Chapter 9

Hester Hadley slowly went up the stairs, her head drooping, tears welling to her eyes. They were tears of self-pity as well as shame, for she had been found out at last. A kind of impish impulse had motivated her to wield the garden hose and then a still more perverse one, to throw the blame on golden-haired Betty and to see Betty spanked. Hester had no way of knowing it, because she had never questioned her own subconscious reactions; but the spectacle of Janet's whipping last week and then the sight of her own stepsister's leather-sole-inflamed behind which with her own fingers she had massaged with soothing cold cream, had instilled within her a kind of sensual eagerness to witness more of the same and with herself as an impartial, immune audience. But the maid's unexpected denunciation of her had now cost her all of her pride and vanity, and as she ascended the stairs to her room, her legs trembled beneath her at the thought of what was going to happen. If only her stepmother had let her wait until Father came home so that she could present her case. But she hadn't. And the threat of being reported to her father just like a naughty little girl for additional correction was absolutely unthinkable.

Her head was buzzing, her temples throbbing and her heart pounding loudly as she entered her room. She stood for a moment-in a fit of indecision before her mirror, staring at herself and seeing her oval face with the slantingly set cheekbones, the thick brows over her widely spaced blue eyes, the small petulant ripe mouth with its fuller upper lip, the rather dowdy and old-fashioned thick bun of auburn hair at the back of her head. She saw, too, the irritating red spots of acne on her chin and cheeks, and she grimaced with distaste. Now, not only would these physical flaws be observed by her step-to a stranger's eyes ... and worse than that, to a going to have to expose her most intimate person mother but for the first time in her life she was stranger's punishment.

Feeling sorrier for herself by the moment, Hester at last drew off her dress and then her slip. Again she stared at herself in the mirror, seeing the voluptuous jut of her widely pear-shapted breasts with their dark cores pressing against the almost diaphanous white nylon bra, and the exceptionally thick, indeed, somewhat embarrassingly full triangle of dark auburn pussyhair at the crotch of her panties, the apex of her long elegantly contoured thighs. There was also the outline of her garterbelt, for she was wearing flesh-colored nylons and her sandals. With a groan, she put her hands behind her, tentatively appraising her buttocks which until this moment had never known the ignominy of chastisement. Full, firm and resilient, broad fleshy ovals with a gradually broadening crease between them. Then consternation seized her as she recalled how Betty had told her how Eleanor Hadley had always spanked on the bare. Oh no! She was eighteen, she was going to start college next week, it was unthinkable that she would be so humiliated and so shamed!

She was still standing beside her bed when the door opened and Eleanor Hadley stood there, her face gravely composed.

"Why aren't you on the bed as I ordered, Hester?" she calmly remarked as Hester turned scarlet with shame, feeling her own scantily clad vulnerability before this severe dominatress. Then her eyes fell on Eleanor's hands and she uttered a cry of stupefaction. For the brown-haired matron was holding the buckling strap and the spanking strap which were used on Betty!

"Oh no, please don't!" Hseter babbled, clasping her long slim fingers and twisting them frantically as her courage quite gave way. "Don't punish me that way, M-Mother! I'm too old, I'm going to college next week, I didn't mean to-"

"I see," Eleanor Hadley interrupted her incisively as if she hadn't even spoken. "Not only are you unscrupulous but you are also a coward, afraid to stand up and take your own medicine for something you did. You know very well that you were perfectly ready to let me think it was Betty who had used that hose and to punish her, and you wouldn't have lifted a finger-"

"I didn't mean-" Hester tried to plead her case.

But Eleanor Hadley would have none of it. "Don't try to talk yourself out of it, Hester Hadley!" she snapped. "You think you are an adult just because you are going to college and you are eighteen. Well, let me tell you, yuong lady, you're nothing but a loner, and if you continue in the way you have been behaving here at Claremont, then you will find yourself without any friends at all and thoroughly hated and despised for what you are. Now go lie down on your stomach on that bed at once. Do you want me to tell your father that you're a little coward as well as a liar?"

