Chapter 4

Arthur Hadley and golden-haired Betty's beautiful mother Eleanor came back from their Mexican honeymoon on Sunday evening of the second week. In those two weeks, as we have seen in the first volume, the somewhat pompous and restrained widower had expanded and become far more candid and uninhibited, not only in his behavior but also his outlook, thanks to the brown-haired, mature Eleanor's indisputably captivating influence. He still couldn't get over her frank boldness in having arranged that voyeuristic session at the elegant bordello in Cuernavaca; it had revealed unexpected facets of Eleanor's character as well as her physical enthusiasm for sex. And he had had to admit that at first he had felt extremely guilty about participating in such an incredibly exotic if not perverse entertainment ... but what had followed had so enchanted him that he realized it would be extremely puritanical of him to reproach his beautiful, authoritative wife for displaying such a fascination with corporal punishment.

Moreover, he was intelligent enough and well-read enough-at least theoretically-to comprehend that her considerable interest in spanking and punishment was for her a kind of sexual stimulus which had probably compensated during the years of her widowhood for the loss of her husband in bed. There could be no doubt that, quite apart from the very evident proof that meticulously selected chastisement ceremonials had served to channel her lovely young daughter in the ways of propriety and decorum, they had psychologically served Eleanor as a kind of erotic activity which had kept her from indiscriminate love affairs or a hasty remarriage simply for the sake of finding any man to assuage the deep-rooted passion which throbbed in her ardent loins.

Until he had met her, to be sure, Arthur Hadley had had a kind of pedantic outlook on the uprearing of children, and he had come to the conclusion, along with many modern educators, that corporal punishment was far too old-fashioned and based on a domination through fear of the child to bring about the wished-for respect for parental authority. Then, when Eleanor had admitted to him by what means she had taught her golden-haired, pink-skinned, voluptuous young Betty to turn out to be the adorable, good-natured and wholesome teenager she was, he had been startled by the seeming anachronism which had employed such antiquated and seemingly barbarous methods in dealing with a twentieth century adolescent personality.

But it was fortunate for Arthur Hadley that he had brought his precocious and pampered eighteen-year-old daughter along with him to Malibu, because in comparison with the younger golden-haired girl, she had apparently disproved what he had considered his own wisdom in having brought Hester up in a purely intellectual way, by appealing to her reason and logic rather than resorting to the parental palm, hairbrush or strap. And he had actually come to the point, during his swift courtship of Betty's mother, of finding himself longing to give Hester what, to use the vernacular, might be termed "what was coming to her."

What was, then, his delight during the honeymoon in Mexico, to discover that Eleanor was not only a delightful companion with many cultural interests similar to his own, but also an extremely passionate sweetheart and lover, possessed of a kind of almost impish imagination when it came to the erotic arts, in whose pursuit he himself had acquired only a pedantic and far from practical knowledge. Because when he had watched, through the one-way panel, the pseudo-abduction and coercion and rape of the young bride by the two Mexican "bandits" in front of her gagged and bound husband, Arthur Hadley had been shocked to discover that he had been almost uncontrollably roused by what he had seen, and that the sight of a lovely female bottom squirming and weaving and reddening under the blows of a strap or a hairbrush or a whip had the power to render him savagely amorous. And it remained only for Eleanor in her womanly wisdom to let him see that this late-in-life stimulus was, far from being unhealthy or morbid, only the long-delayed outbreak of sexual impulses which he had far too long suppressed.

And so that Sunday evening of their homecoming was a joyous one for Eleanor and her lovely daughter Betty. Yet Eleanor Hadley did not exclude her stepdaughter Hester from the welcome she gave Betty in her homecoming. Going up to the bespectacled, hesitant, auburn-haired girl, Eleanor smilingly kissed Hester on the cheek and hugged her and said warmly, "I'm glad to be back, Hester dear, and I do hope that you've got to know your new sister a little better by now."

"Y-yes, I have," Hester stammered. Arthur Hadley glanced sharply at his daughter. Of course it was too much to expect Hester to call Eleanor "Mother" so soon, but just the same in his daughter's tone he detected a note of withdrawal and even hostility. And once again he felt his fingers flex and tense in the unmistakable urge to turn his daughter over his lap and administer to her the most salutary of spankings.

