fact that her breasts were already at least a match for her own well-endowed mother's. Lingeringly, she soaped their alabaster perfection, using her bare hands in lieu of the rough washcloth. Immediately, she felt her smooth strawberry nipples perk up against her gently probing fingers. Then, weighing them in her soapy hands, she smiled softly and whispered, "Uh-oh, growing again!" Indeed, she was on the verge of skipping from a B to a C cup, as she had passed from her junior to her senior year in school last year.

Reluctantly, her soft little hands left her breasts and smoothed lightly over the velvet softness of her lower torso, stopping at the narrowness of her waist as she sucked in her breath to see how tiny she could make it. Her delicate fine-boned fingers traced down further to the barely discernible rise of her abdomen and the sparse wedge of light brown pubic hair at the juncture of her thighs. She straightened her legs then, resting her narrow heels on the edge of the tub on either side of the faucet, careful not to wet her crisply sweeping jaw-length hair. She was proud of her crowning glory, too. Everyone said it looked so attractive ...framing her small, pertly featured face.

Idly, Dee began to entwine her fingers in her downy pubic thatch, thrilling as the tip of one sharp nail scraped lightly over the tiny bud of her clitoris.

Golly, I'm lucky to have a father like I have, she thought with a wistful sigh. He's handsome, and ...Dee couldn't bring herself to actually say the thoughts she was having. Somehow it made her feel like a slut, she decided.

Trying to push him out of her mind, she drew her hands across her body. Squeezing at the nipple of her left boob, she saw the fleshy nipple rise up erect at the end. She licked her lips and prepared to have some more enjoyment.

She stretched her body out long and felt the soapy water slosh across her belly and across her luscious mounds of breast. She was in a daze; a sleepy daze of hominess and deep absorption in herself. It was too bad, she thought sleepily, that her dad couldn't know how she felt ...she caught herself and made a firm promise to herself that she could not think of him at all, even when she played with herself so frantically. No!

She brought the soapy washcloth between her legs, gasping at the feel of the fabric as it slid between her thighs and into her pussy. Spreading her legs, she drew the cloth again through the dense folds of her cunt.

The sensation was overwhelming to her. The cloth was slick and warm and it slid across the moist soft lips of her pussy like a warm breeze. Dee put her legs up in the air, and she lightly drew the washcloth back and forth through her crotch, gently playing with "herself.

Increasing the pace, she stroked her pussy with harder strokes of the cloth. She began to breathe more heavily, and she felt her snatch warming inside as it grew damp. Soon, she found that her cunt was virtually steaming with the response to her little game. She moaned lightly and began to hump her hips in the tub.

Dropping the washcloth, she ran her finger through the mixture of sexual moisture and warm water, then she put her finger to her lips, just at the very front of her soft mouth, as if she were preparing to administer a tender kiss on a real-life penis. She extended her luscious pink tongue and lightly licked the end of her finger. She giggled lightly as she felt the pussy moisture on her finger. It felt warm and exciting, as her body was now feeling. She sucked on her finger, pretending to suck on a very big cock. Even though in her short life she had never sucked a cock or felt one, for that matter, it made her feel lewd and sexy to imagine that it was a cock.

Dee found herself breathing harder and salivating heavily as she thought of giant cocks.

Pulling her finger from her mouth she let it touch the nipple of her right boob. The pressure was light but she instantly felt a response to the light touch.

Her nipple sprang up at the end, and she giggled to see how it just shot up into the air. She raised the right side of her hips in the warm water with a tremor of hot pleasure as she stroked her tit. It sent waves of heat and happiness rolling through her exquisite body.

Dee sucked in her belly and watched as it rolled with the hole of her navel bobbing in the soft surface of her skin. She was certainly lusting for a cock. Many cocks, she almost cried aloud. Big hard, hot cocks her father's!

"Yes, yes, yes!" she sighed.

Dee moved down her body with her hand, rubbing the finger lightly along her flesh. She let it caress her knee, causing heat to grow and spread toward her luscious cunt.

