Chapter 3

When Louise Gilmore returned with her fifteen-year-old son Tony from the dentist, she sent him at once to his room and, going to her bedroom, changed into a green satin negligee and matching mules and then rang the bell for Hilda.

A few moments later, there was a gentle knock on her door, and the silver-blonde dominatress called, "Come in, Hilda!"

The buxom, handsome German maid entered, still wearing her tight black silk dress and lace cap, her face at once attentive and adoring. For, even though she had to admit to herself that it was not quite right to let the children watch her being given Die Peitsche on her naked Hinterbocken, the fact remained that when either her mistress or master had administered the whipping, she was beginning toderive the most unusually pleasant sensations ... and these were not entirely from a nostalgic recollection of how her father and mother had used to pnnish her. Having come to this country in hopes of finding a man and then being disappointed, Hilda at twenty-eight had begun to experience certain by now intolerable longings. She was not a virgin, for at sixteen behind a hedge back at her father's farm, she had tumbled round and round with a very good-looking young farmer's apprentice by the name of Hans Georg Viertmann, who had taught her what fucking was like. They had had a go at it for several months without her parents' finding out until one days Hans Georg's boss had discharged him for making a play for his own daughter, and so Hilda's young lover had fled in disgrace without even having a chance to say goodbye to his blonde, obliging sweetheart.

Fortune had been kind to her because she hadn't gotten pregnant from that very lusty and rather prolonged bout of summer fucking. But after all, that had been a dozen years ago, and now she was a full-bodied woman and proud of it. The only men in this household were, of course, Herr Gilmore himself and the Jungling, Master Tony. He was a stocky, stur dy boy, taking after his father, with black hair, a rather rebellious face, and Hilda shrewdly suspected that he was coming to the age when he was getting interested in girls. She had noticed once, when she had had to help Mrs. Gilmore whip all three of the children, and Tony had been last, that he seemed to be taking it all in when Janet and Constance had had to pull down their own panties and offer their bare Hinterbocken for the ruler smacking which Mrs. Gilmore had dealt out.

Yet all the same, though she could not quite explain all her emotions, Hilda stood in something of a sensually adoring attitude towards the silver-blonde disciplinarian. And this green satin negligee which shaped out Louise's imperious, tall and magnificently developed figure made Hilda's pulses quiver and race with more than usual attentiveness.

"Well, now, Hilda," Louise Gilmore greeted her. "Tell me all about this afternoon. Did you do as I told you to?"

"Ach, ja, Frau Gilmore, I did just that!" Hilda eagerly exclaimed. "I brought in cookies and tea several times, and then I pretended to dust a little here and there so that I could listen to what they were saying."

"Very good. And were they talking about spanking?"

"Oh yes, Frau Gilmore! But it did not seem to make that new one, that Hester, very happy.

She was forever saying that it was a terrible thing for parents to beat their children and to be so cruel to them."

"That is what Eleanor thought would happen," Louise Gilmore said thoughtfully, more to herself than to her buxom maid. "Well, next week when Eleanor comes back, I shall have a good deal to tell her. And so you say, Hilda, that Janet and Connie talked about the way my husband and I punish them, I imagine?"

"Oh yes! And do you know, you will be pleased to hear, Frau Gilmore, they both said to this Hester that she was wrong, that they loved you both because they knew when they had done wrong and expected to be punished that you were fair about it, you and Herr Gilmore," Hilda enthusiastically explained.

Louise Gilmore considered her voluptuously opulent German maid with smoldering eyes. Fred had just left for San Diego, where he might spend all of the next week or two on business. And she was beginning to feel a certain sensual longing, which might well involve this luscious blonde domestic of hers, whom she had trained so well and who felt herself already a member of the Gilmore family. There was no doubt that Hilda had a masochistic streak in her nature. It might well be turned to an erotic advantage.