The colored maid Jennie had made a tasty summer supper to welcome the honeymooners back, a strawberry omelet, a huge pitcher of iced tea and a very palatable salad, and she had also baked biscuits and a rich, thickly frosted chocolate cake with yellow dough which was one of her specialties. Arthur and Eleanor sat at each end of the table, with Betty to her mother's right and Hester to the left, and uninhibited, warmhearted Betty broke the conversational ice by insisting that her mother and "Uncle Arthur" (she had agreed before her mother had left for Mexico to call her new father this for a time until she could accustom herself to the more intimate and meaningful title of "Father") relate to her something of the sights they had seen in that fascinating country south of the border.

Needless to say, neither Arthur nor Eleanor touched at all upon the bordello episode in Cuernavaca, but both of them were able to furnish ample details of the magnificent scenery, the delightful shops, the museums and the theaters, the nightclubs and the people they had encountered during their stay. Hester lost some of her diffidence and let herself be drawn into the conversation, eagerly asking her father about the historical landmarks he had visited, such as the battlefield on which the Austrian Emperior Maximilian had surrendered to Mexico's first great president, Benito Juarez.

At last it was time for bed, and Betty charmingly excused herself, going over to her "Uncle Arthur," bending down to him in his armchair, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him sweetly on the cheek. Hester, standing by, colored hotly at this mark of affectatious familiarity as she believed it to be. And while Eleanor glanced curiously at her new stepdaughter Hester drew herself up and said in a cool impersonal voice, "Good night, Father." Then, just glancing at her stepmother, she said listlessly, she said, "Good night," and then went up the stairs to her room.

"I'll come in to wish you good night, Betty dear, in a little while," Eleanor called after her golden-haired daughter. When the two girls had disappeared, she looked mischievously at her husband and murmured, "Well, Arthur, now it's going to be interesting to begin our new life together as parents of two very different and certainly unusual girls, don't you think?"

"Indeed it is, Eleanor darling." He rose from his chair and came over to her on the couch, seated himself beside her, slipped his left arm around her waist and took her hands in his right hand. "I just hope, however, that this doubly new problem of fatherhood isn't going to estrange us."

"If, sir," she archly countered, a mischievous twinkle in her dark eyes, "by that you mean our own private lives, I don't think you have to have any worry on that account. That is of course, unless you're already tired of me."

"Eleanor!" he reproachfully gasped as he hugged her to him, lifted her hands to his lips and kissed their soft fingers ardently, "you know better than that!"

"Thank you, darling. I'll say this, you've certainly made a wonderful start as a husband and lover. Of course, I'll be much interested to see how you take to your new fatherly responsibilities. And I mean with Hester as well as with my girl. I want to be asolutely fair, Arthur. We must both be that way, you know. Although it's very true that Hester shows herself to be very badly in need of discipling, I think it would be a very great mistake to rush matters. I feel that somehow things will work out just naturally until the time comes that both of us agree that she must begin, late though it certainly is, to shape up, as the saying goes."

"Speaking of shapes, darling," he murmured in her ear, "I'm just crazy about yours. Let's go to bed right now."

"You really are a changed man, Arthur Hadley," she teased softly, rubbing noses with him. "All right. You go ahead and shave and do whatever you want to do, and I'll go and tuck Betty in and say goodnight to my darling, and then I'll join you."

"Aren't you going to say good night to Hester too?" he amusedly asked.

"I think she'd resent that. I saw her look at me when Betty was kissing me. I think you noticed it too, Arthur."

"Yes, I did. I could have slapped Hester for that silly, almost hurt look she had on her face. She's going to realize very soon that I was lucky enough to find the most wonderful mother for her and also the most wonderful sister."

"Betty and I thank you, Arthur darling. And now, I think before we forget ourselves and act like a couple of teenaged kids right here on the sofa in front of God and everybody, I'd better say my goodnight to Betty," She gave him a stinging kiss on the mouth, and then laughingly broke away from his grasp as she hurried up the stairs.

Betty had already changed into her pretty yellow cotton pajamas and was in bed with the sheets tucked up about her neck as her mother gently opened the door and came in. She sat up in bed and gasped, "Ohh, Mummy, I'm so glad you came in. I've so much to tell you."

Eleanor Hadley gently closed the door, but without turning on the light, and then made her way over to her daughter's bed and sat down on the edge. For a tender, lingering moment, the two put their arms around each other and kissed, a moment which Betty treasured because it at once let her know that she was still foremost in her mother's affections.