She followed the wave of heat with her hand. Massaging the inside of her thigh where the tenderest parts are located, she shivered with the pleasure she was giving herself.

Spreading her legs, Dee played across the entrance to her love channel with her hand. It trembled gently, like the movement of a leaf at the full pink lips of her twat. She drew her fingers across the surface and let the heat build up within, causing her additional excitement.

She felt her cunt excreting a generous quantity of sex sauce, as she had once heard it called: the sweet thick juice she manufactured in such abundance when she was aroused.

Now Dee groaned and let her head fall back gently against the hard edge of the tub. Suddenly she plunged her finger into her hot pussy.

She felt the warm friend probing, thrusting into the damp, tender walls of her snatch. She rolled her hips up and down in the water as she played and let her mouth fall open to a whimper of pleasure. The touch of her finger on her inner surfaces was a lovely shock to her. It was the filling sensation she was so desperate for. She wondered why she had grown so horny ...but, deep down she knew: because she knew she was going to be alone with her father in a motel room in a strange city!

She moved her pelvis up into the air, and she twitched her buttocks with abandoned passion. She began to toss about in the water, and her lustrous hair began getting wet, but she didn't care. Dee was losing herself to the fun she was having; beginning to lose her sense of time and place.

Increasing the movement of her finger, she thrust it into herself with quicker strokes. It was a poor second to actually fucking, she figured, but since she had never fucked how could she really compare. It had to be better because if her finger caused this much pleasure then she was sure a big fat cock would give her so much more pleasure.

Dee moved her finger so that it rose up high in the slight indention of her pussy canal; since the hymen had not been ruptured she didn't get too much depth. Now she flicked her finger across her clit and almost jumped, it was so good for her. She felt her hips swallowing the pressure of her finger with a kind of hunger. Whatever the feeling was, it was delicious to her craving body, she decided.

Throwing her head back she began to moan loudly. "Oh, ohhhhhhh! It's nice! So nice! So fine! So wonderful!"

The gates of her dam were creaking, weakening. She felt she could not hold on. She was peaking, and her thighs were almost numb from the intensity of the sweet pleasure she was now experiencing.

Her pussy was throbbing and very wet with the sauces of her passion. Dee licked her full ruby lips because they had begun to dry from the workout she was giving herself.

She churned and pumped, humping herself with a total loss of inhibition. She gave herself everything.

Shrieking out loud, she knew she could not hold on for another ten seconds. She was sliding into her orgasm and wanted nothing more than for its blessed glories to wash over her and float her away to unconsciousness.

"Hmmmmmmmmmm," she cooed incoherently as she felt the touch of her finger on the tip of her clit.

She felt, too, her pussy lips virtually leap out to suck the finger back in. She thought perhaps her cunt had a mind of its own, and she often wondered if she possessed her cunt, or if it possessed her. She let the question fade, and she hunched her hips up hard into her finger. It began to seem dark to her even though the bathroom light was on.

Dee ripped the air with a cry as she came. The sound was not a syllable that could be found in a dictionary, but anybody who heard it would know exactly what it meant. It meant that a fabulously sexy woman had just gotten off, had come, and had her pussy reamed out so nicely that she almost felt pain from the pleasurable beauty of her orgasm.

Shudders of joy convulsed Dee's prize body, and she lost her sight and her hearing at the release for just a few moments. Pictures, stars, and lights went off inside her head, and she felt the gush of fluid from her sealed-off vagina spread out in a flowing motion, mingling with the bath water as she removed her fingers from between her pussy lips.

Dee knew that if she had had her father's cock in her, she would surely have dug her fingernails into his back, which would also include a few bites on his shoulder, in her present state of joy.

The moments of her explosion passed, but left her with trembling shock waves, residual bursts of joy that gave her body lovely surges of warmth and numbness. Dee felt herself growing drowsy and limp, but she knew she had to get up and dry off, then continue getting ready for the trip with her father.