According, Louise Gilmore lolled back on her chaise lounge and stared appraisingly at her maid, who flushed under this intense scrutiny. "Tell me, Hilda, are you perfectly happy with us?" she innocently inquired.

"Oh yes, Frau Gilmore! I am so happy, it is a good job, I save much money, I've become a citizen, and I think the children like me too!"

"Yes they do, Hilda. You're a wonderful cook, and although at times you're forgetful, you're a good girl most of the time. I'm very pleased with you, and so is Mr. Gilmore."

"Oh thank you, Mistress!" Hilda emotionally exclaimed, and then impulsively went down on her knees, seized one of Louise Gilmore's hands and bore it to her lips and covered it with kisses.

Louise Gilmore's eyes narrowed and a concupiscent light came into them. "Have you been very good these last few days, Hilda?" she murmured, putting a hand out on Hilda's shoulder to retain the handsome German domestic in this genuflecting position which made her in turn feel all the more like the dominatress she was.

"I-I have tried to be, Mistress."

"That's true. But now, admit it, I let you off last week when you dropped that cup, didn't I? And there was the week before when you forgot to order cream from the milkman, and Mr. Gilmore didn't have any for his coffee that night, and he was most displeased, but I prevailed upon him to let you off that once, do you remember that, Hilda?"

The buxom blonde tremblingly nodded, her soft blue eyes very wide and fixed on her mistress' stern, exotic face.

"Then I think," Louise murmured softly, "that we should wipe the slate clean. Don't you think so? Because then you know I shall be quite happy with you and we can share the kiss of peace."

"Oh yes! If you think I should be punished, Mistress, then I want you too! And-and I would rather, oh no, I shouldn't say this-" Hilda blurted, then clapped a hand over her mouth and turned a very lovely red as she lowered her eyes.

"You may speak freely, we're alone together in my room," Louise Gilmore told her.

"Then, then, Mistress, the thing is, of course I want always to be punished when I have done wrong, but sometimes when it is done before the others, I feel ashamed. I know I should, but what I mean is that I am so much happier when we are alone like this and you do it to me by yourself, even more than when Herr Gilmore does it to me."

"I think I understand what you're trying to say, Hilda. Very well, I shall accommodate you this time. Go lock the door," Louise Gilmore murmured. Her voice had become husky, and her titties had begun to rise and fall quickly against the clinging and glossy stuff of the negligee.

"You're sure, Hilda dear, that you want me to punish you?" Now Louise Gilmore's voice was throaty and soft, and both her hands softly fondled Hilda's dimpled plump shoulders.

The round, pretty face of the buxom German domestic was scarlet with mingled emotions, and her blue eyes were lowered, not daring to meet Louise Gilmore's intent look. She could only nod.

"Very well. You may prepare yourself. But this time, Hilda, I want you all naked except for your stockings and shoes," was the edict.

"Oh, yes, M-Mistress," Hilda gasped almost in relief, it seemed. She rose, and began hastily to pull up the black silk dress over her head and shoulders. Her lusciously ripe hips wriggling licentiously as she did so. Then followed the slip, and now her pink-satiny body was observed in the mouthwatering dishabille of a tight white nylon bra with shoulder straps and bandeau and the famous white rubber girdle which clung tenaciously about the plump rondures of her spacious bottomglobes. Her nylon hose were held up high on her thighs by black elastic garters to which attractive little rhinestone figures had been sewn-a present from Louise Gilmore herself last Christmas. Hilda reached behind her to unhook the bandeau, and then pulled off the shoulder straps and hesitantly turned to the little tabouret on which she had neatly folded her dress and slip, and laid the bra on that growing pile. Now she was naked to the waist, and Louise Gilmore's eyes flamed with covetous desire.