"There, darling," Eleanor Hadley whispered. "Now, why don't you tell me all these things you've got to tell me. Let me guess. It's about Hester and, unless I'm very much mistaken, her reaction to your friends. Am I right?"

"Right as rain, Mummy!" the lovely golden-haired teenager giggled. "Well, she's met Verna and Barbara, and the Gilmore girls and the Gilmore maid, and Nancy and Sally Jamison, too. And I've sort of spread the word, if you know what I mean, Mummy, so that all of them talked about how they got spanked when they were naughty."

"That's my clever little strategist," Eleanor Hadley stroked Betty's golden pageboy curls. "Your hair's getting quite long, darling. I suppose you'll have to have it cut before school starts, but we'll let it go until the last week of vacation, because I love you when your hair's so long. It's so womanly and feminine. Now then, just how did Hester react?"

"Well, Mummy, just like you thought she would. Mrs. Gilmore invited us over for tea early this week, and Janet and Connie were telling us how they all got a tanning, Tony included and even Hilda too. Hilda was there serving us tea and cookies and she piped up and explained how Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore punished her for spanking Tony."

"Well, that must have been a shock to our scholarly new stepsister, hmmmm?" Eleanor Hadley laughed.

"I should say it was, Mummy! And do you know, she said that she had never heard of such a horrible thing and she didn't know how all of them could sit there and talk about those horrible beatings-that's what she called them."

"Well, now, and what was the answer to that, darling?"

"I told her that I felt I ought to be punished when I was naughty, and that I loved you awfully, Mummy, and even Hilda came out and said that she felt like one of the family because she was treated like Janet and Connie when she was bad."

"That must have been quite a shock to Hester. Well, darling, quite apart from that, I suppose you've been a good girl all the time we've been gone?"

"I've tried. You can ask Jennie."

"No, darling, I don't work that way. First of all, Jennie loves you almost as much as I do and she wouldn't snitch on you, to use the colloquial expression. Second, I trust you enough to believe you when you say you've been a good girl. So what do you think of Hester, by and large?"

"I like her a lot, Mummy, I truly do," Betty confessed. "It's only that-well, I don't know just how to express it. I guess maybe she's a little older than I am and going to college and all makes her look at things differently. But sometimes she's so know-it-allish, I just want to-well, I just want to slap her!"

"I'll let you into a little secret, darling. So do your father and I. Yes, Betty, I think that if things happen the way I think they might, your new sister is going to find out what a spanking is like before she starts her first day in college. And now, give me a sweet goodnight kiss and then you get your beauty sleep, my little darling."

"Oh yes, Mummy darling!" Betty sighed, and then hugged her mother as their lips met in a long and fervent kiss.

Eleanor Hadley went back downstairs to the master bedroom, for it had been decided that she and Arthur would stay on the first floor and let the two girls have their rooms together on the second. There were practical reasons for this, so that the newly married couple would have no reason to fear intrusion of their desired amorous privacy. Jennie's room was at the other end of the first floor, just off the kitchen, and Eleanor had had it very attractively furnished because she was very fond of her colored maid.

When she entered the bedroom and closed the door behind her, Arthur Hadley was in his pajama bottoms, just emerging from the bathroom. He flushed like a schoolboy and Eleanor giggled and held out her arms to him.

"I see I'll have to hurry to catch up," she quipped, as he held her tightly and began to kiss her neck and cheeks and her lips. "For heaven's sake, darling, such ardor two weeks after or wedding day is most satisfying, I can tell you! Now don't rumple my dress and let me hurry and get ready!"

"I don't even want to spare you that much time away from me," he muttered, his prick hardening as he felt her body merge to his, her loins knowingly and teasingly rubbing over his crotch.

"It's nice to know you're wanted," Eleanor teased as she nibbled his earlobe with her sharp white teeth and then laughingly broke away as he tried to pull her towards the bed. "Uh uh, darling, you just get back into bed and wait till I come there. I won't be a jiffy."

"If you are, I might be tempted to give you some of the same medicine you give Betty," he quipped, and then his face suddenly went very red, because his beautiful new wife was staring at him with a teasing little smile and very wide, humid eyes.

"Well, now, I think that was the least inhibited speech you've ever made to me. Arthur Hadley," she declaimed. "We'll talk about that later. But right now, I want to get all nice and ready for you, because I'm all nice and hot for my wonderful new husband. So be a good boy and wait, you hear?"

