Psychologists invariably agree that man has certain needs which are an inherent part of his nature. The most commonly mentioned are the physical needs -- the need for food, water and shelter. The need for sex -- the "reproductive drive" as it is often referred to -- is also considered basic to man.

We see this last need demonstrated time and time again. Witness the failure of the early Communist drive to abolish the family structure. Or the contemporary depletion of the priesthood and the decline in institutions such as convents and monasteries.

This is the story of a woman whose sexual drive has not been denied its proper outlet, and yet she still is not satisfied with her sex life with her husband. The reason: a husband who constantly tries to reinforce his "manhood" by bragging about his sexual prowess. Her husband also builds himself up by belittling the couple's son, a shy and sensitive teen.

So the die has been cast. The mother sees in her beloved son a means to satisfy her craving for sex combined with love, the element which has been missing from her relationship with her husband.

MOM GOING DOWN -- the story of a woman whose quest for fulfillment leads her down a shadowy path -- to what? A shocking story, but one with a message for all who profess an interest in the institutions of marriage and the family.

The Publisher