Hilda's titties were arrogantly bold melons, with broad coral auroela in whose centers voluptuously ripe, crinkly buds nestled. Her navel was narrow and deep, and it provocatively marked the pink goblet of her belly. Her skin was marvelously soft and smooth, and the baby-pink tinging of her bare flesh was carnally appetizing to the extreme. Although she was robust, and perhaps some might have considered her too plump, the fact was that she was magnificently and perfectly proportioned. Tall, svelte Louise Gilmore seemed to dominate her even now as she peremptorily rose, and moved over to an armchair beside the door of her room. "Take off your girdle now, and be quick about it, Hilda," she said sternly, and only a faint trembling of her voice betrayed her rising emotions, which were not entirely limited to those of corporal discipline.

"Why-yes, M-Mistress," Hilda murmured faintly. Her face was scarlet now as she turned her back to the dominatress and, stooping a little, inserted her fingers under the waistband of the white rubber sheath and began to tuck it down. This maneuver was not accomplished without leveral lascivious twists and wrigglings, which had the effect of making her beautiful big firm titties jounce and jiggle, and Louise Gilmore's lips were moist and quivering by the time the girdle finally quitted Hilda's opulent hips and bottomglobes, slithered down to her ankles, and the maid stepped out of it, stepped down to retrieve it, and then turned, holding it in her hand almost helplessly, as she waited for a new order as to its disposal.

Louise Gilmore caught her breath at the appetizing, maddening vistas of luscious naked young womanflesh displayed to her smoldering eyes. The plump cuntmound was thicketed over with a fleece of dark blonde curls which covered the plump labia of that sensual orifice and disappeared along the groove leading to the nether temple of Sodom. The nylon hose caressed Hilda's opulent thighs and admirably rounded, firm, quivering calves with the cling of a second skin, and the garters marked a taut indentation in the luscious pink columns between which that amorous apex hid itself under the silky curls of the pubis.

"Just drop it, Hilda, it doesn't matter," Louise Gilmore's voice was husky now with longing. "Now kneel down on the chair-no, kneel on your palms on the chair, and bow your head well over the back at once, you naughty girl!"

When Hilda took this servile position, her big solid round bottomglobes jutted out all the more enticingly, and the gradually broadening furrow between them seemed to expand and allow a glimpse of the ambery-shadowy cleft which led to her second temple of love.

"Let me see," Louise Gilmore mused aloud "what shall I whip you with?" She looked around eagerly for the ideal instrument, while Hilda, having bent her head and shoulders over the back of the chair, waited, the plump cheeks of her behind twitching and quivering with anticipation. The muscles of her calves and thighs rippled and flexed under the clinging gauzy nylons, and her big titties were pressed tightly against the back of the chair of punishment. Yet the voluptuous quiverings which beset her almost naked body were not those of apprehension ; instead, they were the preface to her amorous tumescence. With all her mind and heart, she was conveying thought waves to her stern and beautiful mistress, hoping that the latter would take pity on her needs and, after giving her a really gutes Schlagen, console her.

Louise Gilmore at last decided on her ivory comb, an heirloom left her by her mother. It was solid and weighty, and it could sting smartly, as Hilda had already learned from past experience. But first, and because of this very intimate setting between them, the dominatress wished to have under her hand the naked satiny contours of that voluptuous big bottom, so that the feeling of domination and conquest and subjugation would be the more intensified.

Accordingly, she walked back from her dresser to the chair on which Hilda knelt, and proffered the comb to the quivering lips of her maid: "Hold that between your teeth, Hilda, and don't you dare let it drop, or I'll give you twenty extra spanks with it, you understand me?"

"Oh yes, Mistress!" Hilda eagerly agreed, glancing back at her mistress with a beatific smile on her full red lips. To her masochistic soul, this nuance of imperious compulsion exactly appeased her little-girl longing to feel the security which only a good thrashing could bring about, and after the threashing the kiss of peace ... many kisses, Hilda secretly longed for!

