"You sit down, Daddy, and I'll kneel in front of you and pretend to be your slave girl. And you're the wicked king who'll have my head chopped off if I don't give you the best blowjob you ever had in your life,"

He chuckled uncertainly. She had a knack, sometimes an unsettling one, for enfolding ordinary things in weird ideas.

Melody lowered her pretty face to his cock, slipping the moist red ring of her lips over the swollen head. He gasped as he felt her quick little tongue flickering around inside the tight suck.

Suddenly, his balls felt as if they would burst and flood her mouth, but she made him gasp again by pulling her lips away.

"No-please-suck it some more-I-"

"A blowjob that lasts one minute can't be the best one you ever had in your life," she murmured, "O Great King."