At this, Hester burst into tears, and, bowing her head, slowly moved toward the bed. With a woebegone expression she clambered onto it and lay with her arms at her sides, softly sobbing. Eleanor Hadley moved briskly to assume her role of executioner. She placed the two straps at the head of the bed, lifted up one of Hester's pillows, and curtly ordered, "Lift up your hips, young lady, so I can slip this pillow under you!"

"Oh please, Mother, please let me off just this once, I'll try to be better, I promise you I will!" Hester sobbed, turning her scarlet tearstained face towards her stepmother.

"I've given you an order, Hester. If you don't want me to give you extra spanks, you had better obey it and be quiet."

With a groan, Hester arched herself up, and the pillow was placed under her stomach. When she fell back, her shoulders shaking with her stifled sobs, she felt the outrageously indecent projection of her scantily clad buttocks.

"Now, hold your arms out in front of you, the wrists together," was the next order.

"Oh please don't tie me, M-Mother!" Hester wailed. "I promise I won't resist, but don't do it to me, I beg you! Please, I-I've never been punished before-please be kind to me!"

"Everyone wants to be kind to you, Hester, if you'll only learn the lesson that you have to give as well as receive," was Eleanor Hadley's answer. "Now don't make me repeat this order. Your wrists!"

Tears running down her cheeks, her lips trembling pitiably, the auburn-haired daughter of Arthur Hadley extended her arms beyond her head, the wrists together. Deftly, her stepmother wrapped the strong leather thong around them and then buckled it up tightly so that Hester's wrists were held as in a vise.

The condemned young beauty turned her tearstained face towards her stepmother to watch with growing anxiety what would happen next. And when she saw Eleanor reach out towards the waistband of her panties, Hester uttered a piercing cry: "Oh no, not that! Oh please, Mother, let me keep them on! They aren't much protection, honestly they aren't! Not on the bare skin, I'll die of shame, Mother!'

"Do you know, Hester, even at the age of eleven, my little girl Betty took a good sound thrashing worse than you're taking this before I've even touched you," was Eleanor's sarcastic retort. "I've given you another order, Hester, and I expect to be obeyed. You have your choice; either you submit of your own free will, or I'll have Betty come in and hold you down While I pull down your panties and whip your bare naughty bottom, and then I'll tell your father that in my opinion he should take over the job of giving you the discipline he spared you all these years. And in his present frame of mind, Hester, I might as well tell you that you need not expect any mercy from him. Now, for the last time, arch yourself up a little so that I can take your panties down for your spanking!"

Again Hester burst into hysterical tears, bowing her head and abandoning herself as she slowly arched herself up. At once Eleanor's fingers moved under the waistband of the thin nylon sheath, and husked it down to the tops of Hester's thighs. Then briskly she unfastened the tabs of the garterbelt and, on second thought, unfastened the garterbelt itself and removed it so that there would not be even this scant protection from the spanking strap.

Her eyes devoured that magnificent virgin bottom, virgin indeed to the stigmata of corporal punishment. The plump, yet perfectly proportioned oval globes twitched and contorted as Hester contracted her muscles in a desperate attempt to diminish their prominence. The smooth soft tawny skin was prickled with a thousand little fluxions like gooseflesh, and because of the pillow beneath her loins, the magnificent bare bottom was thrust up in the most lasciviously inviting way! In a word, for the first time in her eighteen years of arrogant and self-centered life, Hester Hadley was ready to be whipped.

It was a terrible and all too real nightmare for Hester Hadley, whose anguished, tear-blurred eyes now followed Eleanor's every movement. She clenched her thighs together as she sought to make herself unattainably small; but when she saw Eleanor reach for the spanking strap, she uttered a cry: "Oh, no, don't beat me, M-M-Mother! Oh please, I can't stand pain, truly I can't! Please let me off, use your hand, I'm dying of shame as it is, Mother! Please don't hurt me with that awful strap!"

"No, Hester," was the calm, inexorable decree, "your naughtiness this afternoon cannot be so lightly let off with a handspanking. However in view of the fact that this is your first whipping, I am going to be relatively lenient. I shall let you off with fifty good smacks on your naked bottom. Get yourself ready now, for I am going to begin."