Louise Gilmore did not seem as yet to read her maid's mind. Once Hilda had seized the comb between her teeth, the silver-blonde dominatress posed her left palm on Hilda's neck, making her bow down her head still more as if she were truly the vassal and the serf, and then impreriously ordained, in a voice somewhat hoarsened by her own subtle emotions: "I am going to spank your big naughty bottom, Hilda, until it stings and is ready for the comb. Remember now, don't you dare drop the comb until I am ready for it. Nod your head to show me that you're ready for your spanking!"

Hilda bobbed her head with alacrity. Then, closing her eyes, sucking in her breath, her nostrils dilating, she waited, the hardening nipples of her titties rasping against the back of the stuffed armchair, pressing all her weight down through her knees against her tender palms as if by this kind of self-excoriation she would show to her beloved mistress the supreme degree of self-debasement and resignation and surrender.

In doing so, she unconsciously-or perhaps consciously!-thrust out the very crown of those ripe, pink-sheened, palpating bottomsummits, as if eagerly pleading for the hardest of smacks on their fulsome curves. And now it was Louise Gilmore's turn to suck in her own breath at the provocative abandon with which her virtually naked maid surrendered herself to this castigation which was only feignedly deserved.

Smack! Louise Gilmore's right hand rose and fell like a plummet. The crisp palm resonantly made impact against the broadest, plumpest satiny curve of the right buttock, and Hilda's naked hips jerked for an infinitesimal instant, as her head rose, her eyes opening, her nostrils dilating still more to discover the fierce heat of that initial spank, the prelude to what she prayed would be a lengthy and voluptuous correction.

Louise Gilmore did not disappoint her. The second spank, on the left cheek at exactly the same area as its predecessor to the right globe, was delivered a full minute later, while Louise Gilmore watched the quivering ripples that seemed to move fluidly along the jutting gluteal curves of that magnificent Callyphygian amplitude, truly worthy of the Venus Callyphyge herself. Then there was a still longer pause while Louise Gilmore's narrowed eyes contemplated the bright pink splotches of her palm outlined on each bottomsummit with the artistic fidelity of a Rembrandt, and watched the globes contract and shiver and then yawn in abandon.

"Put your head a little lower down, Hilda," she arbitrarily ordered, her voice stern and inflexible again. She saw Hilda shiver, saw her squench forward on her knees, shifting her palms with them, so as not to leave the position; then her almost naked maid humbly shoved down her head and shoulders to the maximum, and the spectacular out-thrust of that voluptuously pink-satiny bottom made Louise Gilmore shudder and bite her lips with a mounting erotic fever which was now overtaking her own loins. She moved a little closer to the chair, leaning towards Hilda with almost maternal felicitude, her left palm still bearing down on the young woman's neck. Now her right palm seemed to caress each of the sumptuous cheeks, as if constating not only the resilience of the naked netherglobes, but the quality of epidermal satin and the potential resistance of this and that sector of that opulent and proffered posterior.

A faint little moan escaped Hilda, for this benign caress not only intensified her suspense, but also enervated her lascivious desires. She could feel her pussy moistening, the lips twitching, and she was nearly swooning with her yearning for her mistress. But she didn't dare drop the comb and express herself. She only silently hoped that Frau Gilmore would understand, would comprehend what was taking place inside of her.

Hilda had never experienced Sapphic love. But, wiser than her own mind, her body yearned to experience it now, and all her shudderings and quiverings, all the jutting out and the nervous squirming of her satiny broad hips explicity implored such an initiation, though perhaps she could not and would not have so expressed herself in words, even if given the opportunity.

Now, as if satisfied with her palpatations, Louise Gilmore's left fingers suddenly gripped the soft round neck of her maid, signaling to Hilda that the moment had come for the serious part of the chastisement. And then briskly, her right hand rose and fell a dozen times, alternating on the buttocks, first right and then left, beginning at the tops of hips and working down towards the summits and applying crisp, vigorous slaps which immediately imparted a vivid crimson coloration to the warm natural pink satin of the naked flesh thus chastised.

