"Spawn of Gypsy" is an outstanding erotic classic by a young Spanish author. This daring sex novel of gypsy life was first published underground in Madrid. When all available copies were seized by the Franco government and an order for arrest of the author issued as an "offender against the public morality" he fled to Paris. The book was republished there in a limited edition and was soon sold out to libraries and collectors of erotica.

The true genesis of hot-blooded gypsy sex has rarely been told with such valid documentation. It might be said that "Spawn of Gypsy" is the untold story of "Carmen," the seamy sex side of Spanish gypsy life and love that no writer has dared to depict before. In showing the development of the heroine from an innocent young girl, who is deflowered by her own blood relative, to one of the most notorious prostitutes in Spain, the writer has held back nothing. The reader gets the actual sensations experienced by the heroine in every one of her bizarre love situations, from her original rape onward.

It is interesting to see the ease with which the various characters run the gamut of socalled "normal" sex-practices to what in our society are still considered far-out perversions. Part of the fury with which the Spanish police suppressed this book may be due to its frankness, which outraged the authorities with its frank depiction of all of the sexual and psychological deviations.

Spanish gypsy life, customs and character are revealed by the author with the keen insight of a native. With the perception of a skilled psychoanalyst he shows how the heroine's rape as an adolescent girl makes sex repellent and strangely attractive to her at the same time. He makes us realize that the traumatic reaction of a girl to the violation of her maidenhead may lead her sexually to extreme and bizarre behavior. Her inner problems stem from a feeling of being flawed because of the loss of virginity, which in turn motivates a pathological desire for revenge on all males. Given a very attractive female with these psychic mainsprings of behavior can lead to violent and peculiar sexual adventures with males seeking amatory satisfaction.

In fact, the flawed basic psychic needs of the heroine may in a large part explain the series of misadventures which befall the recipients of her heady physical love. The author manages to show with extreme subtlety how her subconscious mind works to revenge itself on the male penis which originally violated her purity. Along the road of her sexual adventuring, we gain first-hand knowledge of various aspects of Spanish life. It ranges from the slum-dwelling gypsies of Madrid, to the sex-practices of the socially elite of Spanish society and those national heroes -the matadors.

"Spawn of Gypsy" is a very different tale indeed. But as Freud has so brilliantly noted, "No matter what superficial changes may occur in physical environment, female psychogenetic maturation remains the same, and if repressed will surely erupt in unconventional sexual expression."

American readers will find much to interest them in this unusual erotic history, published in its complete entirety exclusively by Continental Classics. It is recommended only for mature readers and collectors of erotica.

Allen Saunders, M.A. New York City, October 1967