These words rang like the knell of doom to Hester's anguished brain. Desperately she tugged at her wrist strap, and tried to turn herself on one side, thereby exposing the thick triangle of cunthair over her plump virgin mount.

"What a coward you are," Eleanor Hadley contemptuously mocked. "If you don't stay in position over that pillow, young lady, I'm going to call Jennie as well as Betty to hold you down. Would you like that?"

"Ohh no, oh no, please!" that was a cry from Hester's very soul.

"Very well then, but the first moment that you try to roll away and lose position over that pillow and don't take the full count of spanks, that is exactly what I shall do," the brown-haired imperatrix warningly declared.

Hester at once plunged her face down against the single pillow left her at the end of the bed, closed her eyes and lay shudderingly like a royalist awaiting the blade of the guillotine to descend. Eleanor Hadley put her left palm on the small of that lovely, beautifully sculptured tawny-sheened back and slowly raised the spanking strap over the twitching globes. "Are you ready, Hester?" she demanded.

And now the magic of corporal punishment evinced itself; this proud, arrogant, aloof girl who had spoken out so vehemently against the "barbarism" of Betty's friend's parents now humbly and meekly whimpered, "Y-yes, Mother, but oh please don't-don't sp-sp-spank too hard!"

Eleanor Hadley smiled triumphantly to herself as she watched the half-naked young girl tense all her muscles in an instinctive defense. It would be a while before Hester would learn that the stoic way of relaxing one's muscles and accepting punishment was by far less taxing to a tender naked girlish bottom. But for the first lesson, there was much to be imparted. And so, without warning, Eleanor raised her right hand and brought the strap down with a wicked CRACK over the tops of Hester's naked hips. A shrill cry of "Ohhhh!" rose at once, as the startled girl twisted her face round to stare at her stepmother. The strap had left a bright pink swath in its wake over the huddling oval globes. And even as Eleanor raised her hand for a second stroke, Hester began to whimper and to cry: "Oh no-oh please, Mother-not so hard-it hurts so-oh please I'll be good, I promise I'll be good!"

Yes, indeed the magic of the whip had entered this room and permeated the psyche of this rebellious "loner"! Hester did not know it, but in her infantile words of protest and pleading, she was echoing the age-old plaints of every girl who has ever been whipped since the dawn of time.

SMACK, the strap bit down wickedly, about an inch below the first mark, bridging both globes. Under it Hester wriggled and then kicked her stockinged legs as she uttered another wild cry of pain and shame: "Eeyeoww! Oh, Mother, please, it hurts terribly, I'll never do it again, Mother!"

By the time Eleanor Hadley had reached the tenth spank which cut with a sonorous impact across the lower summit of her stepdaughter's squirming reddening behind, Hester was dissolved in tears. She continued to jerk at her strapped wrists, and made the evasive maneuver of trying to twist over to one side to protect her bottom from the uplifted instrument of castigation.

But Eleanor's left palm pinned her down like a worm to the bed, and Eleanor's calm and mockingly contemptuous voice served to remind the sufferer that she had hardly earned mercy or leniency in the cowardly way she was enduring the first punishment: "Will you hold still, young lady? Do you want me to call Jennie?" SMACK! "I have never seen in all my life a big grown-up girl like you behaving like such a baby, and that's a fact." CRACK "Try that again, Hester, and I will call Jennie and Betty too, you've been warned!" SMACK! CRACK! "You can cry all you like, just keep in position, young lady, remember that!" WHACK!

By the twenty-fifth spank, Hester's tawny-skinned bare bottom was blazing with horizontal stripes from top to base, not an inch of untouched skin remaining, so dexterously and skillfully had Eleanor Hadley's hand wielded the punishment instrument. Her legs crossed and uncrossed, rubbing together frantically; then one would kick up and lower and then the other the same, while she twisted and turned like an eel over the pillow. But Eleanor continued to maintain her as she would a little child who was rebelling against authority, and the admixture of that sternly pressing palm and Eleanor's scathingly taunting words proved to be the very method by which Hester was subjugated to endure what had long been overdue.