Hilda's teeth clutched the comb as if her life depended upon it; her eyes closed, her nostrils flaring and shrinking, she contented herself with little whining sighs and whimpering moans as the stinging slaps once again resumed after a shorter pause. Now Louise Gilmore's hand attacked the lower summits, working down towards the base and the tops of the plump full thighs, and Hilda squirmed on her palms, shifting herself, but always arching forward, always retrieving any lost ground with almost feverish desire to prove to her mistress that she was totally submissive as well as grateful for this mark of attention. In so doing, her panting titties flattened against the back of the chair, and her nipples scratched by the upholstery, became hard rosy flints of desire. She felt a moisture gather in the depths of her cunt, and her ears were buzzing with the maddening langour which had taken possession of her. It seemed to her that she no longer had control over her bottom and lower limbs, for now at each stinging and noisy slap, her hips jumped and jerked and swerved, as if of their own accord and beyond her will to halt them in such salacious gyrations.

Louise Gilmore did not stop until she had "worked up" that ripe, ample naked bottom twice, which meant a total of about sixty slaps.

Tears were running down Hilda's cheeks by the time Louise Gilmore at last stopped, ruefully flexed her fingers, and glanced at her reddened, inflamed palm.

Hilda's shoulders were shaking, and she was squirming back and forth on her knees, her fingers clutching them, shifting restlessly, not daring once to leave position. Louise Gilmore unfastened the belt of her negligee, and let the green satin sheath open like the petals of a flower to reveal her lithe, still youthful body. Her own nipples were dark and stiff with longing, and the dark blonde muff at the apex of her long svelte, nervously muscled thighs was moist as well. Now she moved round the side of the chair, extended her right hand towards Hilda's mouth, and took the comb.

"I will give you two minutes to prepare yourself, Hilda dear," her voice had become tender and almost crooning now. "If you need more time, just tell me when you are ready. I am going to give you twenty good spanks with the comb on your big naked bottom, Hilda. They will be very hard and they will make you cry. I permit you to cry."

By this, Hilda understood that her mistress commanded her to cry and wished her to cry; as she glanced back, her eyes welling with tears, her lips trembling, she stammered huskily, "Ja, dear Mistress, I will, I will ... oh, mistress, thank you for being so good to me, for straightening me out and making me a good girl, Mistress! If-if you wish, I am ready now. For I am eager to be forgiven my naughtiness."

"Very well, Hilda. Bend down a little more now ... that's it. Now you will count the twenty spanks aloud so I can hear you, you understand?"

"Oh yes, I will, I will, Mistress!" Hilda gasped with an ecstatic fervor in her voice. She had pressed herself tightly against the back of the chair now, her bubbies mashing their flinty points against the upholstery, and she was beginning to weave her belly and loins against it too. It was the unmistakable sign of tumescence, and Louise Gilmore's humid eyes recognized it for what it was.

Once again the fingers of her left hand dug possessively into the soft round neck of the humbled naked servant. The ivory comb rose, poised in the air a moment and then fell with an angry "Spatt!"

"Ahhh! One!" Hilda called out in a flurried voice. The comb had bitten horizontally over the middle of her right buttock, which was already furiously crimsoned. Yet the teeth of the comb seemed to be imprinted with their myriad coruscations, standing out against the vivid background left by the manual spanking.

The pause was nearly half a minute now before the comb returned to flatten crisply against Hilda's left bottomsummit. Hilda's naked hips jerked from side to side, she glanced frantically back at Louise Gilmore, and then called out in a sobbing voice, "Two, ahh, oh, two, dear mistress!"

The silver-blonde imperatrix did not hurry the spanking with the comb. Pausing fully twenty seconds between blows, she inflicted them from the summits down to the tops of Hilda's thighs, alternating first right and then left, till she had reached the count of sixteen. Each of these strokes was announced, though Hilda's voice grew more and more flurried and interspersed with sobs and groans. But each time she glanced back at her mistress, and though her eyes were blinded with tears, there was a tremulous smile on those full red lips as if she were experiencing the most physical joy instead of suffering.