With this, she slipped into the bathroom and closed the door behind her, while Arthur Hadley got into bed, his prick threatening to burst through the fly of his pajama bottoms. He reached over, took a pack of cigarettes, lit one, lay back and waited, his heart pounding wildly. Decidedly, he felt like a young man again, and it was all Eleanor's doing.

A few minutes later, the brunette emerged in a filmy white nylon nightie that left nothing to the imagination so far as its diaphanous adherence to her opulent charms was concerned. He could see the thick, dark brown triangle of her muff, the heavy jut of her beautiful round titties and the dark peaks which signifed those sweet, erogenously sensitive nipple buds which his fingers and lips so loved to linger over, as well as the prick-hardening flair of her haunches and beautifully, muscled, round, solid thighs, whose muscular ardor he had learned so deliciously during their fiery Mexican honeymoon.

"Here, let me have a puff or two of that before you put it out, darling," she murmured as she slipped into bed beside him, reached over him to take the cigarette from the ashtray beside the bed. As she moved back beside him, her free hand crept down under the sheets and came to rest against the rigid polarity of his prick, and she gave him a tantalizing little squeeze between thumb and forefinger that nearly made him burst.

"You're going to pay dearly for that, young lady," he threatened, his voice hoarse and unsteady with longing. Eleanor Hadley puffed at the cigarette, tilted back her head, closed her eyes and dreamily let a series of blue rings rise towards the ceiling. Then she handed back the cigarette to him, he took a last, nervous puff and crushed it out, and then turned to her. With a moan, she moved closer to him, her mouth instantly merged to his and her nimble tongue flicked in and out between his lips. His hands began to fondle her titties and he drew her over onto her side as he turned towards her, so that she could feel the stab of his bulging cock against her furry crotch.

"Eleanor, Eleanor!" he murmured huskily. "You're the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me! I tell you one thing, even if Betty is naughty, I'm going to discount her first spanking as a kind of dividend for having struck up an introduction between the two of us. She deserves a reward for throwing that beach ball the way she did, and I'll never forget it."

"I'll tell her," Eleanor whispered, nibbling his earlobe with her sharp, white teeth. "But don't forget, young man, we both have to agree when the time comes for you to give Betty her first paternal spanking. Remember, all these past six years she's known only me as her disciplinarian, and just as your Hester is going to have to adjust to her very first chastisement, so Betty is going to have to accustom herself to having a man in the house again."

"Agreed. In the meantime, since I have the original first edition right here beside me, there's no reason why I can't take out my spanking impulses on you," he whispered, as his right hand moved over to squeeze one of her luscious, ample yet marvelously satiny resilient buttocks.

"Sadist!" she giggled irrepressibly. "Sadist isn't so."

"Ow!" he groaned in mock alarm. "That really deserves a swatting," and with this he lifted his right hand and gave Eleanor a stinging, noisy slap on her bottom.

"Mmmmm," she moaned lasciviously, wriggling up tightly against him so he could feel the furry curls of her cunt practically inviting his cock to tear through the single thickness of nightie and come house itself in her inviting depths. "You're quite a caveman, Arthur, lover ... now hurry, I'm just dying for you to put it into me...."

With this she lifted the hems of her nightie while he swiftly dragged down his pajama bottoms, and then with as gasp of ecstasy he felt the merger of their naked, palpitating, hot flesh. At once his prick had gouged against the thick, crisp curls of her cunthole, and her lips crushed his furiously as she wound her arms around him and surrendered herself.

He could feel himself edging between the pulsing pink lips of her vulva, and he heard her groan as he slipped down and began to forage deep into her channel till, in a long continuous thrust, he felt himself imbedded to his balls.

She clamped her left leg over his, arching to him as her tongue boldly and wantonly furled between his lips, while she moved her lips in tiny little agitated movements so as to scrape his impaling ramrod to this angle and that against the crannies of her concupiscent cunt.

"Welcome home, darling," she breathed, as with a groan of delight, he rolled her over onto her back, wanting to take the initiative, and then they began to fuck with a steady and deliriously savoring rhythm which finally quickened as their passions mounted. And these tears which sprang to Eleanor's eyes as her body shuddered with the furious tumult of orgasm were indeed the happiest tears of all!