"There," her stepmother commented after the twenty-fifth smack had bitten home against the tender curves of both jouncy bottomsummits, "that's twenty-five. Now you may have two minutes to rest before I give you the second part of your punishment, Hester."

"Ohh-M-M-Mother-oh how my poor bb-bottom hurts-oh please, I'll be so good, oh do let me off, so good, I swear I will, Mother, please don't spank me any more with that horrible strap! My bb-bottom's raw, Mother, truly it is! Please have mercy oh me, please!"

"No Hester, I have never yet let Betty talk me out of decreasing her quota of punishment by so much as one spank, so you can hardly imagine that you will be successful in that attempt. But I will do this for you, if you promise to take the rest of your spanking more bravely and less noisily than you did the first time. I won't tell your father when he comes home tonight that you've been spanked."

"Ohhh!" Hester groaned. In her anguish and shame and now pain, she had quite forgotten the posibility of having this monstrous and degrading experience revealed to her own father. "Oh no, you mustn't tell him, M-M Mother! I would just die, I couldn't stand it!"

"Very well then, young lady. Just don't resist so much and stop trying to roll away. Now, your two minutes are up. Are you ready for the rest of your spanking?"

And once again the magic of the whip had thoroughly conquered this unruly selfish and self-centered young woman. Bowing her head, her shoulders shaking with sobs, squirming uneasily to find a less onerous place in which to endure her castigation, Hester murmured a faint "Y-yes, Mother."

She tried valiantly to suppress her cries and frantic squirmings and thrashings as the strap began to fall again. Eleanor Hadley noticed this and credited her for it, whether she knew it or not. Nonetheless, the beautiful disciplinarian did not leave off sermonizing her stepdaughter as she brought the strap down, this time all in vertical swipes that lodged their entire burning kiss over one bottomcheek rather than both; and often with her left hand she would grasp the edge of Hester's squirming hips and pull the girl back into position over the pillow, warning her briefly that another flagrant attempt to escape would mean a call for Jennie and Betty.

Hester's bottom was furiously discolored, and it was obvious to her stepmother that the girl's skin was quite sensitive, perhaps even more than Betty's. By the time the fiftieth lash fell over the swollen posterior, drawing a final shriek and then a series of hysterical sobs from the weeping girl, the crisscrossing pattern of welts blazed in both bright and somber hue, the earlier spanks receding and paling, and letting the fresher blows stand out in superimposed crimson fury over the jutting naked bottom.

"There!" Eleanor Hadley panted as she lowered the strap for the last time. "I'm going to send Betty up to you in a few minutes while you rest here. And I'll keep my promise I shan't tell your father. Betty will come up in about twenty minutes to untie your wrists and and to put cold water and cold ream on your bottom."

"Ohhh-ohhh-oh it hurts-oh M-Mother, I won't ever do it again-I'm so ashamed," Hester wept.

Eleanor Hadley walked over the head of the bed, bent down and putting her right hand under the girl's trembling chin, lifted up Hester's contorted, tearbathed face. "One of these days, my dear," she said tenderly, "you'll be a very good girl. I can see changes already for the better, now give me the kiss of peace. I'm pleased with you in the main, my dear. For a first time, you took a rather severe spanking reasonably well, and you'll be amazed how much better you'll feel by the time dinner is served."

The dominatress was not surprised when the girl impulsively and passionately kissed her on the mouth with a groan and a sigh. For she too knew the magic of the whip and how it could overcome the most recalcitrant and rebellious nature. Also how it could unleash, or, in the case of Hester, waken for the first time new carnal longings. For the way Hester was squirming over the pillow was not entirely due to the girl's trying to disperse the heat from her swollen bottom. She was pussy rubbing to distract herself and to taste the secret thrill of masturbation as a solace to the pangs of her well-thrashed bottom.

And so, when Betty came up about twenty minutes later, she found Hester weeping softly, her pillow-arched bottom blazing and smarting, but if she had examined the surface of that pillow, she would have found it suspiciously moist. For, just as Eleanor had suspected, Hester had relieved the anguish and tension and pain of the spanking-as soon as Betty's mother had left the room-by rubbing herself off to climax.