Now Louise Gilmore's left hand moved down to the small of Hilda's back, palming it; the comb rose, then descended with a violent vertical sting over the plump inner edge of the right buttock, just along the tender crease.

"Ahrrr, oh Mistress, Mistress, seventeen, oh seventeen, oh it hurts! I'll be a good girl, I will, I will!" the naked sufferer wailed, and her bottom jerked wildly from side to side, as her fingers frantically shifted over knees and she seemed to squnch forward even more fervently than before, bending down her head and shoulders again and tilting up her scarlet bottom as if begging for the combs even harder kisses.

The eighteenth spank descended vertically over the inner edge of the left globe this time, and Hilda's wail of pain was genuine, as she sobbingly announced the count and professed a sincere desire to be a very good girl from this moment forth.

The negligee was now yawning so widely that it hid nothing of Louise Gilmore's quivering, svelte nakedness. The curls of the dominatress' muff were suspiciously matted, for the liquescence of girl-cream released by this lascivious and voluptuous chastisement pronounced her own frantic erotic longings.

The final two blows fell, very quickly and almost as one, both striking diagonally over the inner edge of the right cheek and the base of the left globe. Hilda wailed and jerked and twisted, sobbing out the count, and then, covering her face with her hands, burst into hysterical sobs, her entire body shaking and quivering as with ague.

Louise Gilmore put the comb down with a shaking hand on the little tabouret nearby, and then briskly dragged off the negligee so that it fell at her feet, and was naked in her mules.

"My poor darling, I didn't mean to hurt you so much. Come, come for your kiss of peace now, Hilda dear," she murmured huskily.

Slowly, Hilda straightened, grimacing and. groaning, as her splotched and flaming bottom burned and throbbed implacably. She eased her knees off her palms, pressed her hands on the front ends of the chair arms, and slowly got down to her feet on the floor, teeteringly standing erect. As she turned, she saw that Louise Gilmore was naked. Tears running down her cheeks, her eyes widened with wonder, she moved slowly towards the imperatrix, holding out her arms, gasping tearfully, "Oh Mistress, I'll be so good, oh Mistress!"

"I know, I know my little darling, I know, Hilda," Louise Gilmore crooned. Her hands moved over the swollen, hot bottomglobes, as she pulled the naked maid up against her, till their cunts ground together. With a sobbing cry, Hilda flung her arms around her naked mistress, and panted, "Oh, Mistress, you don't know how much I've wanted you to love me-oh please, love me now, after I've been punished! I need it so, werkilich, Lieber Frau Gilmore!"

"Hush," Louise Gilmore whispered. And her thin lips merged against Hilda's ripe, moist, trembling lips, and her hands squeezed those burning bottomglobes, as she gave Hilda to understand that all was forgiven now ... and that now was the time of solace.

Whimpering little groans of delight now rose in place of those which had announced the anguish of the spanking. The two naked women stood together in that luxuriously furnished room, Louise's tongue flicking between Hilda's trembling, moist, parted lips, her cunt grinding rhythmically against Hilda's plump, luxuriously silky-thatched love-mound.

"Let's got to bed where we can be more comfy, darling," Louise Gilmore murmured, and reluctantly Hilda broke away from that passionate conclave. Then, her eyes shining through her ears, holding Louise Gilmore's hand, she walked with her as a child might walk with its mother toward a promised treat ... the double bed of Louise Gilmore, awaiting them for the assuagement of their needs.

Lying on her side, Hilda turned to her adored mistress, who merged against her, and now Hilda ventured her own tongue between her mistress's lips. Once again the rhythmic cunt rubbing began, and once again Hilda moaned with delight as she felt her mistress' supple fingers knead and palpate her sore and throbbing bare bottomcheeks.

Then suddenly she was shaken by the explosive fury of climax, and in her first Sapphic fulfillment, she knew at last what was meant by the true kiss of peace!